Monarchs @ Sound Tigers – A Frenetic Flurry of Feline Fury

If a hockey game was a meal, last night’s game against the Worcester Sharks was an expertly prepared turkey dinner with all the fixins. I’m talkin’ a fat ol’ turkey, some delicious ham, mashed potatoes, a bit of cranberry sauce, the best damn stuffing ever jammed up a turkey’s ass.

Dammit, now I’m hungry…

The story of last night’s game? The Monarchs stepped up and filet’ed the Sharks in a 7-2 beating featuring seven different scorers including three of their hottest rookies, Brandon Kozun, Linden Vey and Tyler Toffoli. Jonesey stood tall in net — making me eat my bitter words — stopping 30 of 32 shots on goal. On the other side, Sharks goalie Harri Sateri got lit up like a Christmas tree. An empty net would have done a better job keeping the puck out. You can check out full highlights here.

So today’s a new day, and the Monarchs find themselves heading to Bridgeport for a Saturday night fight with the Sound Tigers. Much like the Monarchs, the Sound Tigers sit fourth in their respective division. It’s a harder division, but their points are almost equal. The difference between tonight and last night? Unlike the Sharks, the Sound Tigers have won all of their games against the Monarchs this season by 3 or more goals.

It’s time for redemption!

Although Jonesey was hot last night, my feeling is that coach Morris might give Berube a shot. Tonight’s game is one of those games that can’t hurt ‘em but it could help ‘em. Yay for points from games against teams in different divisions.

That said, here’s hoping for another win.

Go Monarchs (and Kings)!

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  1. Dave, no one else commented here so I’ll do it as your work definitely deserves recognition.
    I’ve for some time followed the progress of the M’s. But now I’m following it more closely than before. Your thread just reminded me to stay involved with them.
    Oh, and noticed that they did win vs the Sound Tigers. Great. Plus, a one goal game with Toffoli scoring again. He’s not bad is he? If he can come close to duplicating this with the big team it’ll be great.

    One note of caution though….. he’s evidently not a great skater. That in and of itself is not an issue. What is though is I noticed DS making a comment about pairing Lewis with Carter as Carter likes to play w speed and the Kings forwards aren’t gonna remind anyone of the 90’s Redwings or the current Blackhawks. Not that that’s necessary, but a bit more speed up front wouldn’t go amiss. That’s my opinion in any case.

    • Thanks for the reply! Yeah, Toffoli really has surprised me with his play this season. He played a couple of games roughly two seasons ago and was pretty raw back then. It’s evident that he’s put a lot of work into his game since, and it’s really helping the Monarchs get points and stay competitive within their division.

      I’ve actually never paid much attention to his skating. He’s good at being in the right place at the right time which is more than half the battle. A lot of his goals have come on second or third chances, and the occasional well-placed snipe through traffic.


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