Dear Jon

I have never written a dear John letter, or, in this case, a dear Jon letter.

I was recently critical of Insider’s direction for what I believed was you picking up Insider where Rich Hammond left it off and not propelling it forward. In the past two weeks, I have noticed two things – (1) your writing is improving and (2) your coverage of the team outside of the media scrum is too. You still need to proof read your work a little better but so does Jacob, so who are we to give you a hard time about that.

You may not know who we are – in short, Jacob and I are die-hard L.A. Kings fans and savages. We have covered the L.A. Kings and written about them since 2009. I grew up in the forum purple and gold days. Jacob was raised by wolves. I played hockey. Jacob can skate from one end of the ice to another. We believe that qualifies us (mostly me) to offer some suggestions to you as to how the Insider can separate itself from what we already read elsewhere. The following are suggested regular features for the site.

Week in Review: A look back at the week behind us, how the L.A. Kings played, the areas that showed great promise and those that need improvement. Player growth or regression, momentum built or lost, etc.

Week Ahead: A natural transition from the Review that looks at the competition ahead, the challenges they offer and some of the keys to success.

Player in Focus: Pick a player every two weeks to 30 days and bring their performance into focus. You can make this a player who has performed particularly well or has struggled, one who has returned from injury or has other interesting or noteworthy story line associated with him. Quotes outside the media scrum with the player or coaches would add a flavor of originality.

Know Thy Enemy: This is not an original title but it is an original twist on what we typically see. Once a week, offer us a look around the NHL and how our competition is doing, where they excel and their struggles, injuries, notes and news to keep the readers aware of those against whom we battle for a playoff spot.

Hockey 2.0: You are not allowed to use that title. That belongs to us. Take a look at a couple we have written.  Pick a different title and write such hockey related instruction articles at least once a week. Make them relevant to the areas of the game at which the Kings are struggling or excelling (breakouts, regroups, neutral zone play, forecheck and role of F1 through F3 as well as the D, powerplay formation, PK, etc.) We would do so if time permitted but time does not because I have a day job and I don’t do what you do for a living every hour of every day.

So there you have it. 5 suggestions to improve Insider and take it away from what it has been and really still is and make it a ground breaking coverage of our L.A. Kings.

You have the acumen to do it. You are qualified for this.

Why do I offer these? Because I don’t just care for our L.A. Kings players, coaches and franchise but its fans. L.A. Kings fans will eat up in-depth coverage like those I have suggested herein. Insider’s readership will grow, more positive attention will come to the team for its coverage and the Kings will catch and perhaps even one day surpass the type of coverage we see in hockey hot beds around Canada and the eastern United States.

You earned the right to be the new Insider. This is what you do for a living now. If you care about the position, elevate it far beyond what it is today and build it to be the class of its kind.