Monarchs @ Pirates – Send Shivers Down My Timber

For 9 to 5’ers, Sunday is easily the second most depressing day of the week. Monday of course being the first. Do you know how you make that suck more? Try about a foot of wet and sticky snow. A foot of wet, sticky snow after getting almost two feet of light fluffy snow only a week or two prior.

Snow in New Hampshire on 2/24/13

How do you make this better? Two words: Monarchs hockey.

A 3-2 victory last night — their first against the Sound Tigers this season — courtesy of a slick goal by Jordan Weal early in the 3rd also helped. The Monarchs’ scoring was opened by recent roster addition, Colton Yellow Horn. A victory last night makes ‘em two-for-two this weekend. As Surly and Scribe often say, you know what you call two consecutive wins? A streak.

Gimme some more!

In mere minutes, the Monarchs will be taking the ice against their division rival the Portland Pirates. Another game in the “VIP Cup Series,” the Monarchs are tied with the Pirates 4-4 in a 12 game series that goes the length of the 2012-2013 season. These two teams have been back-and-forth all season, with very few games being decided by fewer than 2 goals. The Pirates however hold the distinction of being the only ones to have recorded a 4-0 shutout back in December.

But you know what? It’s a new year. Given the outcome of the last few games, the Monarchs have found a new lease on life. Winning is flowing through their veins. And you know what, nobody wants to be a Pirate. Jerry Seinfeld said it, so it must be true.

So what will happen today? Obviously I’m hoping for another victory. It looks like coach Morris didn’t feel my suggestion of giving young Monarchs net-minder J.F. Berube a go last night. Maybe he’ll give him a go tonight and give Jonesey a much deserved rest. Either way, expect a fiercely competitive game today.

Go Monarchs (and Kings)!

…oh, and you know I have to add another nod to the big club. Can I get a “Fuck yeah!” for our Kings who laid the smack down on the Avs and Waaaahndeskog last night? Delicious.

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