Per your source of choice, Simon Gagne is a Philadelphia Flyer once more. The Kings get a conditional pick in return. The Kings get a fourth round pick (one that previously belonged to Phoenix) if the Flyers miss the playoffs. If they make the playoffs, the Kings get Philly’s third rounder.

Despite some fantastic play from our old friends Brayden Schenn, who is having a breakout year much to the chagrin of Kings fans who momentarily forget that we won the Stanley Cup, and Wayne Simmonds, who rules, the Flyers kind of suck this year. They are below .500 and trading for Gagne won’t help much as their problem is defense. They are near the top of the league in goals per game, but their PK is terrible. But why the hell am I talking about the Los Angeles Kings’ Eastern Conference affiliate? Fuck those guys.

The Kings lose 5 assists in Gagne, but they won’t be missed. Gagne has been the Kings most ineffective player this year, and while I have always been a big fan of Simon, he was just taking up a roster space for no reason. That sounds harsh, but if a guy like Gagne isn’t sniping, he isn’t helping. I do hope he can find his game again in Philly. Their high-flying style should suit him better than the more subdued game the Kings need to play without their bruisers Mitchell and Greene protecting the forwards.

The question becomes who takes the extra spot on the roster? The Kings just have Richardson now for spot duty. Dwight King deserves a sound benching or two if you ask me as well. Either way, a call-up is the next order of business. I’m pulling for Andy Andreoff, a feisty little spark plug who don’t take no shit. He could fit in very well with Stoll.

So, what do you think? Stupid move? Should the Kings have held onto Gagne? Gotten more for him? Just happy to have the cap space? Don’t care?