To Trade or Not to Trade…Dean Lombardi’s 2013 Dilemma (and who I think he will target!)

I don’t know the man on a personal level but I think I’m a fairly good judge of character. I have listened to him, watched him, spoken with him and I get the sense Dean Lombardi is an obsessively hard-working guy…one of those guys whose brain won’t shut off. The type where he could be in a discussion with his wife about dinner or her day, but he doesn’t hear a thing she says because his mind is formulating how to improve the team. “Scribe, you just described me!” I can hear you say. Shut up and pay attention.

Dean has a problem, a dilemma of sorts. Now that the forwards are forechecking, the passers are passing, the hitters are hitting and the goal scorers are scoring, he sees the potential for another run…not some vague “we’re the defending Stanley Cup Champions and we want to win another” but an objective, palpable opportunity to take another run at the Cup. Winning has a funny way of turning fuzzy mental pictures into a perceived reality.

“So what’s the problem?”

It’s more of a dilemma.

I think he knows what I know and what you know if you know what I know which he knows, if you know what I mean.

The chances of repeating without at least one veteran defensive defenseman to replace either Mitchell or Greene is not great. Dean doesn’t want to have to rely on Muzzin or Ellerby in the playoffs and you know that I know that you know and he knows…crap, I lost track…regardless, you damn well know that the line between winning and losing is a not big one and having that crease clearing, reliable rock on defense can make the difference between a wonderful W or a wrist slitting L.

But for who…for who, who, who does he trade? Gagne is gone (hey Surly, let me know when you want the “I told you so” speech I promised you when we first signed him). Hello, cap space. That opens up options, eh? A rental? But one who can be re-signed if the circumstances require it? I am glad you asked.

Ron Hainsey.



He is a beauty.

A Winnipeg Jet. Out of the cold and into the beautiful 72 degree Southern California weather. 6’3″, 210 pound veteran, gobbles up minutes, blocks shot, reliable on D, left hander, can kill penalties AND Hainsey is a UFA at the end of the season. We can re-sign him if Mitchell or Greene are still not back. He is valuable and expendable at the same time. What will he cost to acquire? Not much. Picks, a small package that we won’t miss. Hopefully a bidding war won’t start for him but if the Jets are outside looking in, I think Hainsey is an L.A. King.

“Jeez Scribe, you sound confident.”

Do I?

Do I sound confident?


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  1. Thought Martinez was expected back in a week or so. And Michell, well who knows what the hell is going on with that. Bring back either one and Ellerby will be needing a donut to sit on.

  2. Hate that. Something delayed that first post…slow refresh? Must be powered by a Pentium Penner chip! Been experiencing this post/not post/ post nonsense for a week or so now. Arrgh!

  3. absolutley terrible idea. LOL.

    The only redeeming portion of this site is Tanner’s picture.

  4. A Winnipeg Jet. Out of the cold and into the beautiful 72 degree Southern California weather. 6’3″, 210 pound veteran, gobbles up minutes, blocks shot, reliable on D, left hander, can kill penalties

    … Hainsey’s a 5/6 masquerading as a 3/4 for a team with little depth on D. He’s been consistently negative in every defensive metric, and his +/- has been propped up by unsustainable figures like a high PDO.

    Hainsey led the Thrash in PK time in 09-10, and that season they had one of the worst PKs in the league; 25th of 30 teams. In 10-11, his PK minutes were cut considerably. If you’re a defensive defenseman and the ATLANTA THRASHERS are cutting your PK minutes, I would think there is a real problem.

    He’s past his prime, to boot. I’d rather develop the home grown guys than go after someone like this.

    • I’m with you. Bobby is confusing Hainsey with a guy who is defensively sound. Hainsey is a puck mover, not the guy who clears out the slot of big forwards, which is what we are missing with Mitchell and Greene out.

  5. Scribe, sometimes ypur “look how big my dick is” posts annoy me, but on occasion you are amusing and often it is clear you know your shit. thanks for the post. RH would be awesome. I hope it can be done.

  6. I saw a little thing on Hainsey today. Can’t remember where. I did however, come away impressed. Good call. I’m not sure if you saw what I saw today but good call regardless.

  7. What’s up fellas? Just got off work, saw gagne was traded for a pick. I was excited when the kings got him…it didn’t work out cause of injury. But he is a good player and he got a ring. Thanks simon. I hope he finds his game with a more offensively minded team. The cap space here is what’s important. I’ve read all these post about getting a dman…I don’t know. When greene or mitchell come back we got way to many dmen. Doughty-scuderi. Mitchell or greene-voynov. That leaves amart, 44dd, muzzin, and ellerby for two spots. Of course this depends if mitchell or greene come back this year. I think second line left wing needs to be addressed. I like lewis there but think he fits third line better (or fourth). Can o’rielly play wing? Or is he stickly a winger? His stock might be down since he is a holdout.

  8. Ya, Hainsey is a solid choice. It’s a bonus that he’s w/ Winnipeg…makes it more likely he’s available on the cheap.

  9. There’s a whole bunch of UFAs you could probably get for the rental without losing future picks, or giving up someone like Ellerby.

    Getting a longer-term piece gets complicated, and then you have to start talking about also giving up Penner or another player that is not going to be a fixture on the team in the future. Then it’s a matter of how high the stakes get to bring in a stud D-man, but that’s not really what we’re talking about.

    But what if you could get Scott Hannan or Doug Murray? Sure, Nashville and SJ are likely to be buyers, but they’re both playoff-experienced players…not advocating, but just saying.

  10. Bob McKenzie said on Insider this week that both Buffalo and Florida will be shedding players. DL is looking and maybe calling around , he needs a veteran D back there.

  11. Not that we’ll land him or need him, but there was some talk about Ribiero in Dallas being available about a week ago.


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