Not So Fasth, Meatball. Kings Light up Ducks 5-2.

As hard as the zebras tried to give the Ducks an edge in this game, the Kings said no. First, a phantom tripping penalty against Dustin Brown and later a similar garbage call against Dwight King, the Kings gave up one powerplay goal out of those two. As far as I am concerned, this was a 5-1 victory.

How’s your head, Souray? Your face? How many blows did he take from our young stud, Jordan Nolan? Three? Four? That fight was a momentum shifter.

Slava Voynov does everything well. He is our best defenseman and has been since game one. And as much as I love Drew Doughty’s physical game, Drew has spoiled the hell out of us. Where is my superstar?

Quick was okay. He overplayed the puck, over challenged shooters and got himself out of position several times. Still though, he was good. I am thankful he didn’t have to be great.

You know whose game I loved? Justin Williams. I sense each time he has the puck, he is looking to create a high percentage scoring opportunity. He is dangerous in the offensive zone and has a nose for the center of the ice, between the dots and below the hashmarks.

You know who else I loved? Anze Kopitar. Winning nearly every faceoff. Great defense. Playmaking center.

Brown, 3 games, 3 goals. Carter, 4 games, 4 goals.

Jake Muzzin’s goal…what a beauty. I was in 315 and I bit on the pass. In fact, my eyes had already settled on the pass recipient when Muzz ripped it past Fasth.

After the Ducks took the 2-1 lead, I immediately knew we were going to win this game. Can’t explain it. Just a rush surged through me. I told Surly this. He believed it too…as he should. My surges are rarely wrong.

Anaheim played last night. Losers always have an excuse. Corey Perry is going to sign with a team in the east and Selanne will retire. Warm up those excuses for next season, Ducks fans. You will need them. Don’t think I’m right about Perry? I am never wrong on such things. Ask Devils fans what I told them about Parise two years ago. Hey, at least you’ll have Fasth, by then perhaps an overpaid, underperforming cautionary tale.

Scribe’s 3 Stars:

3. Rob Scuderi

2. Slava Voynov

1. Anze Kopitar

Honorable mentions: Jordan Nolan, Dustin Penner and Jake Muzzin.

Five comes after four. Let’s fist the Red Wings.


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  1. Great feeling tonight in the building. I wouldn’t say playoff-like but certainly rivalry-like. I’m actually hoping we meet these fuckers in the playoffs just so we can put a final nail in the coffin of what is almost certainly going to be a rebuilding phase.
    The Kings did look good tonight didn’t they? I mean their offensive zone pressure was remarkable and it seems from this point on like it’ll only get better. Confidence is back. We’re still a little sloppy in the defensive zone but that’s to be expected given our injuries. I thought Ellerby looked decent. Muzzin scored and is playing nicely. Drew is uneven: brilliant at times, good at most, but still hasn’t found his stud groove.
    Voynov has found it though, and praise the hockey gods for that. Still looking forward to having Willie back.
    Good game kids!
    No let’s bbq some Wings!

  2. I didn’t/couldn’t watch the game. Living in Oregon, if I can’t make it for the internet stream, no watchey :(

    Nice to hear Williams finally showed up. I’ve watched a majority of the games this year, he hasn’t looked too good the games I’ve seen.

    I’ve got to watch that fight. Heard it was a good one.

    Fuck ye Ducks.

    • Sorry you missed the game. It was one of the most exciting, if not the most exciting, games of the Kings season. Pretty damn intense from start to finish. Kings did a lot of bending, and a little breaking, and the game was even the first two periods on the scoresheet and shift to shift, but the a kings just opened up and dominated the third. Game was very reminiscent if the playoffs last year in such apleasant way. Tickled me in all the right places.

      • Most exciting? Please. The Kings snuffed them on face offs in the 3rd (something like 11-2) and the Ducks ran out of gas. Good win, but…. Next.

        • I happen to find the Kings beating their first top opponent if the season while snapping their goalie’s an their team’s winning streak wildly exciting.

          It wasn’t a nail biter, but as a Kings fan, god damn was it a fun game.

          • I’ll certainly agree with that! The tight checking, no neutral zone first period put on by both teams was extremely entertaining show. A type of hockey rarely seen, especially these days and especially in LA. Almost like the old Pulford days.

    •, not all of them work and sometimes there are popups, and the quality is subpar. But you don’t have to download anything, its free, and never blackedout! Also, has all other sports too.

      • I’ve used that site a few times years ago. Not perfect, and not as good as paying for NHL Gamecenter (which is worth the price I think), but for free, adthe is certainly not a bad option.

  3. Jordan Nolan is absolutely ferocious when he fights. He lowers his chin (like any good fighter), extends his arms and just starts throwing . . . and connecting. He landed a few solid shots to Souray’s face. It’s rare watching a hockey fight that I say “whoa” but Nolan did it. You are right Bobby, it was a momentum shifter.

  4. It was an intense game from the puck drop. The boys didnt back down, which is great to see. Tim lieweke was sitting in front of us and you should have heard the things he was yelling at the ref, who might I add was a total moron. But on a brighter note, how bout my boy Slava tearing shit up?

  5. I think everyone in the building (and watching on TV) bit on the pass on Muzzins goal. That kid is showing some great instincts in the offensive zone.

  6. That wrister from Brown made me tight in the pants.

    • I don’t know I saw some guy put his face in some ladies boobies on the kiss cam and I think that changed everything

  7. Not sure where else to post, but Gages is gone for some picks:

    Did anyone predict that?

    Also, that game was really fucking fun to watch.

  8. Beautiful win, intense game. Goofy Penner picked a great time for his first goal – sweet pass by Stollie. And how bout that zinger by Brownie?? Niiiice! Voynov with the wicked slapper (BARELY!) got in there, BUT Muzzin’s shot was a thing of beauty. EVERYONE knew that it was Willy’s shot, so it was a HUUGE surprise to see that beebee rip the back of the net off Muzzin’s stick. Congrats, kid. And Kopi was the REAL King last night. Definitely Nolie’s fight was KEY, and he wailed on Souray’s ugly face (LOL). Refs sucked but we were not to be denied….NEXT..


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