High Five…In a Row. Kings Beat Wings 2-1

Couldn’t get to the game tonight.

Surly needed my help. Apparently our section was infested with Red Wings fans. I let him down.

Picking up the game at the start of the second period, I asked fellow fans how the first frame went…

LA Kings Tweets

Hmmm. Not great. Wait, there’s more…

LA Kings Tweets

There you have it.

I then offered…

Bobby Scribe Tweet

Of course, the L.A Kings sudden stellar play didn’t have to do with my appearance and attention. I would have to be a superstitious egomaniac to believe that…

Jinx Red Wings Tweets


Red Wings Jinx

What’s up with the clitoris references? Er…well, for that, you would have to actually follow me on Twitter.

What is important is all of the above =

Red Wings Jinx

Not a lot of games you get TWO 5 on 3s. Hockey Gods bless, Jeff Carter. That tip was the stuff of 40 goal scorers. I was in the kitchen and had my head down for literally the 2 seconds it took for Kopitar to score that goal…that sucked. The goal didn’t.

This game was a red velvet cake roll after Monday night’s Duck L’Orange.

Up next, for six – chicken of the sea.

Scribe’s Three Stars:

3. Anze Kopitar

2. Rob Scuderi

1. Jonathan Bernier

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9 replies

  1. “I have tremendous respect for the clitoris. One of my favorite things in life” – Damn straight

  2. I once had sex with an Asian girl with a huge clitoris but no vagina.

    I ended up having to fuck her in the ass.

    I don’t know what they call that…

  3. Big props to Jordan TooToo. Down Syndrome is an incredibly debilitating condition and to play at the NHL level despite it- that’s nothing short of amazing!

    For the first time I can remember, I didn’t think Scuds played well. He turned the puck over a few times and just wasn’t himself.

    Clifford is awesome. Carter is awesome.

    Kopi made Howard look dumb.

  4. I really wish the Kings would start showing up for the first period! What the fuck is that all about??!!!! It’s like they’re trying to do this zen, karate kid bullshit and ‘feel’ the other team out before finally playing their game. Seriously, wtf??


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