Jon Rosen called Anze Kopitar’s (pbuh) move tonight against the Red Wings, “Kopitarian.”

While every move by the Great 11 is Kopitarian, we believe Jon’s spontaneous use of the word clearly expresses his intent to join the faith I started during Kopitar’s (pbuh) rookie year.

Since then, the religion has grown and flourishes with disciples all over the world.

I remain its humble founder and loyal servant.

In honor of Jon’s sudden acceptance of the light, let us pray.

Our Kopitar, who art number eleven

Hallowed be thy game

Thy Kings we follow,

Thy game we support

At Staples, and arenas abroad

Give us this day, oh mighty center

And forgive us for our doubters

as we forgive those that doubt you

And lead us not into the cellar

but deliver us the Stanley Cup

For Thine is a King,

a forward, and a superstar

forever and ever, amen.