Red Wings @ Kings – Like A Bomb

A win tonight will put the Kings in the top eight in the West and the Red Wings out of it. While the standings are largely nebulous at this point in the season, the Kings playoff spot has mostly been deferred this young season.

What happens to a team deferred?

Does it give up
Like a contractor in Detroit?

Or pester like TooToo–
Just praying for a fight?

Does it stink like Bertuzzi?
Or bend over a take it–
like a Michigan floozy?

Maybe it’s like Franzen
Resembling a toad.

Or does it explode?

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23 replies

  1. Fuck the ducks

  2. I really hate wings. Buffalo wings, Detroit wings. I fucking hate wings.

  3. brilliant stuff, surly. you are truly the kings’ poet laureate.

  4. Yeah the standings don’t matter and we have games in hand on a ton of teams right now.

  5. … This site is becoming more and more about Poems, Prayers, and Promises.

    It’s like talking hockey with John Denver.

    • I tired of writing the same old bored matchup crap on game days. You can get that anywhere.

      I’ll probably tire of this at some point too and do something else.

    • At least u got to use that John Denver joke.

      • … Always nice that the random insults I get these days are from people who lack the eggs to post under any name other than “Anonymous”.

        I don’t blame you for being scared. I would be if I were you, too.

        • I was merely pointing out the positve. I like John Denver, and found the joke funny. Ive used it twice tonigjt at work to great effect. My name is Matt Stewart. Who needs a hug??

  6. Site has balance with the resident protagonist ;-)
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. GOD FUCKING DAMN IT MOTHERFUCKER I HATE NBC!!!!! First, it’s bad enough that I can’t listen to Bob and Jim. But, I can’t watch it on GameCenter, because it’s blackedout. Then while i stream the inferior quality through a website of questionable legality, I have to listen to the TERRIBLE NBC announcers and how “Detroit has dominated.” Yeah by having to Powerplays! 5-on-5 LA has been so much more physical and gave up a fluke goal(still Bernier catch and close)! Then during the first intermission they are going to talk about “the Kings porous defense” Yeah being 9th in the league in GAA thats porous, especially compared to Detroit who is 18th!!!! FUCK YOU NBC and FUCK YOUR PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR “BROADCASTING”!

  8. Love it when NBC, ever so slightly, leads you to believe the Kings have holes defensively all the while preparing a graph that shows how the Kings the last 5 games have only allowed 2 goals once and 1 goal 4 times, then post it only after Kopi scores the go ahead goal. Lame!

  9. I’d love them to flash a sign at staples, “how many people here born in Michigan?” Wait for some to clap, then, “all the rest of you so-called wings fans are bandwagon, sell-out faggots. Thanks for coming out.”

    • I was born in Tennessee, certainly before the Predators, so I can’t cheer for an NHL team? I kno what you are trying to say, but your reasoning is specious.

      • TK, I agree and no disrespect. Living in California, it just gets frustrating when your average fan cheers for 5 different (out of town) teams: patriots, Miami heat, Astros, and penguins fan.
        I just feel, if you call a state home, cheer for the local teams. The exception to this is if you were born elsewhere or have some tie to the out of town you’re cheering for.

  10. Yea, and kiddos to NBC and the east coast centric media for overlooking the kings while drooling over Montreal, Chicago, Philly…
    We’ve won 5 straight, 7 of 8…defending champs. If this was Pitt, they’d be all over it. Fuck them. We’re on the come up and we’ve proven ourselves versus the big boys. Detroit dominated the first, but we took it back. It’s cool if we can’t get the respect we deserve…. Go Kibgs!

  11. Jeff Carter: Dark Horse for the Richard Trophy? He’s only 3 behind Stamkos.


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