Monarchs @ IceCaps – Frozen Wasteland Boogaloo

First things first, congrats to our Kings for winning five straight! I was tuned in to the game last night against the Red Wings, and I’m pretty sure I giggled when Kopi played Howard like a fiddle. You can’t give Anze that amount of time and space. He will rock your world.

That move kinda rocked mine, too. Not gonna lie.

So this past weekend, the Monarchs managed to come away with two regulation wins and an overtime loss, netting five of six possible points. Not a bad start to a lengthy road trip. It looks as though they’ve finally managed to dig in their heels after a slide that landed them next-to-last in their division, just above the struggling St. John’s IceCaps.

This coming weekend, the Monarchs’ road trip lands them in Newfoundland where they’ll be playing a back-to-back against the St. John’s IceCaps. The Monarchs currently have a five point lead on the IceCaps in their division, only trailing the third place Worcester Sharks by two. This season they have a 4-1-0 record against St. John’s, so they definitely have the potential to gain more ground. Some wins could not only solidify their spot in fourth, but possibly sneak them into third.

March is right on the horizon, so now’s as good a time as any to start thinking about making the post-season guys. In a season that has been littered with peaks and valleys, winning needs to be the Monarchs’ middle name from here on out. I mean facts are facts. This team is fucking good. They just need to start believing it themselves and they’ll be damn-near unstoppable.

Well, so long as Jonesey and Berube do their job and stop pucks in an effective and timely manner too.

So what’s my prediction for this weekend’s games? I’d like to see two wins (obviously). The Monarchs played these guys in Manchester a week or two back and split the games, winning and losing by very similar scores. I think that the Monarchs has gotten better since then though. The rookies are firing on all cylinders… Toffoli, Vey, Kozun, Weal, and Yellow Horn. All studs right now.

All told, if the Monarchs play to their strengths and exhibit the kind of fire they did in their prior Friday game against the IceCaps, victory is almost assured. Embrace your future, boys.

Go Monarchs (and Kings!)

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