Surly and Scribe’s L.A. Kings Podcast for 2/28/13…We’re Back!

It’s been so long, I think Timmy’s hymen was restored. On this nearly 45 minute podcast, we chat about the five game winning streak and the 5 games ahead, Doughty vs. Voynov, the Bernier and Quick rotation, Kopitar making Jimmy Howard and the Wings’ defense his bitch, dicks and my inability to remember the movie Superbad and that hilarious part about him drawing dicks and then not being able to eat any dick shaped foods, Surly wanting more assists out of Jeff Carter (I swear, that is what he said…or implied) and more!


Surly and Scribe L.A. Kings Podcast for 2-28-13

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  1. Well that was fun to listen to. I think Carter will get more assists when Richards starts scoring and I think the goalie tandem is mostly in effect because it is working but a collateral effect is that it is showing off Bernier. What are your thoughts on that line in Manchester and do you think any of them will get a shot this year? I know Toffoli is still young but his scoring touch could really help.

  2. … Let me settle your debate on who the team’s best overall defenseman is. It’s Doughty. If you look at his defensive metrics, how often he gains the offensive zone with possession, the quality of his competition, the lack of quality of his defensive partners (e.g., Ellerscrub) … it’s quite clear.


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