On players’ generally improved nutritional habits in the modern game:
“I think probably it’s an overview. Most of them are like that. You guys are just as familiar as some of our young guys, guys who have struggled before I was here, and they’ve struggled while I was here, and most fit in as that. Hey, it was the biggest issue I had seen last year with our club. It wasn’t anything other than to do with other than not living in a hockey environment, and young players have to adjust to that.”


On standing in front of the logo of a “certain fast food company”:
“I haven’t been to one of those since they cut off Alberta beef, which was quite a few years ago, and I don’t even like standing beside it.”

Uh oh…

On when they cut off Alberta beef:
“Being cattle guys, the mad cow thing, they cut off Alberta beef – they cut off North American beef – so I don’t like standing beside that.”


Take that 7 figure sponsor!

(Scrum quotes courtesy of proud Kopitarian, Jon Rosen)