Kings @ Canucks – Six For Six

There are a few teams that you hate,
While the Kings you’d like to felate
The Canucks we despise,
Like a woman’s white lies
But both end up harmless to those who will wait.

If a Sedin sat and stared at the stars,
Showing sad freckles that look more like SARS
Well I’d just walk right up,
And say ‘look here’s my Cup’
‘No you can’t touch it you mongoloid fuckwit, it ours.’

But then ol’ Ryan Kesler might say,
‘Hey I make tens of thousands per day
I’m a Vancouver skater,
An American traitor
I’m on the dole while I’m hurt and don’t play.’

There are those who will question our D,
Because it features guys like Ellerby
Though Martinez is skating,
We might still be left waiting
With our dicks in ours hand for a goal from Doughty

My good friend Jaunty Jeff Carter,
Ain’t no Canuck he plays smarter
He doesn’t dive for the calls,
But skates like a man with some balls
And gives such a quick fuck with a puck, you won’t even have time to take off your garter.

Now, I know the complaints that you’ll sow,
‘Surly, these limericks fucking blow!’
Reading them may make all of you blanch,
But they worked against the Avalanche
So shut up and watch the Kings win their sixth in a row.

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17 replies

  1. Bravo!
    ……and on Dr. Seuss’s birthday, well done.

  2. Love It Surley!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  3. Remember kids, all the action is on twitter.



  4. What the hell? No one here watching, or are you all tongue tied?
    Few questions/observations:
    Why doesn’t Sutter pull Quick?
    Brutal job by the kings so far. Canucks have been losing. Simple game plan. Press them early and play physical.
    Is it Quick’s contract? I mean, he’s steadily improved three straight seasons, and last season was phenomenal. Now he’s overplaying shots, off balance and out of position.
    I’m pissed

    • I know. I was in a bad mood after this one tonight also. I keep thinking u can’t win them all but not like this, not to them…

      • Exactly. You can’t win every game (unless you’re from the Windy City), but losing because you didn’t play to your potential…weak

  5. Seriously, what the fuck? We get poems for pre-game posts, and NO ONE comments during this entire game? Did this site get neutered? Does anyone even give a shit?
    That’s what brought me to this site…it’s seriously lacking

  6. giveaways everywhere. we need mitchell and greene back asap. our top line just wasnt clicking tonight like it has been. browns gotta learn to just get open for kopi and bury his passes when he gets them. chemistry there just has to improve.

  7. I was unable to watch the game last night. Sounds like Quick was crap, and the rest of the team also decided to go half-ass. Does anyone have more insight? Surly, Scribe what the fuck, no post game analysis?

    • Quick was crap, AGAIN! Can sutter please start playing the “hot goalie” as he claims they do. At this point I could give a rats ass what Quick did for us last year. Clearly any moron can see that Bernier is playing WAYYYYY better so give him the starts. Oh and I said it before and I’ll say it agian, this is why you don’t give a goalie a ten year contract. Now no matter what happens we have to trade Bernier.

      • I agree that a 10 year contract is not a good idea no matter what. You just never know what will happen in the future. A 7 year contract puts you in a position where the player is still tradable. A 10 year contract leaves you handcuffed.

        Now I think they have to find a way to hold on to Bernie for at least two years. If he is traded and Quick gets hurt or for some reason fallsout of form they’re in trouble. Can’t imagine they win a cup with Martin Jones as the number one.
        Nothing against Martin Jones of course.

  8. Everybody calm down we know what this team is capable of when called upon.H ow soon we forget

    • In no way have I lost faith in quick. The guy isn’t a flash in the pan. He had three consecutive good seasons (improving in each) prior to last years phenomenal season. I know he’s just struggling now.
      And I believe in this team; however, what is infuriating is the inconsistency in effort. When they are determined, they’re like a boulder rolling downhill. But, they continually take periods off and games off. Quick wasn’t awful, but he didn’t make the key save to swing the momentum either. Beyond quick, the team didn’t seem intersted in giving it their all.

  9. unbelieveable


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