Nashville @ Kings

I think I may be over the rhyming. Partly because we lost to Vancouver and partly because I watched this movie about Alfred Hitchcock last night and he told a lot of limericks in a profoundly creepy manner.

Lots of hostility in that last thread. I’d like to take it as a compliment, but I know it was merely motivated by how much you all despise the Canucks. Watching them win is an offense to one’s sense of good will towards humanity.

This will have to be quick, because I have nothing of interest to say about Nashville, and there is nothing particularly interesting going on with the Kings. They lost a game, big whoop. They’ll get back on track tonight. So it’s on you to make this thread entertaining, because I’m tired, bored and still recovering from Saturday night and the best beer I’ve ever had.

Alec Martinez is playing instead of Drewiske, a choice I don’t fully agree with. I would have taken out Ellerby or Muzzin before Drewiske, but I’m a Whisky fan.

Bernier should be starting, as it would be a more than a little insane to start Quick tonight.

Also, if you have been wondering why these game threads have been so quiet lately, it’s because all the action is on twitter. @surlierthanthou and @kingsofhockey for all your pithy game commentary.

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  1. Best beer you’ve ever had? Do tell.

  2. The boys should get back on track tonight against the Preds. You are right, they should start Bernier over Quick, with the way that he played in Vancouver, if for no other reason than to send him a wake up call.

    • he was woken up…… he just missed some of those pucks…..

      that said, i’ve no idea how many were his fault if doughty is to be believed…
      i haven’t seen the highlights…. (on east coast here) and not sure i want to see em

      • You can’t rudely blame Quick for the goals. He made some good saves, couple of tough ones, and the goals he let in were not pathetic either, but he was getting beat in the same place (mid-high glove side) and most of the goals were definitely stoppable. Team let him down defensively, but he let the down by not giving them the big saves needed to keep the game close. I’m not too down on Quick about it, and I thought Bernier should start today no matter what happened Saturday, but there is just no question that Bernier’s last game was much better than Quick’s last game.

  3. That game was lined up for a loss – done. We’ve got the next five at home against no elite teams – HUGE. Taking at least four of those would be a beautiful thing. After that we have the next FIVE vs scummy SJ & AZ. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into those, baby. The Western Conference is SICK! Eleven teams within FOUR(!) points of each other. I’m startin to like this short season. I think Bernier should definitely start tonight too..

  4. About to head out to Staples. Got a long drive from Lake Arrowhead. Was hoping to have some rhyme to keep me entertained!

  5. I like your poems. I think some of us were just in a bad news cause of the canucks.

    • I don’t mind the poems, but not at the expense of a real pre-game talk.

      • There hasn’t really been many interesting stories to follow for pregame talk. The goalie rotation and that’s about it. We are getting production from where we are supposed to except for Doughty, and you can only say he doesn’t have a goal so many times. The young defensemen have been the biggest story of the season, but again, they are doing a pretty good job, that’s about all there is to say. Carter rules, but again, story kinda dies there.

        I started doing the poems because ppl wanted prayers again, but those are reserved for the playoffs and when Bobby feels like gloating. :)

        The poems stuck strictly because there wasn’t much else interesting to say about the games beforehand other than ‘gee I hope we win!’

        Maybe something happens to change that, but I hope not, since I want the team to just keep on a solid steady pace and win games. Once we are nearer the end of the season and can really start talking playoff race, pregames will become dynamic enough to both writing.

        • Thanks for the reply. Good points and I see where you’re coming from. When your buddies aren’t rabid kings fans, you just want that great kings talk that I’ve come to expect here.
          On another note…Carter!!! That was delicious! Is there an NHL record for most goals on fewest shots. At one point, we were 5 for 10… Amazing!
          Lets talk about FSW employing that ass hat Moriarty??

  6. Need to get going ! 3 shots on net after 1 yikes!

  7. Carter Hat Trick? Carter Hat Trick! Carter Fuckin’ Hat Trick! WOOOO!



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