I mean that in two ways. The Kings hopped right back to the business of winning after losing to Vancouver and I had to go back to business, where I will remain, instead of getting to watch the game tonight. I also forgot to set my DVR, the fiancé is out of the country, so I’m totally screwed here unless I can get home in time to record the replay on FSN, which is far from a guarantee.

Anyhoo, my own whining aside, tonight is a very special night. No, not because the St. Louis Blues will fail to claim what comeuppance they think we deserve for using them to clean dirty ice off our skates in the playoffs and again about three weeks ago. While always fun, it has a tinge of ‘been there, done that’ to it. What makes tonight so special is that it is the first game my kid sister will be attending completely of her own volition, not as a tag along. Another bona fide diehard Kings fan is born.

Speaking of sisters, met a crazy one at the game last night, whose shrill voice rivals the decibels I achieve. Unsurprisingly, the banshee from 314 has a brother whose voice also masterfully booms out over Staples regularly. So while my own sister is rising the ranks of casual to bandwagoner to true diehard, she has a little ways to go… She hasn’t torn a vocal chord in support of the Kings. Yet.

You may have noticed I’m avoiding discussing the game itself. I’m pissed I can’t go so it hurts a little too much to talk about. I’ll just sit here and daydream my night away, recalling Carter’s gorgeous natural hat trick.

Ok fine, it appears Bernier will start again, which is fine, I suppose. He was stellar last night, but Quick has the Blues number and this is a back to back with a shit storm of games on the horizon, respite not in sight. I’m sure Bernier will be stellar again, but I would have started Quick. Maybe he still will, nothing is official yet, far as I know.

The Blues, while sporting a record similar to our own, are not a team of comparable measure. They are sliding, having lost badly on Sunday to the Stars and four of their last six. Lets make it five of seven. Those are good numbers.

Someone at the game tonight be sure to yell for me in my absence.