Dallas @ Kings

Ironically fitting that we play the Stars one night after that game against the Blues. Having missed the tumultuous Tuesday affair, the most exciting non- “one where we lifted the Cup” game I attended was against the Dallas Stars a few years back. The one where the Kings came back from a four goal deficit in the third period to win in OT, scoring five goals in five minutes and six goals in seven.

My point? I’m still jealous.

But also that we have had some intense games against the Stars over the years. It’s bizarre we haven’t played them yet this season, but its about time. The matchup should be fun. Dallas is getting scoring by committee, and Lehtonen is having a strong season, but their backup goaltending is trash and nothing jumps out at you about their team as being particularly excellent. Meanwhile, the Kings have suddenly become an offensive juggernaut and considering our on-again-off-again relationship with defense and goaltending of late, we are due for a nice shut down game after giving up four to the Blues.

I’m hoping to get off work in time to make the game before first intermission. I’ve got lots of mean things to say about the Stars, but I think this may be the first time we have played them since they dumped that jack off Ribiero, so perhaps they will be slightly harder to hate. Nah.

I also may have some choice words for the Staples personnel who were apparently rude to my sister after she slipped on a wet floor and fucked up her back at the last game.

But what is really important tonight is Jeff Carter. Dude has what, 11 goals in 11 games? 13 goals in 12 games sounds better. Not that I’m greedy, just realistic.

No idea who is starting in goal, but I have to imagine it will be Quick.


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  1. I was at that game and it was awesome! Dustin Brown hit Turco as he was playing the puck behind the net (sweetness). For the first two periods, someone in my section kept yelling, “Put Parros in”! I think that was you Surly.

  2. To help put Carter’s goal output into perspective: If this happened to be a full season, he’d be on pace for 58 goals. Fucking nuts.

    • I’ve been keeping track of his goal pace for an 82 game season, after almost every game. The badass thing is every game his pace goes UP. I was blown away when he hit a 40 goal pace, and now he’s up to 58!! Crazy.

      Good trade.

      • Good points Mike and Ryan and since we got Carter he has scored 29 goals in 57 games (including playoffs), that puts him on pace for 51 goals in a full season. I thought flyers fans said he was over-rated?

        • They were upset because he didn’t do too hot for them in the playoffs. They just didn’t realize that was because he was on the wrong team :)

          • Thats right Surley, Kings have a much deeper team than the Flyers did especially up front. Still though they gave no love for a guy that scored 115 goals in just three seasons while being a +52.

    • That’s insane. Obviously you don’t expect him to keep that up even for a shortened season, but still, if this were a full season he would probably easily hit 40 even with the ups and downs.

      I’m wondering if anyone can hit 30 this year. 20 is a big achievement this season and it seems Carter will get atleast 25.

  3. Unless he gets injured, there’s no real reason to think that he wont get at least 25, maybe 30. He’s in the ZONE this year like the great ones. And how is it that 57 year old Jagr is leading the Stars in scoring this year?? Man that is ridiculous, but you gotta give him credit. We’re a far superior team in terms of talent than Dallas but tonight could be tooth and nail till the end..

    • agreed, I think the Kings really need to use their size early against the much older/smaller lineup of the Stars, and wear them down.

  4. First goal Doughty. Gotta happen. Plu a crushing hip check on Benn that sends him to the locker room. First period too, none of this waiting around bullshit. Another strong game from Penner, and Williams, goals for them too. Another hattrick for Carter, unnatural this time. Going to the game. One of my suppliers got me premier tix, free parking and everything. (Where the quiet fans sit……) I’ll be the guy everyone looks over their shoulder at, with that who let that guy in look. GO KINGS GO!!!!! \X/

  5. This is the game where Drew Doughty breaks through. Who started the Due Droughty name last year?


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