I surmise that Bobby didn’t watch the game, or at the least is disinterested in recalling it. He definitely wasn’t there. We’ve had this nice thing where I write the pregames, he writes the post games, and its worked out for the most part. But I suppose we weren’t the only ones who decided not to follow a winning formula tonight.

I only caught the final 24 minutes of this one, work delays at inopportune times and sitcoms for young ones to laugh at needs making.

I arrived just in time for Jeff Carter’s 12th goal in the last 12th game, his 16th of the season. And the fun stopped there.

While I can’t attest to what transpired in the first 36 minutes of hockey, the last 24 sure wasn’t the team I saw smash Nashville on Monday, or heard about overwhelming St. Louis on Tuesday. This was the team that caved to the Canucks. The one that cowered to Chicago. It was a team of inexperienced defense and ineffective forwards. I saw Martinez and Ellerby and Muzzin, at times even Scuderi, shown how space is created and seams are slurped by veterans, preying on tender novice skaters. I saw Quick unable to smother rebounds and incapable of imbuing himself with inhuman feats to cover areas of net one simply cannot reach. I saw Kopitar ungainly, pucks unruly and luck unbecoming. I take that back. I didn’t see Kopitar.

I saw Jagr though. A man with the shade of a mullet and a scowl that I used to enjoy… In the eastern conference.

I noticed Lehtonen’s niche, stopping first opportunities and the fourth game in six nights effect on our team’s impunities.

I saw Martinez bafoonery and Ellerby tomfoolery. I saw one Doughty hip checks and the fan’s belabored chant’s inflects.

I saw a team tired and that might needs a jolt from Surly, perhaps a day off, or a poem written impurely.

I saw a game I’ll soon forget, because I may be spoiled, but I’m not yet rotten. Should the missteps of tonight find their way into Saturday’s Hrudey night, then perhaps there is a modicum of cause for concern. Until then, shrug it off, move on and harumph your way through Friday.

My only demand of the moment, is that I expect two things from coach Sutter on Saturday; Richardson in for Fraser and Drewiske in for Ellerby or Martinez. I get that, I’ll be happy.

Beyond that, the hockey gods took a night off. I suggest we do the same.