Replica Ring Contest Reminder

For those who may have missed the initial announcement a week or so ago and are still in need of a replica Stanley Cup Kings ring, check out our contest where you can win one or two!

Still taking all entries and have already received several good ones.

Contest closes March 30 so you still have plenty of time.

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  1. Doesn’t living through the Sam McMaster era deserve a ring? For God’s sake, man, he traded an in his prime Alexei Zhitnick for an over the hill Grant Fuhr!!!! Nick Beverly, I was there too. And, in 1991 I won the contract to roof Bruce McNall’s house. However, he backed out. I was there when Bernie Nichols was traded. My voice dictation interpreted “Bernie Nichols” as “burning nipples.” I puncuate properly, for crying out loud. And I don’t want to throw lawyers to the bottom of the ocean. But I digress. Dole it out as you see fit. I can also drink half a gallon of whiskey a day with no ill effects.


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