Calgary, what more rhymes can I make than haven’t been said,
You once were, but no more, are a team that I dread.

We lost our last game but tonight won’t be the same, we shall take you like a strange dame and give you the Dexter treatment – maim, tear from you your shame and snuff you like a flame.

It looks as if Jonathan Quick will be the Kings netminder to start,
Will we get our Cup goalie back or is he a horse behind the cart?

Questions remain, like will both Martinez and Ellerby play,
or rather Drewiske, whose defensive prowess isn’t so fey?

Calgary sucks, we all know this at a mere first glance,
but that matters not when we don’t know which Kings team will show up.
The one against whose the Flames offense stands not a chance,
or the one who watches passing forwards and merely says, ” ‘Sup”?

I’ve got nothing else, the words seem not to flow,
All that’s left to say, is GO KINGS,
Fucking Go.