Flames @ Kings – Win it for Hrudey!

Calgary, what more rhymes can I make than haven’t been said,
You once were, but no more, are a team that I dread.

We lost our last game but tonight won’t be the same, we shall take you like a strange dame and give you the Dexter treatment – maim, tear from you your shame and snuff you like a flame.

It looks as if Jonathan Quick will be the Kings netminder to start,
Will we get our Cup goalie back or is he a horse behind the cart?

Questions remain, like will both Martinez and Ellerby play,
or rather Drewiske, whose defensive prowess isn’t so fey?

Calgary sucks, we all know this at a mere first glance,
but that matters not when we don’t know which Kings team will show up.
The one against whose the Flames offense stands not a chance,
or the one who watches passing forwards and merely says, ” ‘Sup”?

I’ve got nothing else, the words seem not to flow,
All that’s left to say, is GO KINGS,
Fucking Go.

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3 replies

  1. I could have tried, but you said it best.
    Take off that Kings jersey, let me see your man breasts.
    No need for opinion, this shit is simple,
    Surly get drunk, and show me your nipple.

    Tonight with the win, the kings moved to fourth,
    Had a boner throughout the game, but lets move back north.
    The Flames sure do suck, and so does their city,
    The Kings are amazing, and so are your titties.



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