Flame Retard…ant. Lucky Number 6

6 games and a Stanley Cup.

6 to 1 in game 6.

Twice reaching 6 goals this season.

Jake Muzzin scored a nice goal tonight. Kid has a snap shot, eh? Hey, what number does he wear? That’s right. 6. When he scores again, he will have…6 goals.

Slava Voynov was a beast. His offensive contributions from the blue line have been Drew Doughty like…back when Drew was racking up the points. Slava wears twenty…6.

You know who also had a damn good game? Colin Fraser. Separate from scoring the goal, he played physical and was terrific on the forecheck. In fact, he led the team in hits…with 6.

Flames sucked with the puck. They had a shit load of giveaways…6 of them.

There’s only one number I love more than 6 right now and that’s 77. Jeff Carter is doing it all and despite Surly’s desire for Carter to score less goals and get more assists, the rest of us want to see him catch and pass Steve Stamkos.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jon Rosen and Dennis Bernstein tonight. Jon is cool. What a breath of fresh air he is from the prior administration. I am annoyed he has to do his own transcribing. What a waste of writing time. I actually missed that during the discussion and Surly brought it to my attention later. There has to be a better way. Hire someone at $15 per hour to do that crap so Rosen can write analysis and incorporate some of my ideas for the Insider. That site has scratched the surface of its potential but the glimmer in Jon’s eyes was unmistakable. He is excited to have the position and wants to own it.

Dennis Bernstein was knowledgable, friendly, didn’t want to stab me and promised us an invite to the next Fourth Period party. I am going to wear my blue Kelly Hrudey bandana. Speaking of which, it’s currently wrapped around my penis as I wait for the wife to get home. It’s been on there since the second intermission but she doesn’t have to know that.


Let’s do it again Monday.

Scribe’s slightly controversial 3 stars:

3. Trevor Lewis

2. Jonathan Quick

1. Slava Voynov

Honorable mention to Williams, Kopitar and Colin Fraser.


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6 replies

  1. great game by fraser. wears #24… 2+4=6.

  2. Kelly Hrudey wore number 32. 3×2=6 . . . whhhaaatttt

  3. Slava has 6 assists this week

  4. 6: The number of minutes you can go without bringing up penis.

  5. The Kings have called up Toffoli. Time to see LA’s top prospect in action.


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