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So apparently Tyler Toffoli is on his way to Los Angeles and Kings fans across the globe nation California Los Angeles few thousand La-Z-Boys, are jumping up and down like giddy children. The Kings top prospect, tearing up the AHL for months, could be playing his first NHL game as soon as tomorrow.

The collective dampness in the pants of male and female Kings fans alike is pulpy. And just as everyone involuntarily kegels, there’s one asshole in the room who coughs, **achem, hhrrrm, cough cough ** Jaroslav Bednar, **cough cough** Pavel Rosa Esa Pirnes **cough** fuck you Aki Berg Lauri Tukonen **cough aaahhh cough shit cough*** and everyone’s sphincters suddenly and painfully clench.

Meanwhile, Jungle Dave and Manchester Monarch fans are beating their head against a wall and wondering when they will come to their senses and move closer to an NHL team.

It’s been a while since we’ve all been legitimately excited about a prospect like Toffoli, and rightfully so. Anyone who has seen this kid play notices immediately his wicked shot. We could be talking Jeff Carter styled lasers here. The boy is all pure goal scorer. The question has always been, can his skating hold up to NHL speed.

Hopefully we’ll soon find out. Just remember, before you blow your load, if Tyler doesn’t score a hat trick in his first game (if he plays one), all is not lost. This poor kid will be so scrutinized by us idiot fans the second he takes NHL ice, he barely stands a chance to impress, such has the stock on him been hyped.

I have a hard time imagining this move if the Kings don’t plan on playing him though. He isn’t the type of guy who call up just to take up a roster space in a suit and tie, unless they merely want to expose him to the team first and give him some bona fide NHL practice time. But that would be lame, and Toffoli has earned some real action. Let us hope this move is not because Mike Richards woke up seeing double.

Now, as of this moment, the Kings have not confirmed the call up, but the Mayor has, and we trust Hoven.

So, on a scale of dry to drenched, how excited are you?

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  1. I’d be much more excited if this didn’t mean Richie is probably out. Richards is a big part of our team, and he is Carter’s playmaker

    • Well I believe Carter will get his goals no matter who he plays with, but Richie is a huge part of the team and a ginormous part of the PK. My gut says that this is insurance because the team doesn’t know how Richards is going to feel day to day, but I’m really hoping that this is more to do with Toffoli having earned it and King not being all he could and should be this season.

      Who knows, maybe this is a precursor to a deal for a defensemen Lombardi has in place. You never know with him. But smart money says that Richards isn’t 100%.

  2. Depends on Richies health. If Richie is hurt, I’m one drop of piss that sneaks out after you shake and are positive you are clear to holster. If hes not and we get to see Toffoli, I’m interested to see how he does in the NHL. I would say, someone taped the spray nozzle on the faucet and I wasn’t expecting it and I got trolled wet.

  3. Richards was favoring his right shoulder when he first skated off. but the fact he passed the quiet room tests and returned to action is a good sign. Anybody that’s ever fallen, huirt an ankle, knee, wrist, shoulder, etc, it can be very sore the next day. They have a lot of games coming up and it’s best to err on the sidee of caution If he needs a few days, take them.. He’s a warrior, if he can play he will. He played most of 2008/09 I(his best year) with torn labrums in both sholders.

    Or it might be Williams? He took a nasty shot off his foot in the 1st and could be when he took his skate off, it swelled up.

    Doesn’t say alot about Richardson….unless he’s going in and Toffoli is the extra man

    • ” but the fact he passed the quiet room tests and returned to action is a good sign.”
      Not exactly. All the quiet room does is allows for a doctor/medical staff member to observe the player for signs of a concussion. A concussion doesn’t always show symptoms immediately after the trauma. He could return from the quiet room, and not appear to have any signs or symptoms of a concussion, but those signs and symptoms can appear within 24-48 hours of the incident.
      I am not a doctor, but I do have Post Concussion Syndrome and have been dealing with this for 8 years now. I am becoming a Post Concussion Syndrome advocate, to get the message out to any child or adult who plays a sport which concussions or brain/head trauma may be more common like hockey, football, soccer, despite all safety precautions are taken.
      This whole brain trauma issue has been responsible for many former NHL/NFL players not getting professional help, and trying to deal with this syndrome with booze and pills.
      Derek Boogaard, Wade Belak, Junior Seau, Rick Rypien all committed suicide because they were not being seen or treated for Post Concussion Syndrome.

  4. I thought my ears were ringing… If LA doesn’t give Toffoli ice time, they’re just being cruel to Monarchs country. The kid’s been lighting the lamp left and right, and notching assists the rest of the time.

    His lack of a presence in Manchester will be felt, though today’s game so far is an awful gauge; no Toffoli and they’re up 2-0 after one period.

    • I know you don’t get much comments on your write ups, but like the Mayor, no comments doesn’t mean you’re not appreciated. I love reading your stuff and learning more about our minor league team. Thanks bro.

      • No problem, man. Thank you for reading! I’m more than happy to keep Surly & Scribe’s readership abreast (heh heh) of the happenings in Monarchs Country. After all, a bunch of the Kings’ Stanley Cup Champion roster came through Manchester on their way to the NHL.

      • I second that! Thanks Jungle Dave for keeping us in the loop.

  5. I think this is going to be a tryout situation for #73. He can play 9 games before his NHL contract kicks in, but I think with the lack of production of King and even Penner, Stoll, this might be a good time to sit King and or Penner and see what Toffoli can do.
    If Richards has suffered some sort of mild concussion, he can still be out for a while, until he is medically cleared to play.
    Regardless, Toffoli has shown his ability to make the jump from juniors to the AHL, so lets see what #73 can show in the NHL, even if its for a cup of coffee.
    I also think this might be a maneuver perhaps for a trade scenario.

    • I’d say sit kinger for a few games. Pens has actually been hustling these last few weeks ( am I the only one noticing Penner trying to dangle in the offensive zone…nothing like seeing a guy 6’4 stick handle around the d). Stoll has his ups and downs but give a bona fied scorer next to him and maybe some magic will ensue

      • I agree wth you. And yes I’ve seen Penner trying to dangle. I also see him try and beat guys wide with speed a lot, which while lovely as an effort, is also kind of funny because Penner ain’t beating no one on foot speed alone.

    • “He can play 9 games before his NHL contract kicks in”
      Because of the shortened season, I believe it’s only a 6 game tryout before a year is burned on his ELC

  6. Don’t mean to spoil anyones dampness or anything but Richardson has been with the team for a few years and plays all 3 forward positions allowing Stoll to move up temporarily. Did richie rich get hurt? Ah fuck it! Yea Toffoli’s coming! Want to see him since I’ll be there at the game anyways.

  7. Really hope that Richards is ok.. although signs do not seem to indicate it..ahhh
    And they had wanted to keep Toffoli in Manchester.. according to all the reports that have been circulating since start of our season.. and from the few King staff I had talked with as well. Have to say the kid is the real deal.. So impressive during his few days out here for camp. Really has a great shot.. this is Exciting!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  8. im stoked on it. but wouldnt that mean somebody’s injured? hope mike’s ok.

    • I may be wrong, but I think with Gagne gone, a roster spot was open anyways. I could be mistaken, but I think this is the case and if so, I don’t think people realize that this may be the reason he is called up.


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