So apparently Tyler Toffoli is on his way to Los Angeles and Kings fans across the globe nation California Los Angeles few thousand La-Z-Boys, are jumping up and down like giddy children. The Kings top prospect, tearing up the AHL for months, could be playing his first NHL game as soon as tomorrow.

The collective dampness in the pants of male and female Kings fans alike is pulpy. And just as everyone involuntarily kegels, there’s one asshole in the room who coughs, **achem, hhrrrm, cough cough ** Jaroslav Bednar, **cough cough** Pavel Rosa Esa Pirnes **cough** fuck you Aki Berg Lauri Tukonen **cough aaahhh cough shit cough*** and everyone’s sphincters suddenly and painfully clench.

Meanwhile, Jungle Dave and Manchester Monarch fans are beating their head against a wall and wondering when they will come to their senses and move closer to an NHL team.

It’s been a while since we’ve all been legitimately excited about a prospect like Toffoli, and rightfully so. Anyone who has seen this kid play notices immediately his wicked shot. We could be talking Jeff Carter styled lasers here. The boy is all pure goal scorer. The question has always been, can his skating hold up to NHL speed.

Hopefully we’ll soon find out. Just remember, before you blow your load, if Tyler doesn’t score a hat trick in his first game (if he plays one), all is not lost. This poor kid will be so scrutinized by us idiot fans the second he takes NHL ice, he barely stands a chance to impress, such has the stock on him been hyped.

I have a hard time imagining this move if the Kings don’t plan on playing him though. He isn’t the type of guy who call up just to take up a roster space in a suit and tie, unless they merely want to expose him to the team first and give him some bona fide NHL practice time. But that would be lame, and Toffoli has earned some real action. Let us hope this move is not because Mike Richards woke up seeing double.

Now, as of this moment, the Kings have not confirmed the call up, but the Mayor has, and we trust Hoven.

So, on a scale of dry to drenched, how excited are you?