PF+PM+S=Forward Formula for Success

What? You think Quisp is the only one who can add?

That’s my formula. I have written about it before but not in this way.

You know how Lombardi likes to “balance” out each defensive pairing with a stay at home defenseman and offensive one?

I like to see balance on all four lines of a Power Forward (PF), Playmaker (PM) and Sniper (S).


When Penner is on his game, he is every bit a power forward as you would want. Big, hard to move off the puck and skates like a boulder rolling down hill. We saw that line kick ass in the playoffs last season. We are seeing them do so in the last 8-10 games.


Power forward, playmaker and, as much as I love Justin, he is a poor man’s sniper and probably fits the role of a playmaker just as much, if not more. In the playoffs, Dustin Brown became the 1000 pound gorilla with hands. He hit, he passed, he scored, our captain did it all. This season, he is rediscovering his way.

Let me stop right there.

Where am I going with all of this?

This article is all about Tyler Toffoli.


I want Tyler Toffoli on the top line, to the right of Anze Kopitar. The kid is a goal scorer. Whether or not that translates to the NHL level remains to be seen (I go into this with my mind like a calm, still pool) but, if his game and hockey sense do manifest, then let the kid play to his strengths. He will have a play making center extraordinaire in the middle, a power forward to his left and he will have plenty of opportunities to bury the puck. He is getting his “shot” in the NHL. I want his “shot” to be how he sticks. All he has to do is get open, a talent regarding which he has shown quite the penchant. From everything I read about him, the hockey IQ is quite high.


“And the second line?”

Penner-Carter-Williams = PF+S+PM, which still fits the formula.

“Who said Toffoli is a sniper. He has a lot of assists!”

Perhaps he is but what we do know is the kid can light the lamp. His playmaking ability, while an important piece of his overall game, isn’t what brings balance to the lines. His goal scoring ability does.

“Where does he fit if Richards isn’t hurt and plays?”

Not sure. Haven’t thought that far ahead and I am done thinking for the night.


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  1. Dean Lombardi was pretty clear about not bringing Toffoli up this season, even after TT had been playing his 1st full season as a pro with Manchester.
    I know DL can say one thing and then do the opposite, but he also does not like to rush a player, especially a young kid who had success in the OHL and now the AHL. There is just too much at stake, especially with a kid who obviously is brimming with confidence.
    That being said, someone is most likely hurt, and even with Richardson sitting in that press box, it must be something Dean/Hextall/Sutter feel is the best thing for the team right now.
    We are almost at the halfway point of the season, and its not been pretty, and it sometime seems like ok, they have finally started to get their mojo back, along with that relentless forecheck, and then they have a bad game, and then make up for it pretty quick.
    So far they have been doing well using a defense that is missing Matt Greene and Willie Mitchell, even Alec Martinez for a bunch of games, Drew Doughty hasn’t been lighting the lamp, and his +/- hasn’t been all that great either, but Dean picked up Ellerby for a pick, and then kept Muzzin up, and now these young defensive players are getting better and better with each game they have played.
    On offense, if Jeff Carter was not lighting up the goal light like he has been, then things might be worse than they are now.
    Brown and Kopitar have started to find themselves scoring goals or dishing assists, and Slava Voynov has evolved both offensively and defensively. Hell if Slava wasn’t so unlucky, his +/- would be pretty good, aside from some unfortunate pucks deflecting off his shield or leg or skate.
    So back to Toffoli, for Dean to bring him up, must mean Richards is possibly going to require some time on IR or maybe Williams is also not 100%.
    I think having Sutter as a coach, is to the benefit of Toffoli. Sutter isn’t the kind of coach that is going to put a young kid out there to fail, and totally kill any sort of confidence or growth. Sutter is going to put Toffoli out there where he feels he can succeed, and if he identifies areas where Toffoli needs to work, Sutter will tell him this.
    So if Toffoli is able to contribute while someone needs some time on IR, and then comes back, at least Lombardi knows what Toffoli is able to do.
    There have been many prospects who had put up some great numbers in the AHL, only to come up to the NHL and not make much of an impact.
    Toffoli isn’t coming up to be a big physical forward, he is coming up to score points, be it goals, or assists.

    • ‘On offense, if Jeff Carter was not lighting up the goal light like he has been, then things might be worse than they are now.’

      They for sure would be worse. It’s only logic.
      As for Toffoli, personally I wish they’d let him complete a full year in Manch. A) Great for developing and learning. B) It would be nice to see the Monarchs win as much as possible for everyone concerned.
      That’s my opinion.

  2. Like that way of breaking it down.. glad that you said Williams a playmaker as well..that is what I see him as.. so he would definitely fit on the second as such..And if Richards is not hurt then Toffoli should be back getting his experience in Manchester.. at least for now..
    But then again ..if the timing is right.. this kid is one Exciting Hockey player.. oh boy..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with you on having Toffoli on the top line, and Williams on the Carter line. Carter with Toffoli makes zero sense as they are both snipers, so the logical move is Williams and this is IF Richards is hurt, lets hope he isn’t hurt. If Richards does play then maybe Toffoli would be on the third line with Stoll and one of the big boys (Clifford, King, Nolan) but probably King. Then the fourth could be Lewis with Clifford and Nolan and Fraser sits a few out.

  4. Hey Bobby, no shit.

    At least as far as the pw + pm + s thing, that’s obvious to everyone.

    As for Toffoli, he will find himself on a top line eventually. Nothing wrong with him starting out with Stoll and Lewis. Toffoli should only be in the top 6 if Richie is out. Atleast for his first game.

  5. If Richard is not hurt, Put him between Dwight King and that sniper Trevor Lewis. Usually Trevor Lewis has skillet hands, but boy did he score two beautiful goals on well placed shots. Move Jarret Stoll down to fourth line center, and roll four lines.


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