This goofy season presents us the first set of back to back home games against one team. This week we get to look at the Flames and all the Calgary based, hat wearin’ weirdos that come with them before having to suffer the Phoenix Coyotes next Monday and Tuesday.

Looks like we won’t be seeing Toffoli tonight, which is fine. Maybe tomorrow, since we have the back to back and Sutter said the reason for the recall was “We play a lot of games in a short period of time.” Also the Kings whooped some ass in Saturday and the only player from that who should be sitting right now is Ellerby. Why Drewiske doesn’t get the nod boggles my mind – and I’m one of the fewer than most who kind of likes Ellerby.

Luckily, Richards appears to be hunky dory, which is the only crucial story from today that matters.

Quick will start, which likely means Bernier tomorrow. Quick got some swagger back last game, so he needs to keep that going so I agree with the decision.

We are 8-2-0 in our last 10 games. We are due for an overtime game. Or maybe we wasted our allotment of OT last season. I don’t know, I’m grasping for something interesting to say. More wins is the only thing that interests me these days. There really haven’t been that many compelling story lines to follow about the Kings. We sucked, now we don’t suck, I hope we continue not to suck. That about sums it up for the season.

The Flames have a goon named Tim Jackman,
When he gets hit it is saccharine
The schmuck almost hurt Richie
And it made Clifford bitchy
But Tim’s bullshit won’t be helping his team get the win.