Flames. Pfft. Pussies

We’re at the mixing room. No Nick and Daryl but we don’t come for them. We come for the overpriced drinks and average service.

After that first period, I thought this would be another 6 goal game. I am a little disappointed. The Kings have been so relentless with the lead (we play a more aggressive offensive game with the lead than without most of the time) that this whole sitting back and protecting the shit was very Terry Murrayish. I didn’t dig it.

This is how bad habits start.

First you protect a lead and next thing you know you stop cursing at games…

So this guy with a leather-faced, I hate myself but these fake tits keep me from killing myself girlfriend comes during the third period, sits next to me and starts a chat with Jacob about his cursing. Mind you, Surly had cursed no more than…fuck it, he can tell the story.

Scribe’s Three LA Kings stars:

3. Jarret Stoll

2. Jonathan Quick

1. Jake Muzzin

Back to my Guinness…


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  1. My goodness. My Guinness. My team. My city. My home. (Da Na Na Na)

    I enjoys watching the Kings win. I also enjoys Sam Adams Spring Wheat. But i’m not here to debate beer. (The fuck? I’m rhyming?!)

    Calgary had no backbone. Our boys did well in that first period and we won the game. Calgary needs a spark and the Kings may have just lit the Flame(s).

    Either way, that’s another 2 points for us, and we dig ourselves a little deeper into the possibilities of playing later than many other teams. This next half will be rough though. Lots more tenacity and stronger defense is going to be mandatory. Pacific division teams are going to be tough again this year.

  2. Boy…..she sure did have nice tits!! So much so, I didn’t even notice his leather face!

  3. Stoll had a helluva game, like diving for that puck at the bluelne on the PK… hustled all night. How good is Muzzin gonna be? Gets better with each game and confidence growing.
    And how the hell did Penner miss that Wide open net? or did he just want Carter to keep his Cy Young stats in place. Nice pass by richie…
    I thought to myself…the kid (Toffoli) woudn’t have missed.
    Intersting that the only time during his post game scrum that Sutter showed a flash of ange was when a reporter brought up Martinez.and he was clearly angry ‘he got beat one on one, you can’t get beat one on one in the NHL’
    Another good game from Slava too… and Doughty almost had his 1st at the end there.
    On to the Yotes…I hope the Kings pound the snot out of them
    I want Nolan to eviserate Doan or Smith or both.

    • I hate refering to goals as a percent of points as Cy Young, its so fucking stupid! First of all, in baseball it would be Win-Loss record, insinuating that assists are bad! Then there is the fact that Win-Loss record in baseball for a pitcher might be the most overrated and most meaningless stat for individual performance that people this is worth a shit! That goal was all on Alec, I’m gonna say it: Quickie has been playing like its 2012 (of course the 2012 playoff Quick would have even stopped that shot) Slava has been AWE AWESOME!!! I hope that Cliffy caves Doan’s face in. Then Bernie beats up Smith at center ice ala Roy-Osgood!

    • Penner could have turned the game into a runaway/…twice! He enigmatic..good or bad you never know what (or when) he’s gonna do or bring. Doan is still sucking vinegar over that non-knee hit on Rosival. So, who sits for Toffoli?

      Another one was Ellerby. Played much better last night until he lost his head and started going deep in the offensive zone…which IMO helped spark the Flames rushes.

      • I think Alec is going to sit for Drewiski. I can’t see Nolan or Cliffy sitting because I think this game could get dirty and we need them to keep the cheapshot artists in line. So I think King sits, yes he had a good game last night, but who else is there to sit without seriously fucking with the whole team?

        • Alec or Ellerby better sit for Drewiske. And if Toffoli is going to play, then King should be the one to sit, but I fear it would be Lewis as King gets his roster spot because of size.

          • Couldn’t agree more…King is too big of a body to take out, but he hasn’t earned his spot this year. Lewis is turning out to be that great defensive/checking 3rd liner with a little offensive out-put so you can’t take him out either.

            There’s just no room for Toffoli just yet. Send him back to Manchester to continue his development.

          • Yes please sit ellerby! I think he’s making amart look like shit, and they have no defensive chemistry together. If DD2 was next to him instead maybe that 3rd pairing wouldnt be quite as awful as theyve been the last 5 games

  4. What section do you guys sit in? My season tickets are in 330.. Everyone’s pretty quiet there :/


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