We’re at the mixing room. No Nick and Daryl but we don’t come for them. We come for the overpriced drinks and average service.

After that first period, I thought this would be another 6 goal game. I am a little disappointed. The Kings have been so relentless with the lead (we play a more aggressive offensive game with the lead than without most of the time) that this whole sitting back and protecting the shit was very Terry Murrayish. I didn’t dig it.

This is how bad habits start.

First you protect a lead and next thing you know you stop cursing at games…

So this guy with a leather-faced, I hate myself but these fake tits keep me from killing myself girlfriend comes during the third period, sits next to me and starts a chat with Jacob about his cursing. Mind you, Surly had cursed no more than…fuck it, he can tell the story.

Scribe’s Three LA Kings stars:

3. Jarret Stoll

2. Jonathan Quick

1. Jake Muzzin

Back to my Guinness…