Once you have won a Stanley Cup, certain things should become irrelevant. Moments in team history well short of winning a Cup, the opinions of other team’s fans who have not won a Cup, and former players who did not excel here doing well elsewhere. Andrew (I like that better anyway) Loktionov has 4 goals in his first 12 games.

Darryl Sutter is pissed off and it has nothing to do with a fascination about Tyler Toffoli…he is still reeling about the game against Phoenix. And that is one reason I love him. Because he isn’t the last guy.

Jon Rosen is doing a good job but he still has not implemented any of my suggestions.

Drew Doughty, Slava Voynov, Alec Martinez, and Jake Muzzin are offensive defenseman. Rob Scuderi and Davis Drewiske are defensive defenseman. Keaton Ellerby is neither. Doughty, Voynov and either Muzzin or Martinez should play with Scuderi, Drewiske and a defenseman Lombardi will acquire.

Speaking of Drew, I had a dream about him last night. Went through the whole day and could not remember it. I just did.

I talked to Drew Doughty about his backswing. Told him it is way too long and asked him to shorten it. He was receptive and did so. The next game, against the San Jose Sharks, he scored a hat trick. The game after that, he scored another and he went on a scoring tear. A vague amount of time later, he went back to his old backswing and stopped scoring. I met up with him at his house in Manhattan Beach. I waited for him until he came home. I asked him why he switched back. He said he no longer wanted to score goals and wanted more assists. I was furious and started to scream at him various profanities. Suddenly, Surly showed up…a fat Surly who looked like Jim Morrison in his later years, dark glasses, beard, and holding a bat. Drew asked who he was and Surly suddenly and violently took a bat to Drew and beat him to death. I asked Surly what the hell he was doing. Surly said that if he won’t score goals, he was no use to us.