Kings @ Sharks – It’s About Damn Time

Halfway through the season and there is a division rival we haven’t yet faced. It’s goofy, it’s wrong. I knew there was a certain animosity my enjoyment of this season was lacking.

San Jose, as I’m sure you know, got off to their usual rip roaring, yet meaningless start. Well, it was meaningful in that it prevented San Jose from being at the bottom of the league right now. Though they only trail us by 2 points in the standings, they are 3-4-3 in their last 10; the Sharks are their own chum.

A poor penalty kill and a surprisingly low offensive output are keeping the wins in San Jose as scarce as the sunshine over the last month. But the Bay Area Baskings will surely be anxious to get their game on track against the mighty Cup Champions.

As for the Kings, Jonathan Quick will start and hopefully this game he and the defense will finish. I’ve never seen Rob Scuderi play two piss poor games in a row, so I expect the toughest guy on the team to have a big bounce back effort. It’s also been what, 2 games since Jeff Carter has scored? Dude’s getting cold. One more game without a goal and I might start to believe he’s among the human. Please Jeff, don’t burst the bubble, nail a puck to Antii Niemi’s ass. Would also be nice if he could get an assist or two (I’m looking at you Penner, no more of that missing open nets bullshit).

Do I have a rhyme in me? Let’s see.

Oh, what a joy to be a Shark in San Jose,
Skate ice in March; in May, relax with a Rosé
But this year is special, there will be no playoff choke,
Doing it early will avoid the usual joke
I foresee no playoffs this season for the Sharks,
Not for Thornton, Niemi, Havlat or Marleau
In 23 games, HP Pavilion goes dark
As it should be when you employ a shithead like Clowe.

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11 replies

  1. Can’t wait to get down to HP Pavillion and watch us crush those scumbags.

    • 10 minutes in and we’ve already been told to sit back in our chairs and stop swearing. I thought this was a fucking hockey game.

      He showed me his fucking ‘rules card’ as if he was doing me a favor. I miss Staples Center.

  2. Now that’s a great intro on the pre-game! I copied it and sent it to some jerk-off Shards fans I know. Well done sir!!

  3. The only thing worth cursing about is our sub-standard goaltending. We were dominating that game.

  4. Dammit.

    I did hear a great joke though:

    How do you kill a shark?

    Put it in the playoffs!

  5. Why does Sutter insist on starting Quick so much this year? Yeah he’s Conn Smyth trophy winner and was brilliant all of last season, but this season he just plain sucks. His surgery has obviously affected him as he is easily a fraction of a second behind every play and struggling to find a groove. Bernier needs to take over for a while. Numbers don’t lie.

    • I had this conversation with about 10 Kings fans on the way out of the game last night. Even a guy in a Quick jersey was well aware that we should be starting Bernier. He’d better get the next start.

      • Indeed. And Quick’s play should also be a warning to Deano not to be to hasty on a Bernier trade this season. We may need him to carry us through the playoffs.


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