Tim Leiweke Leaving AEG by “mutual agreement”…We Have an Open Position at S&S

Here is the LA Times report. Read it. It doesn’t say much, not that much was expected to be said at this point.

I don’t care too much about the football deal or AEG’s grand empire. What I do care about is what impact, if any, this will have on the LA Kings.

Tim Leiweke has had his critics, present company included at times. However, be it through hard work, luck, timing, fate and/or a combination, he was the head cheese during the time our LA Kings won the Stanley Cup. That, by itself, earns him a merit badge.

I know, I know, he tried to sell us Trent Klatt as a top 6 forward. Some of his comments were difficult to reconcile over the years. But he was a passionate chief executive, loved the Kings and, right or wrong, I believe he always wanted the best for the franchise…in other words, he wanted to see the franchise successful.

AEG is apparently no longer for sale.

Back to the LA Kings.

How does all of this impact our team?

I don’t know. I took a diversion from a very busy day to post this. I haven’t wrapped my head around it. You go first.

Tim, if you are reading this, we have a guest writer position open at S&S. We can give you an alias and you can write to your heart’s content. You don’t have to decide immediately. Think it over. If you want to break bread and share some good scotch, let me know. I like you. Surly likes you. Hey, you never know, it could lead to bigger and better things, right?

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  1. I doubt any future CEO is going to be aware of what Kings bloggers do and appreciate them. Leiweke for all his faults, was absolutely a Kings fan as well as someone who just wanted the team to succeed to help the bottom line.

    I found it odd too, but like you haven’t really parceled out what thoughts, if any, I have about this.

  2. You’re welcome

  3. You’re Welcome

  4. Who’s welcome of what?

  5. I don’t know what to expect. The Beckerman guy is said to have a lot of strong ties to the Kings. Hopefully he will aid the Kings in keeping a strong competitive team for many years. It seems that would help in bringing their goal of a football team back to LA. I still can’t understand why people like football though.

    • I still can’t understand why like football

      That’s because they don’t. They are told to like it when they are kids because their dads like drinking and wasting time. Football makes them feel tough while doing those two things.

      • When I was a kid I asked my dad why he doesn’t like football. He said its because we see enough coked out bums when we’re trying to find parking on Kings game nights at the Forum, and he doesn’t need to watch them at home!

  6. Football is a fun sport to play and watch. Sorry you guys don’t agree.

  7. Look, Timmy helped get the Kings the players they needed to win a cup. But….. at the same time he wasn’t very generous after the lockout.
    “Wouldn’t using that million dollars towards reduced concessions and parking be better for the Kings fans/”
    Tim’ response was sort of a salt in a deep wound for this whole lockout situation.
    He said something to the effect of ” I think the Kings fans would rather have this money go into us being able to keep a Stanley Cup contender, as opposed to cheaper hot dogs, beer and parking.
    Yes Tim we would but what does giving a million dollars to charity have to to with the fans who just got increased season ticket prices, many of which had to think long and hard about affording the increase and still being able to pay for the parking also.
    Just curious who made the decisions to jack up the “Tip A King” costs, along with this years big slap in the face, a 400.00 a plate dinner at a steakhouse at LA Live?
    I would think, trying to make an effort to tell the fans thank you for coming back and supporting the Kings was more important than making meeting the players something like a White House dinner with the President.
    I just hope the new guy uses his fan relations people as ambassadors and a focus group to make the fans feel more a part of this team, and not just about people who have 400.00 to throw on a piece of meat, as opposed to maybe a 50.00 event that more people would be more than willing to pay if it means getting a picture and autograph with the team, or their favorite player(s).
    Yes I know there was “Meet the Players” at the beginning of this season, but that was one big cluster fuck.
    Bring back Fan Fest, bring back Tip a King as a much more reasonable entry price,and you can give whatever you want to charity.
    Go King Go!

  8. I think this sucks. Having a teen executive that passionate about the Kings is a good thing. He took his hands off the wheel and let Deano drive the bus. It took him sometime but he learn to be a great executive, and I worry about the state of the team once he leaves. As of right now, I really really think this sucks.

  9. On an unrelated note from this article, Theres a reason why football is the most popular sport in the world, I love hockey, its a tough fucking sport, been a kings fan since 1992 but i cant stand ignorant ass people talking shit about a sport that they dont know shit about, yet have ignorant close minded opinions about it, IMO its the best sport in the world, that can be played with just about anything round, a hole in the wall, and bare feet, sorry for my rant but I think you should support your LA teams either way regardless of the sport, especially since the KINGS players, organization, and kings fans support (i see them all the time at galaxy games wearing there kings gear just like me) sorry for my rant again, but you guys are douches! lol

    • Gots to know your audience, and in California, football = rugby for pussies.

      Another reason why (American) football is lame, couldn’t even come up with its own unique name.

    • Umm, we were talking about American football (NFL), not Soccer (worldwide football). Love your passion though!

    • I have been watching football my whole life, and it does not compare to hockey at all. Doesn’t even compare. I will take a first round playoff game with 2 teams I care nothing about over the Superbowl with my favorite team playing. Shit, I take a regular season matchup between Columbus and Dallas before a football game.

  10. Oh, well dont i look like the douche lol my apologies gentlemen, I also dislike american football lol my bad, either was Surly, you would change your mind in a heartbeat if you attended a football match in person lets say in barcelona when Barcelona plays Real madrid, dont knock it until you try it ;)

    • Maybe so. I’ve been to one professional match YEARS ago, and while I remember having a good time, that was probably mostly because I was a teenager spending time with a girl I had a crush on.

      When I was in London I had a few people try very hard to convince me to like soccer and got offer to be taken to a Manchester United game, but I wasn’t in town long enough to go. I do remember seeing about 60 crazed fans chanting and singing and drinking on the tube before a game though. That was amusing.

      • I hear ya man, but its a different environment, I love the staples center, the intro, the checking, the fights, the beer, the ice cold, the great moves. it takes crazy skills to be a hockey player. BUT soccer is in that same mind set IMO, the skills to become a world class player are not easy, maybe cause Im hispanic, and my father played professionally in the 70’s and growing up playing, and going to watch your own national soccer team play vs another national team from a country where you both get a long, and packed into a stadium of over 50 thousand screaming, chanting, fans who will cheer on their team, its just crazy man, anyways sorry for my rants and passion lol GO KINGS GO!!! FYI i was at the galaxy game last night, and I saw a large group of kings fans with gear talking about the kings game tonight vs san jose, pretty cool to see them out there at a galaxy game talking about the kings. anyways late guys, Kings 3 – San Jose 2 !!!

      • Watched World Cup finals on at least three occasions while parked at a bar or pub. Football was pretty exciting from that vantage point. Was in Paris when they won the cup. People riding on the roofs of moving cars, swarming the streets, that sort of thing.

        As for Mr. Tim. AEG most likely assigned him to babysit Bieber after his London and Paris meltdowns so he bolted. Rehab time for that child.

  11. *dont get a long

  12. It’s 7:30, gentlemen. Redemption time.

  13. I’m glad anschutz is holding onto the team. He’s a good stable owner. It’s good that whoever owns the team owns the building and all the other shit otherwise the team might have a lower budget. I was worried if aeg was broken up after the sale whoever ended up with the team would end up with an expensive lease to keep the team in the building, not get full concessions and all the other shit.

    On the other hand it’s hard to see what’s really going on here. Maybe they took the whole thing off the market just to get prospective buyers who were just kicking the tires and not serious enough or not meeting their price to get their shit together.

    Also wonder if Lieweekly and Phil had a falling out over the sale or the strategy for getting the field built and buying the football team. From what I understand (could be wrong) nfl owners can’t own other teams in same city?

    • NFL owners can’t own franchises from other leagues in different cities. Owner of St. Louis Rams had to turn over ownership of the Nuggets and Avs to his son to become majority owner of the Rams.


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