Here is the LA Times report. Read it. It doesn’t say much, not that much was expected to be said at this point.

I don’t care too much about the football deal or AEG’s grand empire. What I do care about is what impact, if any, this will have on the LA Kings.

Tim Leiweke has had his critics, present company included at times. However, be it through hard work, luck, timing, fate and/or a combination, he was the head cheese during the time our LA Kings won the Stanley Cup. That, by itself, earns him a merit badge.

I know, I know, he tried to sell us Trent Klatt as a top 6 forward. Some of his comments were difficult to reconcile over the years. But he was a passionate chief executive, loved the Kings and, right or wrong, I believe he always wanted the best for the franchise…in other words, he wanted to see the franchise successful.

AEG is apparently no longer for sale.

Back to the LA Kings.

How does all of this impact our team?

I don’t know. I took a diversion from a very busy day to post this. I haven’t wrapped my head around it. You go first.

Tim, if you are reading this, we have a guest writer position open at S&S. We can give you an alias and you can write to your heart’s content. You don’t have to decide immediately. Think it over. If you want to break bread and share some good scotch, let me know. I like you. Surly likes you. Hey, you never know, it could lead to bigger and better things, right?