Shit Infested Waters. Kings Take Out the Trash 5-2

They haven’t been to the Stanley Cup Final.

They haven’t won dick of significance (the dick reference for one of our readers who asked for more phallic references)

Yet, their fans carry a false sense of ego and pride, as if their fleeting regular season exploits mean a damn thing to anyone in the hockey world…”those were the days” eh Sharks fans?

How do you kill a shark?

Put it in the playoffs.

Enough about these assholes.

I didn’t like Mike Richards on left wing. I did love Tyler Toffoli on the right side. I also approve of Dustin Penner on the fourth line. Offensive depth is a necessary luxury.

We rolled four lines (although it felt like the third line was out there every other shift), each line played well on both ends of the ice and Bernier made some big Mother Sutting saves…thank the hockey gods because I was a little concerned about whether he would.

Back to Toffoli, two great chances to bury the puck, the kid knows how to get open, but my favorite part was that he played physical his first shift and back checked each time. For all the disclaimers I heard about his skating, I saw no issues of concern. San Jose is a quick team and Tyler had no problem staying with the pace.

This game should have been 8-1.

Speaking of Tyler, that’s his name.
Tyler. No nicknames because, as I told Surly, Tyler is its own nickname. Foil, Folly, Filly, Ty, Tofu, shut up. Tyler.

We took out the trash tonight. On Monday and Tuesday, I want to set fire to it.

Scribe’s Three Stars:

3. Drew Doughty

2. Jonathan Bernier

1. Kyle Clifford

Regarding Clifford, the fight was all his idea. He didn’t care for Murray’s hit on Kopitar on the previous shift. Murray (a future King) outweighs Clifford by a few pancakes.

Update: Niemi’s nickname is Nemo? I didn’t think the Sharks could become bigger pussies but I am pretty sure they just grew another vagina.


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  1. Right. I really appreciate that killing Sharks joke and while I haven’t been commenting I assure I read all articles. I think I haven’t been commenting because I’m too busy on twitter trying to understand the reasoning behind half of JT’s tweets.

    Oh, and Toffoli is fine. He’s just not fast. But he’s not slow either (see Handzuz). One thing I noticed is that he was a little timid on the forecheck, he seemed to give up on the puck really early but honestly that just means he’s not reckless and has a mind for defense. Also, his physicality and presence on the forecheck will increase as he plays more in the NHL.

    Oh, and I know you guys are at the game but a few times a night Fox plays this commercial of playoff highlights and quotes talking about wanting to win it again and I laugh loudly every time the clip of Doughty scoring comes on. It seems like it’s almost been a year since I’ve seen him score for the Kings…. oh yeah.

  2. DD hasn’t scored because we have been without our 2 most physical defensive defensemen all season long. Someone had to do it. Kings are deep in puck movers though and DD has been instramental in Muzzins developement (which has allowed DD to be our strongest physical force on the back end all season).

    • Agreed, people are putting too much stock into DD not scoring. He is getting it done in other areas, the guy is awesome and people need to STOP looking at the goals column. As for Bernier, he better be getting the majority of the starts from here on out. What more does the guy have to do?

      • If the Kings could afford to cut him back two minutes, maybe two and a half minutes we might see better offense out of him…but that’s not gonna happen for a while. Perhaps in time for the playoffs….

        • Agreed, maybe if/when we get one of Greene/ Mitchell back, or if we trade for someone (Regehr maybe).

    • … I didn’t know that Matt Greene and Willie Mitchell were suddenly Hall of Fame defensemen.

      It’s truly amazing what happens to certain players’ reputations when they get injured.

      Has there been a single element of the team where people haven’t claimed Greene/Mitchell would have fixed, if only they weren’t injured? The offense, the defense, the special teams, the hitting, the “urgency”, the “leadership”, World poverty, cancer, etc., etc., etc.

      The Kings lost a second-pairing defenseman and a third-pairing defenseman. They did not lose Bobby Orr and Larry Robinson.

  3. Right. Richards doesn’t have it on wing. And Penner was much better when moved back ot the left

  4. Fuck the Sharks! Lol.
    It sucked to see my boy Nolly in the press box.. That’s the problem depth brings.

    I love Cliffy but every time he gets in a fight I get worried lol!

  5. Great game! I said 8-1 too..
    Toffoli was just as I thought…Very fun to watch..Good game from him..Congrats on his playing his First NHL game..
    Nickname..the guys Always have something..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  6. Murray a future king?? How does one know or go about that?? Just asking.

    • Wrote an article about it a while ago. He is a UFA. He is coming on his last contract. Lombardi drafted him in SJ. SJ’s window is closing. Ours is opening. He fits well, especially now that we have a need for a durable defensive defenseman.

  7. Best line of the year with ‘How do you kill a shark’. GKG

  8. Yes sir, kudos on the “How do you kill a shark?” line. Hahaha..had me bustin up. So true ;-) I said that we should take at least 4 out of 5 in this home stretch but I can see us taking all FIVE. The filthy lice (Phoenix), Dallas, and Cunucks all beat us away. This week is PAYBACK, baby….and getting Murray would be great. Glad his first punch didn’t land! Geeez :-O

    • Speaking of PHX, how about Eckman-Larson’s new contract and its impact on Voynov? I am thinking 27M/6yrs since he gets to play in LA(instead of thee shithole that is PHX and the the rain of SEattle in another year), on a championship team(instead of the shit-team that is the Coyotes), is a 2nd line d-man, and because I said so.

      • Not sure that OEL contract will impact Voynovs too much, maybe a little bit. Voynov isn’t in the same class, hence the Norris trophy considerations for OEL and not Voynov. I can see him getting a contract somewhat similar to Subbans, in the sense that it will be a bridge contract probably 2 years $4mill.

        • so an AAV of $2 mill

          • From rumblings I’ve heard, $2 per year is about what the Kings are willing/hoping to pay Voynov. I should look up who his agent is. If its the wrong asshole or Slava gets greedy, he could easily demand 4 and plenty of teams would be willing to give it to him.


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