On the one hand, I was nearly in tears for missing this game, in person and at the arena.

On the other, I did get to see it live, albeit while working away on the lap top…

On the one hand, watching Tyler Toffoli get his first goal reminded me of the pride I felt when I learned my kid brother had banged…er, well, let’s just say I was very proud. But not just because Tyler got his first goal but also due to the fact the kid could have had 4 by now. Can he get open or what?

On the other, Jonathan Quick played a great game, a performance worthy of his merit last season and one that I hope gets him over the hump and back to Conn Smythe status. THAT was the most important part of this victory to me.

On the one hand, I miss Mitchell and Greene oh so very much.

On the other, Jake Muzzin leads rookie defensemen in goals and Slava Voynov and Drew Doughty are everything I could ask for in talented, skilled and smart D men. Damn we are lucky to watch those two play every game night.

On the one hand, man did our powerplay suck at the beginning of the season!

On the other, wow, how about our fucking powerplay?! Quick passes, quick feet, pucks to high percentage scoring areas, someone pinch me. What are we in the last 15-20 chances? Like over 40 percent? That is a cue to you stat whores to get to work.

On the one hand, I had the same three stars as was announced after the game. Toffoli, Kopitar and Quick.

On the other, I just hope I can see tomorrow’s game without a damn lap top and work distracting me. Where the fuck are my priorities?

Surly: “Carter got an assist!”

Me: Happy for Surly…and happier Jeff got another goal.