*mini update for 3/19 game*

Bernier is in net! Well rotated goaltenders!

*end mini update*

I refuse to write two game threads for these games. We haven’t even played them yet and I already find tonight and tomorrow against the Coyotes exasperating purely on principle.

Seems Quick is in tonight, which is minimally acceptable only providing that Bernier plays tomorrow. Though my faith in him has temporarily wavered, I will go ahead and say he plays well tonight. I just hope that Sutter isn’t tempted to start him again after he wins.

So, how nasty does this get before we’re done with this home/home series? Clifford has been on a bit of a fighting tear lately, much to the chagrin of Kings fans whom I’m sure Kyle would dismiss as being Nancies, so considering that these two games are against a team with whom we already have a distinct amount of bad blood, a tussle or two is likely to occur. On a scale of 1 to brain damage, how badly do you want to see Clifford pummel Raffi Torres?

Safe bet that if Toffoli plays in both games he gets his first NHL goal? I think so.

What odds would you take in Vegas first, that, or Doughty scoring his first goal?

Speaking of Doughty, how fucking good is this kid? How many defensemen at his, or hell, at any age, are able to transform their game to fit the needs of the team? This guy has gone from protected offensive phenom to defensive stalwart shielding others who are in the same position now that he was just a few short years ago. Doughty’s defensive game has always been strong, but it is sad that his lack of goals takes him out of the national conversation for the league’s top defensemen this season. Going from needing a safety valve to being a safety valve is no easy feet, and I am loving Drew this season as much as I have any other. The goals will come.

What name should the Coyotes take when they inevitably move? I’m hoping they stick with the road kill theme.

Mmm… Road kill. I’ve had roasted Coyote before. Tastes good, albeit a touch sour.