“I scored that?” – Drew Doughty after he scored his 1st of the season.

“It was just a collision. I didn’t really see him, and we clipped knees there. That’s all.” – Jake Muzzin on the collision with Shane Doan.

[Hits the ice like a bag of pucks] “My knee! Oh God, my knee! My vagina! No, no, I mean my knee! It really hurts!” [Realizes no penalty is being called, jumps on his skates, drops both gloves and skates toward Jake] “I will fucking kill you Jake Muzzin!”

[Jake Muzzin to the referee] “Doan dropped his gloves and came after me. Why didn’t you call a penalty?”

[Referee to Jake] “He did? I must have been distracted by his screaming vagina.”

“Ha ha. You are special. The windows on the short bus are full of germs. Listen to your mother and don’t lick them.” – Me to Coyotes fan on Twitter after reading his incessant whining.

“Shane Doan like it” – Jim Fox after the Jarret Stoll goal. Quote of the month?

This game was intense but, in some respects, it was also a statement game.

You have to win different kinds of games. We are not going to roll every team, every night nor does a Championship team win pretty each time. The Coyotes came out in the first period and at different parts of the game like their very existence depended on getting the first goal or the next goal. But they didn’t. They had two men on the puck nearly at all times but our defensemen kept a lot of the play to the outside and when the Dogs got their high percentage chances, Jonathan Bernier was nothing short of All-World.

Up until the 42 second mark, I didn’t want this game to end. “Three more periods” I called out. It was fun to watch. When Shane Doan (who had two tonight, the fermented feces) scored the second, it was “fuck, end this game now! Fuck off! I want to win!”

And win we did.

To what do you suppose the Phoenix Coyotes will change their name when they move to Seattle? The Seattle Strays? Can probably keep the same jersey.

Scribe’s 3 L.A. Kings Stars

3. Dustin Penner

2. Drew Doughty

1. Jonathan Bernier

If Shane Doan had stayed down or was carried off the ice, Jake Muzzin would have gotten the number 1 star. I kid, Shane. I don’t hate him…actually, I do. Very much so. But I don’t want to see any player get hurt…except maybe him. No. Don’t want that. Maybe.

We play Dallas on Thursday. Revenge is a dish best served cold. It is very cold at ice level…and section 315.