Dallas @ Kings – Tulips In Texas

Having just knocked the Phoenix Coyotes from their indignant stupor into one of despair, the Kings are in great position to take two more points from a division rival tonight against the Dallas Stars. The Western Conference is finally starting to show some separation, and the Stars are rightfully finding themselves sliding down the ladder.

Still, the Stars won a rather embarrassing game against us earlier this month, beating us 5-2. I imagine the Kings will have that one in the back of their heads when they take the ice tonight.

Quick is starting and lets just get down on our knees and play the part of the pleading wife and beg our husband the hockey gods for another kick ass performance like the one he delivered on Monday. Bernier was awesome on Tuesday, so we will see if he gets any starts in the near future if Quick keeps on a roll. Speaking of Bernier, NHL.com highlighted Bernier’s situation in an article today by Curtis Zupke. Some new quotes I hadn’t heard in this one and nice to hear other players comment on Bernier’s situation.

Like Jonathan, Tyler Toffoli won’t be playing, with Jordan Nolan going back in. Expect a big game out of the tough guy as Toffoli’s spot in the lineup the last three games was as much an indictment of Nolan as it was an appraisal of the rookie.

I didn’t do much research (OK I did almost none) on what specifically has been going on with the Stars lately. However I did find this headline from Dallas News reports Mike Heika, “Observations from a 4-3 loss to Colorado; Go plant some flowers or something, and get your mind off this team”

I love it when a headline tells you all you need to know.

Lets help the gardens in Dallas grow nice and tall and pretty.


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  1. However I did find this headline from Dallas News reports Mike Heika, “Observations from a 4-3 loss to Colorado; Go plant some flowers or something, and get your mind off this team

    … Heika would be more accurate if he wrote a headline like “This ‘hockey’ thing, how does it work?” or “Hey I didn’t see the game or anything lol, but here’s a lame attempt to be funny”.

    The Stars played a very solid game in Colorado, and were narrowly defeated. But hey, plant some flowers or something. HOCKEY JOURNALISM, GUYS.

    • Well good on you if you watched that game. I can barely watch all the Kings games and often forget to watch NHL Tonight, which doesn’t even give you an inkling as to how each team played, just the goals really.

      But I will say that often playing well and often losing can be more frustrating for fans than playing poorly.

  2. It’s great to see Bernier playing so damn well. Can’t complain about having 2 legit goalies. I figured Quick’s off season back surgery would slow him down a bit for a little while even though he got some extra time to recover due to the lock out. Let’s hope both Quick and Bernier keep rollin. GO KINGS!

  3. Here’s my take on Bernier:
    Bernier will get traded at the end of the season to an EAST coast team for a first rounder straight up.
    Next year either Jones or Berube will be suitable backups
    The Kings need a first rounder (the Blue Jackets have theirs this year)
    They will be replacing Bernier in the draft (he was a previous first rounder)
    The Kings really only need defensemen to replace their injured defensemen so there aren’t any long term needs (Iginla is just not needed and defense will be fine)
    DL can draft whomever he wants as opposed to what is available for trade.
    Clearly Bernier is helping the Kings a ton as a backup and he’s too valuable to trade right now (there is no team that will pay what he is worth to the Kings as a backup)

  4. Fuck it…im calling another beat down by the boys. Not like I give a shit about this “season” or anything but the boys are back to SC Cup form. As much as I would love to have Jamie Benn come play for us I hope Brownie drills his ass. Jagr is cool. He’s that veteran fucker that will fuck you. A couple nice cross checks when the zeebs arent looking.

    Ring em up…Doughty, Toffoli, Carts and why not Fraser as he gets slashed.


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