The only person that has praised Jonathan Bernier’s skill-set more than me is JT. For those of you who don’t know JT…wait, that can’t be any of you. Back in September of 2010, I did a full write-up on our Jonathans Quick and Bernier. If you didn’t read us back then and want to learn about Bernier up and down (plus my own observations of his play), you owe it to yourself to click a link and grab a beer. Actually, grab two beers. It’s a long article. Once you are done, fast forward to today. The kid is playing. The kid is winning. The kid is going to be an RFA. Do we really think he is going to stay? To play, at best, 20 games? I was in the “don’t trade Bernier” camp in the summer and am still there today. But, at some point, we all know he is going to go, right? If Quickie is number 1 and Bernier wants to be a number 1, what reasonable scenario do you see that would keep him here?

Free Brad Richardson. He is a UFA at the end of this season. The poor kid doesn’t get to play while making $1.35 million…wait a minute, he gets to practice, workout and not play NHL hockey for a living while making $1.35 million per year. Fuck Brad Richardson. Surly should have such problems. Yeah, you know he is gone too right? Brad, not Surly. The Brad and Bernier exodus, circa 2013.

Darryl Sutter is a good read, that is when his words are transcribed (man, that has to be fun, right?). I enjoyed this morsel from him (via Jon Rosen):

On a previous assertion that the Anze Kopitar line had struggled:
“It’s got nothing to do with work or compete or effort or anything. It’s just once in a while they get out of sync a little bit, and I think one was just off a little bit and it affects everybody. And that’s what happens with high-end guys. Willie has struggled to score this year, so he’s the guy that’s always at a high pace, high effort. He’s always trying to do everything he can. Sometimes it’s better for Willie just not do too much. Just do a little bit less. And Brownie will get like that too, where he loses his identity once in a while and you’ve got to reinforce that. [With] Kopi, because he’s a special guy, he’s trying to win it instead of just being Kopi. So you just kind of find your way with them. They always come around, come back to it. My only thing is as a coach, you never want to split them up. If you’ve got to split them up, that means one of them is dragging it off, or…sometimes two or three shifts is like being away for a while.”

Remember “lightning in a bottle Murray”? That mad scientist that believed the secret to every player mistake or struggle, no matter how incidental, demanded a line shuffling? Okay, maybe I exaggerate…actually, do I? Did we have the same lines for more than 2 to 3 games? Anyway, I love that Sutter’s initial reaction to a loss isn’t to split up 2 to 3 lines. Sure, tinkering here or there as the circumstances require but, for the great majority of the time, we get consistency…except for Dustin Penner but even he is consistent in an inconsistent kind of way.

So, why didn’t Tyler Toffoli play last night? I know nobody said he has to play (a Sutterism as I recall) but did anyone say why he didn’t play?

Does Dean Lombardi make a trade? I am not asking myself because I already told you who we are getting. I am asking for your opinion now.

Do you realize I will have missed attending every home game this week? I missed the last three and I will miss tomorrow’s game. Work is really getting in the way of more important things.

I need a beer. Shane Doan like that.