Bernier’s Stock, Richardson’s Freedom, Sutter’s Wisdom and Scribe’s Musings

The only person that has praised Jonathan Bernier’s skill-set more than me is JT. For those of you who don’t know JT…wait, that can’t be any of you. Back in September of 2010, I did a full write-up on our Jonathans Quick and Bernier. If you didn’t read us back then and want to learn about Bernier up and down (plus my own observations of his play), you owe it to yourself to click a link and grab a beer. Actually, grab two beers. It’s a long article. Once you are done, fast forward to today. The kid is playing. The kid is winning. The kid is going to be an RFA. Do we really think he is going to stay? To play, at best, 20 games? I was in the “don’t trade Bernier” camp in the summer and am still there today. But, at some point, we all know he is going to go, right? If Quickie is number 1 and Bernier wants to be a number 1, what reasonable scenario do you see that would keep him here?

Free Brad Richardson. He is a UFA at the end of this season. The poor kid doesn’t get to play while making $1.35 million…wait a minute, he gets to practice, workout and not play NHL hockey for a living while making $1.35 million per year. Fuck Brad Richardson. Surly should have such problems. Yeah, you know he is gone too right? Brad, not Surly. The Brad and Bernier exodus, circa 2013.

Darryl Sutter is a good read, that is when his words are transcribed (man, that has to be fun, right?). I enjoyed this morsel from him (via Jon Rosen):

On a previous assertion that the Anze Kopitar line had struggled:
“It’s got nothing to do with work or compete or effort or anything. It’s just once in a while they get out of sync a little bit, and I think one was just off a little bit and it affects everybody. And that’s what happens with high-end guys. Willie has struggled to score this year, so he’s the guy that’s always at a high pace, high effort. He’s always trying to do everything he can. Sometimes it’s better for Willie just not do too much. Just do a little bit less. And Brownie will get like that too, where he loses his identity once in a while and you’ve got to reinforce that. [With] Kopi, because he’s a special guy, he’s trying to win it instead of just being Kopi. So you just kind of find your way with them. They always come around, come back to it. My only thing is as a coach, you never want to split them up. If you’ve got to split them up, that means one of them is dragging it off, or…sometimes two or three shifts is like being away for a while.”

Remember “lightning in a bottle Murray”? That mad scientist that believed the secret to every player mistake or struggle, no matter how incidental, demanded a line shuffling? Okay, maybe I exaggerate…actually, do I? Did we have the same lines for more than 2 to 3 games? Anyway, I love that Sutter’s initial reaction to a loss isn’t to split up 2 to 3 lines. Sure, tinkering here or there as the circumstances require but, for the great majority of the time, we get consistency…except for Dustin Penner but even he is consistent in an inconsistent kind of way.

So, why didn’t Tyler Toffoli play last night? I know nobody said he has to play (a Sutterism as I recall) but did anyone say why he didn’t play?

Does Dean Lombardi make a trade? I am not asking myself because I already told you who we are getting. I am asking for your opinion now.

Do you realize I will have missed attending every home game this week? I missed the last three and I will miss tomorrow’s game. Work is really getting in the way of more important things.

I need a beer. Shane Doan like that.

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  1. I didn’t read the ‘Jonathan’s’ article cause I’ve had a shit day and am exhausted. Will read it tomorrow….. but all of that to say that….. as I know you know your stuff…. I know some too, and I’ve for years thought that Bernier was a fabulous goaltender. End of story. Not only that, but I love how calm he is back there and that can have nothing but a calming influence on the rest of the team.
    I’m very divided (is that the word Bobby… divided…. hope it doesn’t mean I’m schizo) over the idea that DL gave Quick a ten year contract.

    I never swear or get uppity on this site…. but what better place than to be as such.
    Damn it. I hope tomorrow will be a better day.
    Bye………. for now.

  2. Josh

  3. With his style of play, how long can Quick hold down the #1 spot?

  4. If Quickie is number 1 and Bernier wants to be a number 1, what reasonable scenario do you see that would keep him here?

    … Seriously? It’s a pretty simple scenario.

    They have a competition. The one who is better stays as the number 1, the one who isn’t is traded.

    The Kings should have done this years ago.

    I’m not concerned with Quick’s contract. I’m concerned with winning hockey games. If Bernier shows himself to be the better goalie, then Quick either gets traded or he becomes a very highly-paid backup goalie.

    Quick’s career save percentage is .915, with about as regular a work schedule as a goalie could hope for.

    Bernier’s career save percentage is .912, with about as chaotic and irregular a work schedule as any goalie I’ve ever seen in Kings’ history.

    I’m not convinced the Kings have found the better goalie, yet. If they quit playing favorites, they may find out this season.

    • Good idea (competition) but Quick’s surgery renders this a different day with different long term considerations in the mix.

  5. Penner has been nothing but a disappointment. He’s a 3rd or 4th line winger where he belongs. He’s hit his peak long ago and he’s going down fast. He too shitty a skater to be with Carts and Richards. He weighs them down. Carts and Richards are always looking for someone breaking up the wing with Speed to pass to (ie Toffoli).

    If anything have Pens and Nolan duke it out for that spot not Toffoli. The kid got some good looks and shots off his first two games. I don’t see Pens getting that often. Why, when he’s down low, does he stand almost straight up when he knows he’s going to get hit or bumped? He almost always loses the puck in that situation. If he would get his dumb ass lower and actually bend his fucking knees you have to Chara or Gill to get him off the puck.

    • My feeling…Penner hustles and gathers points against teams on a B-B. He comes alive in the playoffs (and in clutch games) to show flashes of his old self. The things that most annoy me is standing motionless at center ice, inability to skate full 40 seconds and needless blind backhand passes to opposing players.

    • I wholly agree that Carter is at his best when he has speed on his other wing. He’s a big enough boy and Richards is tough enough where a speedster does than more good than another big body. It’s why Lewis and Clifford found such success on that line.

  6. Fucking nucks. Horseshit game. Where is the intensity? The puck is bouncing off these guys sticks like they are made of rubberbands. Can’t blame quick for this one. Fuck this

  7. Put in comment by Cell Fri nite and it never posted :/
    Good read on the enjoying Bernier this year.. he has really blossomed.. be it in confidence or skill.. he is just Stellar. Skill was always there so I am going with the former.
    What I would love to see is Both goalies in a steady rotation..with both spliting the season. Like in the old days where many teams did the same. I know.. take off my rose colored glasses.. Bernier does deserve to play and not sit ..and I want that for him.. but am selfish as I do not want to play against him in the Future!
    And no to F Richardson.. he is feisty energy player.. may not have top skills.. but he deserves to get a chance to play..if/when he is traded we will see him play regularly if he is taken by the right team. We are just loaded with talent, someone pays the price for that.. ie
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  8. The dilemma over what to do in goal only grows the more Bernier and Quick play the way they are this season. Quick deserved the contract offer that he got for the way he has played, and Bernier’s play has improved to the point where to try to make the decision of who stays and who moves can’t simply be made on the basis of their stats. You have to factor in the intangibles of what they bring to the table. I would love to see Bernier playing regularly…just not AGAINST us someday! We are going to have to figure on matching an offer sheet to him, if someone doesn’t offer us a too good to be true deal for him. I’m glad I don’t have to make the call on it.


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