I swear it’s not complicated…hard work, that is. You just do it. You get out there and outwork the opponent. When you are 6’5″, 245 pounds, you already have an unfair advantage. It’s called size. When you don’t use it, you might as well be 5″10″, 160…which is what I am…and I am not getting paid over 3 million dollars to play hockey.

I didn’t get to see the whole game against the Vancouver Canucks. Had to leave after the 1st period. But what I did see is hard work by everyone other than Dustin Penner. He had a shift in the 1st period that was worthy of beer league status. And there is no damn excuse for that.

Dustin Penner has had a few good games. But he has for the most part sucked along the boards, failed or refused to go to the net and camp his giant frame in front of the goalie and has offered little offensive support. You know when I liked him best? When he was on the 4th line. Because that is where he belongs. Sometimes, you gotta smack the horse on its ass to get it to go. The fourth line is a whip, a spur or an old, broken-in boot. Bring Clifford up. Send Penner down. Be done with it.

“But, but, but Toffoli!” He’s a right wing and I don’t care for Richards on the left side. Toffoli is Nolan’s replacement, not Penner’s.

We need Richards and Carter to have some speed and net presence. We need Richards and Carter to have a power forward on their line.

Get ‘er done.