Iginla this, Iginla that.

It’s nearly as absurd as the Gaborik trade rumors I have heard. Actually, it’s not even close to the Gaborik ones but it is still nonsense.

For those who want to see him as an L.A. King, what exactly do you see going the other way?

Can he command a 1st round draft pick from a contender? Yes, a stupid one. I think twice before I give up a 2nd for him. I know he’s good, I know he will play well for Sutter (his coach the only time he made it to the Stanley Cup Final) but we are talking about a rental in every form, at a right wing position and what the L.A. Kings need is a defensive defenseman.

But okay, amuse me. Tell me what you give up for the soon to be 36 year old Jarome?