Shut Up About Iginla Already. Dean Isn’t Insane…But You May Be

Iginla this, Iginla that.

It’s nearly as absurd as the Gaborik trade rumors I have heard. Actually, it’s not even close to the Gaborik ones but it is still nonsense.

For those who want to see him as an L.A. King, what exactly do you see going the other way?

Can he command a 1st round draft pick from a contender? Yes, a stupid one. I think twice before I give up a 2nd for him. I know he’s good, I know he will play well for Sutter (his coach the only time he made it to the Stanley Cup Final) but we are talking about a rental in every form, at a right wing position and what the L.A. Kings need is a defensive defenseman.

But okay, amuse me. Tell me what you give up for the soon to be 36 year old Jarome?


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  1. Andrej Meszároš for a wink and a handshake, or a ‘conditional 4th’.. That is, once LA East becomes a ‘seller’

  2. He has a No Movement Clause, and honestly Calgary would get a better return on Kipper than on Iggy.
    I have seen so much chatter in the rumor mill, its become comedic relief.
    All of these “fantasy GM’s” are about as delusional as Jodi Arias right now!
    Jarome to the Kings for Jonathan Bernier really? Really? These people are about as myopic as Maple Leafs fans had been, and continue to be.
    Even when you try to reason with these people, they still think Bernier is going the other way, regardless of how lopsided their source is telling them.i
    Pierre LaBrun? Who the F is this guy? I have heard his trade rumors for years and still can’t understand how this guy can be taken seriously.
    I agree the Kings do need a veteran D-man, I still think Robyn Regehr would be a trade worth considering. Played for Sutter in CAL, is going to move guys from the crease, and is someone the Kings could use for a few years before we find out what becomes of Forbort or Gravel, then Deslauries, and Campbell.
    Bernier is an RFA so the Kings have until what July 1 to do something with him.
    I guess if something isn’t done before then, someone can make a stupid off sheet and put Lombardi’ feet up to the coals, and risk losing a former 1st round pick, all that time in grooming him, and not getting to take advantage of all that time and effort on both Bernier and the Kings part.
    Not knowing what is going on with Mitchell worries me, and Scuderi is a UFA at the end of this season.
    Personally, with things as they are right now, Doug Murray is a UFA at the end of this season, and since Dean drafted this guy, it would be great if the Kings could sign him also, because he is another beast to have back there to help balance out the youth, and allow them to rush the puck up the ice, knowing they have a solid stay at home defenseman to cover them.

    • ‘Bernier is an RFA so the Kings have until what July 1 to do something with him.
      I guess if something isn’t done before then, someone can make a stupid off sheet and put Lombardi’ feet up to the coals, and risk losing a former 1st round pick, all that time in grooming him, and not getting to take advantage of all that time and effort on both Bernier and the Kings part.

      Yeah, not a very nice thought is it. I like many things about DL, but there are clearly blind spots there as well. I sincerely hope that doesn’t end up being one of them. Given we got fuck all for three guys playing on first lines in the east (Lokti, TP… not Tom Petty, and Moulson). He’d better damned well be smart about this. Also, in the other thread someone responded to Bobby’s comments about Quick’s assets by saying… yeah, and he’s had back surgery. I think that isn’t negligible the fact that he’s had that surgery. Let’s just say it isn’t a certainty that it won’t have a long term effect. Hopefully not, but one never knows for someone how plays the style that Quick does.

      • not very well written my little post…. but that’s what I like about this blog… it sort of doesn’t matter. you don’t have to look pretty on this site…

      • He had a Microdiscectomy on L5/L4 which means they shaved the disk that was protruding and then cleaned out the bone and relieved the nerve that was being crushed by that bone. In layman terms he had a conservative surgical procedure, however it may not be the end of his issues.
        He can herniate that same disk again, or he can also have some smaller disk protrusions on L5/S1 which is the disk below L5/L4 which could be even worse as far as an injury and then require both disks to be fused.
        I know from personal experience all about the joys of herniating L5/S1 having a Microdiscectomy which helped for 3 years before I had to have L5/S1 fused and a procedure called an Intradiscal electrothermic therapy (IDET) on L5/L4.
        Its a catheter that they heat up and then put on your disc, which is jelly like in consistency and heat it up so it becomes hardened rubber like a super ball so it does no move anymore.
        Remember the spine is like a big shock absorb er.
        I played goalie for 34 years, and when I was 34 I had to have a microdiscectomy on L5/S1 because of a few extended medical leaves from work some being 4 weeks, another being a few months. It gets old after a while and my last straw so to speak was playing catch with my son, and him throwing a ball a little to the right of me and me stretching to catch is, and then having my disc go out again.
        My surgery was a band aid, having gone through pretty much all options before having the microdiscectomy.
        I hope Quick is done with spine issues, and can have a long and productive career.
        I’m also a little upset about Greene having his surgery after the 1st game. This is the 2nd time Greene has come in hurt and then had surgery before or 1 game into the season.
        His injury didn’t happen in the 1st game of this season, he came in with it. You don’t just get injured like that, and then go right into that surgery.
        If he broke a leg, or arm or collar bone ok that is understandable, but when you have a herniated disc, most doctors are going to try as many options before telling you, surgery is required, and especially if it is fusion.

  3. A 12 pack of Lablatt Blue, brand spanking new shin pads and a years worth of stick tape. He can take it or leave it. If Lombardi does pull that trigger, which I highly doubt he will, call Dr Phil.

  4. Brown, bernier, vey for iginla. I do that in a heart beat. Vey is a center that will never see LA kings ice, bernier is another starter that we already have and has asked for a trade and brown is not a 1st or 2nd line player. Were in desparate need of a 1st line winger. I’d swap vey for any other winger besides pearson, kitsyn, holloway…yea.

  5. Brown? As in Dustin Brown? Have we met? You’re that kid Steve I grew up with who ate gum off the sidewalk aren’t you? Gum everyone would spit on, and skid their bikes over right?! And then you would smile and shrug like a short bus rider. I will shit a brick wall if we do some stupid shit like even one of those players. The fact that you know who Linden Vey is says something about your knowledge of the Kings……….. But dude…… WTF? Dustin Brown was almost MVP last year. He is coming up on a serious salary increase, if the Kings were to shop him, which they won’t. We would be getting 2-3 high picks or several roster players that wouldn’t be rentals.
    Though I am all for started a trade rumor if it puts a bug up his ass like last year. He is clearly a top tier RW or LW on any team in the league. Just happens to be one on the cup champions. Fucksake……….

    • a top lw or rw? get a clue. hes a 3rd line player. o yea he won us the cup, yada, yada. hes clearly not a top liner. guy forms no chemistry at all. LOL.

      • You know what? You convinced me, Brown, Stoll, Lewis best third line in the league, as long as they get 20+ minutes. Thanks Steve.

        • and for browns cap hit right now he’d be one of the best third line players out there. although no chemistry there.

  6. It’s time for Iggy to retire a Flame. There is nothing I would give up for him at this point, a few years ago, maybe, but surely not now. We need a veteran D-man that we can hang onto for a couple of years. I’d try to bring back Jack Johnson before I would go after Iginla.

  7. Kings have lost two straight since the Nolan/Toffoli switch. Just sayin. Nolan hasn’t contributed any and bringing Toffoli back would put Penner back on the 4th line, much to Scribes delight.
    Oh yeah, I have a bag of pucks to trade for Iginla.

  8. Toffoli being out of the lineup was not the reason the Kings lost. The Kings were scoring plenty of goals and winnign games all year before he got up here. That wasn’t the reason they didn’t score and there is more to winning then scoring .His defensive game and board work were strong and that’ s to be expcted for a rookie. But that cold also have meant another goal going the other way. And it could very well be he played the 2 games to showcase him for the scouts there. He might be part of the package to get either a top 6 LW or a top 4 Vet D man.
    Iggy- has a list of 4 teams he approved (boston, Pitts, Chic and LA) and it wouldn’t be a rental , there would be a contract involved (From his camp, he’s not interested in being a rental player). I wouldn’t overpay for him, he’s a good player, gritty, hardnosed, leader, etc. but I think Sutter would , Sutter thinks a lot of him and DL might bend that way .
    I’d rather put a better package together to Buffalo for a Dman and Vanek (who some of the East coast writers think is available )
    OT- Eklund (who I don’t trust as far as I can spit on his name) said this afternon that there is a major trade involving a player not thought would ever be traded that will shock the hocke3y world . I can’t see anybody wanting something as selfish and cancerous as Ovie or his bad contract but I can see Malkin. His contract is up next year and with Sid getting 10, and LeTang’s contract up the same time, how could PItts keep all 3. Malkin would get 9 or more and you can’t have 20 mill on 2 players. And think of the return the PEns could get for him..

    • Deirdre: If you are talking about showcasing Toffoli preparing him to be traded, you are very wrong!
      The Kings have Toffoli/Vey/Pearson playing well in Manchester. Toffoli was brought up to see if he could add some depth for a few games with his ability to score goals.
      Lombardi rarely has a rookie, and I mean 1st year pro play in the NHL other than maybe up to 9 games. He’s not in any hurry to rush a 1st year player like Toffoli. There are too many negatives to bringing up a kid, who was tearing up the AHL, then coming to the NHL and not putting up the same or similar points.
      Lombardi doesn’t want to damage that players confidence. One reason why DL would bring Toffoli up is to gauge where he is in terms of skill and maturity. Toffoli now knows how much faster the game is at the next level, along with how much stronger the player are compared to the AHL.
      Toffoli also now knows he needs to work on his 2 way game much more.
      I would say that Toffoli is most likely untouchable right now. Lombardi needs wings, and Toffoli is one of their bigger and faster wings in their system.
      Iginla is not needed here. The place the Kings need to fill in would be on defense.
      If the Kings needed a RW, then maybe they should try to get Wayne Simmonds back, he’ll stand in front of the net, he’ll go into corners, and he’ll fight, along with scoring goals.
      I do think Buffalo is going to pull something off, and Miller is the name that people seem to be mentioning, but that might also be part of a bigger deal where Miller goes someplace, then that opens the door for Buffalo to need a goalie.
      Vanek unfortunately has been injury prone, not sure you want a guy like that, especially if you are sending a player like a Bernier back in a trade.
      I also don’t think Darcy Regier will be GM in Buffalo after this season is over.

  9. Edit …should have read His defensive game and board work weren’t strong

  10. Yep, brown is a third liner all right. Third liners typically tie for the lead in points during the playoffs, eh?


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