A real goaltending battle, eh?

If Jonathan Quick made a big save, I missed it.

If Corey Crawford didn’t make a few big ones, we would have scored a snowman.

Hockey Gods bless Johnny Oduya’s perfectly shaped for a deflection, hard head.

Kopitar, Stoll, King, Toffoli and Brown.

On Stoll’s goal, credit Slava Voynov for skating like the wind and giving Stoll the left side option which divided Crawford’s attention. If Slava doesn’t do that, Crawford worries about nobody but the shooter.

Back to Toffoli, help a brother out. Did he start off on the 2nd line and progress to the 4th? Honestly, I was so wired and into my TV set, it was hard to see straight. I thought I saw King on the 2nd line and then Clifford on the second line and I don’t know, I was a little lost and started to care less about the line combos.

Drew Doughty…when was the last time you saw a defenseman stick handle or deke through all 5 opposing players.

I flipped out…it was, per deke, wow, shit, fuck! KEEP GOING!! OH MY GOD!!!! YEEEEEEESSSSS!!!

And then there was Tyler Toffoli’s goal.

The kid gets off a hard wrist shot from nothing. I am still unsure how he got that shot on goal. His momentum is carrying him left and he releases that right. If that release doesn’t draw wood, then check your junk. And he created all of that with a deke in the neutral zone before dishing it off to Fraser who also made a nice pass.

Jordan Nolan was terrific. Could have had 2 goals. He won that respectable fight against Bollig and was buzzing on the forecheck all game. I love Jordan’s fighting style, switching hands, biding his time, wearing out the opponent, waiting for openings and rapid-fire crosses.

Can you guess the major difference between this game and the past two? Besides the 5 goals? Quick shots and traffic to the net. We got back to our forechecking style. Even when front of the net traffic doesn’t directly cause goals, it sustains the forecheck by drawing a defenseman away from the boards. And those quick shots didn’t let Crawford set. You make your own luck in hockey. When you have a lane, especially in high percentage scoring areas, you take the damn shot.

I could talk about this game for hours but I won’t. I would rather read what you have to write.

Be proud of your Kings. They had every opportunity to lose tonight and willed themselves to an epic victory.

Scribe’s Three L.A. Kings Stars:

3. Rob Scuderi
2. Tyler Toffoli
1. Dustin Brown & Drew Doughty

Very honorable mention to Anze Kopitar, Jarret Stoll and Jordan Nolan.