Losing Our Collective Shit – L.A. Kings Beat Blackhawks 5-4…and We Have Videos!

A real goaltending battle, eh?

If Jonathan Quick made a big save, I missed it.

If Corey Crawford didn’t make a few big ones, we would have scored a snowman.

Hockey Gods bless Johnny Oduya’s perfectly shaped for a deflection, hard head.

Kopitar, Stoll, King, Toffoli and Brown.

On Stoll’s goal, credit Slava Voynov for skating like the wind and giving Stoll the left side option which divided Crawford’s attention. If Slava doesn’t do that, Crawford worries about nobody but the shooter.

Back to Toffoli, help a brother out. Did he start off on the 2nd line and progress to the 4th? Honestly, I was so wired and into my TV set, it was hard to see straight. I thought I saw King on the 2nd line and then Clifford on the second line and I don’t know, I was a little lost and started to care less about the line combos.

Drew Doughty…when was the last time you saw a defenseman stick handle or deke through all 5 opposing players.

I flipped out…it was, per deke, wow, shit, fuck! KEEP GOING!! OH MY GOD!!!! YEEEEEEESSSSS!!!

And then there was Tyler Toffoli’s goal.

The kid gets off a hard wrist shot from nothing. I am still unsure how he got that shot on goal. His momentum is carrying him left and he releases that right. If that release doesn’t draw wood, then check your junk. And he created all of that with a deke in the neutral zone before dishing it off to Fraser who also made a nice pass.

Jordan Nolan was terrific. Could have had 2 goals. He won that respectable fight against Bollig and was buzzing on the forecheck all game. I love Jordan’s fighting style, switching hands, biding his time, wearing out the opponent, waiting for openings and rapid-fire crosses.

Can you guess the major difference between this game and the past two? Besides the 5 goals? Quick shots and traffic to the net. We got back to our forechecking style. Even when front of the net traffic doesn’t directly cause goals, it sustains the forecheck by drawing a defenseman away from the boards. And those quick shots didn’t let Crawford set. You make your own luck in hockey. When you have a lane, especially in high percentage scoring areas, you take the damn shot.

I could talk about this game for hours but I won’t. I would rather read what you have to write.

Be proud of your Kings. They had every opportunity to lose tonight and willed themselves to an epic victory.

Scribe’s Three L.A. Kings Stars:

3. Rob Scuderi
2. Tyler Toffoli
1. Dustin Brown & Drew Doughty

Very honorable mention to Anze Kopitar, Jarret Stoll and Jordan Nolan.


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36 replies

  1. I can cancel my Brazzers subscription and just watch Doughty’s goal instead for free.

  2. Jedi puck magic in that kids hand! Credit that assist to Penner!

    Oh shit, he didn’t play fuck now I’m going to be attacked by stat geeks and the DP Army!

    Kings still need a veteran defenseman, so lets see what Dean does this season.


    • How bout Iginla?……………………………………………………………………. just kidding.

  3. Yeah that Doughty rush kinda reminds me of that old dude Bobby Orr. I’m too young to have seen him live but I’ve seen some videos of him and the guys fucking good. :D

    Toffoli….what can you say there was definitely a little luck there no question but that’s what happens to goal scorers. They seem to have it. Yeah so he went to play with Nolan and Fraser who cares. Better than that lazy fucker Penner.

    I don’t care what anyone says that Brown shot was planned!!! :D

    • It was a matter of time. He’s been making those rushes 2-3 times a game. Nobody in the rest of the league has been noticing because they weren’t going in, but making rushes like that with such ease is very Orr-like.

  4. I am again worn out by this game..not for the endlessness resulting in nothing over and over(Dallas).. but from the excitement!!!!!!!!
    I have a totally sore and hoarse throat.
    Bobby..yes credit Slava..he is just becoming masterful..joy to watch..but Drewwwwwee…
    That was his Goal…King gets secondary in my book.
    That was the Dewy of old..that play is highlight reel play of the week..one of top of season.
    I give my

    1-Captain Brown

    GO KINGS GO!!!

    • Can’t believe I forgot to initially list Drew as a star. My mind is gone. He was my first with Brownie. I don’t know what Drew logged in minutes but it had to be around 30.

      • That’s ok..I am here for you ;-D
        GO KINGS GO!!!

      • They wondered at a certain point if he had in fact been off the ice at some point in the third period. I assume he had.
        Yeah, that was rather amazing wasn’t it? When you see it replayed in slo-mo it’s pretty astonishing. That’s why they drafted him.
        I wonder if they’ll keep Toffoli for more than the 10 game limit or send him back down? I suppose they’ll keep him if he keeps scoring like this.

  5. Now, that was a sensational hockey game with the back and forth action, with that clutch winner by Brown. Man, did we need to get a good lucky break for the puck to find Brown’s reliable stick. Crashing the net always is exactly what I want to see more down the stretch run. Love come back wins. GKG!

  6. Doughty’s goal was definately the TSN turning point in this game, he is just turning into an amazing player, as is Voynov. Great rush and finish by Toffoli (and a little luck), but Quick is frustrating the hell out of me. Every time the puck goes near the net I expect it to go in, I have no faith in his game right now. Hopefully he pulls out of it and soon.

    • I feel the exact same way… He gives up the juiciest rebounds it sucks!

      • Not even the reebs if you ask me. It’s how his athleticism last year brought about amazing saves and his own ‘luck’ whereas this year the athleticism opens his five hole and guess where the puck goes?
        I simply wonder if it’s gonna take till next season for his body to really settle in and integrate the operation on his back. Deep operations like that are not a small thing and I think we tend to think it shouldn’t be that substantial if they’re out there on the ice. But, in fact, it does have it’s affect and that much seems obvious.

        • Seems obvious to me..I think it will take full year for him to be 109%. People are either impatient or forgetful of what he had done. Talking with D.Evans and he told me Quick is 109%. I usually go with his info, but not this time :/
          GO KINGS GO!!

    • C’mon man you’re giving me nightmares of that one goalie we had…I don’t even wanna say his name but RC are his initials. I’m treading dangerous territory here with the hockey gods.

    • Oh hush. Quick’s last three games were all very strong and confidence inspiring. He’s still not as consistently at the level he has been or should be, but he’s on the up and up.

      • Ya well when were looking to repeat and paying the guy $5.8 mill/year for the next ten years, while having Bernier sitting on the bench I expect alot better than being “on the up and up”. An .840 sv% doesn’t get us out of the first round, but if your satisfied with his play well thats your prerogative, I’m not.

        • I agree with Surly, you have to look past the stats. Quick may not be playing to a Vezina-level like last year, but he has certainly played better han his SV%, and the lack of Greene & Willie are more to blame for his poor SV% than his actual production. The shots he is facing this year are more on odd man rushes and from good looks thanks to a decrease in the quality of team defensive play in front of the net.

        • I expect better from Quick too, but my confidence hasn’t rattled as much as yours has. He needs to be better and he’s been better. Quick is a fierce competitor and I am willing to bet that by the time the playoffs roll around he will be in tip top form.

        • Nor am I but I get it. He’s injured. He will bounce back. As competitive as Quick is, nobody is more frustrated than him.

      • Surly, I disagree. Read what Bobby said. If Quick made a big save I missed it…..
        I’ll agree with you on the prior two games, but not so much last night. There’s no way I’d consider that a good game. Against a team like the Hawks you’ve just gotta make a big save or two. He didn’t really (maybe one or two that would be reasonably difficult?) and was very fortunate that his teammates bailed him out.
        On the Toews goal I wonder if he doesn’t track that puck more quickly and get to it before Toews? No guarantees, but last year I tend to think he gets there first, or at least disturbs Toews enough to prevent it.

        • Well I wasn’t really speaking specifically about last nights game as I only saw the highlights. I was speaking to Quick’s play in general, which has been improving from where it was at the top of the season.

  7. Missed the first period. But from I saw in the 2nd & 3rd was fucking awesome. One of the more entertaining games I’ve seen a quite some time. GKG! Also Did u guys see that fat fucker murray got traded to pittsburg. Good to see him out of our division. One of the better fat bags of shits I’ve ever seen.

  8. That goal by Toffoli may force Sutter to play him more often.

  9. Oh, toffoli has got to play. That quick wrister out of nowhere was impressive. The more this kid plays the better he will get. It helps to play with richards and carter. It was also interesting that sutter was moving him throughout the lineup which is not really his mo

  10. I’m fairly certain every game I’ve missed has been an epic victory. Last Phoenix game, the blues game, this one. Once again I’m hovering between elated and fucking pissed. And of course, forgot to record the damn game. Off the NHL Tonight.

  11. Having recently relocated to Northeast Ohio, I catch most of my Kings games through the online radio broadcast, so it was very cool to actually see the Doughty rush and Toftoli’s goal. That kid has an amazing release on that shot, that will be giving many goaltenders in this league fits. Love the Doughty rush when it’s successful like that. The Kings hung tough and EARNED that win. It was a great thing to listen to. Thanks for the videos Bobby.

    BTW. I checked out the Nolan fight at HF.com and called it a draw, but it did get the momentum going for the Kings, as they got Kopi’s goal and the shorty soon after. A perfect example of why fighting needs to stay in the game.

    • Maybe a draw by the number of punches landed, not the quality. I was really expecting Bollig to go down after those two shots right to the head bone. Nolan is twice the fighter Clifford is, and Clifford is good. I scared my whole family like 3x during that game. A real loud Fuck!, on Chicagos 3rd goal, an even louder Fuck Ya!, on our 3rd, (with a loud clapping standing O), and an orgasmic yes, yes, yes, on Browns game winner to top off the evening. Then I smiled like a mental patient all night, with dreams of hoisting the cup again. Total silence, with my mouth hanging open on the Toffoli goal. “That boy got talent!” GKG!\X/

    • Curious, why don’t you stream them online? There are free sites.

  12. That last move Doughty put on JALM-ER-SUN …effin A, cotten…E-F-F-I-N A

  13. AWESOME WIN, baby!! Toffoli’s goal reminded me of ol Pat Lafontaine! Beauty. And great to see #8 showing his offensive skills again – FORGET his stats. As for Quick, it was BS for him to lose both those previous games the way he played. Hawks have the #1 offense in the West and #2 in the NHL. #32 got the W and I believe he’s gonna be the man again in the playoffs. Damn Bollig can take some punches! lol

  14. Can you guess the major difference between this game and the past two?

    … In the last two games, the Kings went up against a hot goalie. Last night, they didn’t. That’s the most major difference.

    • Partially. But Kopi’s shot and Stoll’s were perfectly placed. If you make a perfect shot you’re gonna beat a hot goalie…. maybe not in the game, but at least on that particular shot.


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