Top 10 Things Overheard at the L.A. Kings Visit to the White House

The following quotes may or may not have been overheard at the L.A. Kings recent visit to the White House…I certainly did not sit down and make them up to entertain you, if that is what you’re implying…jerk.

Obama: “Hello, I am Barack Obama.”

Carter: “Where is the beer?”

Obama: “You must be Jeff Carter.”


Obama: “Hello, I am Barack Obama.”

Richards: “Have you seen Jeff Carter?”

Obama: “You must be Mike Richards.”


Lewis: “Hello, Mr. President.”

Obama: “You’re from Utah, right?”

Lewis: “Yes, sir.”

Obama: “I am not very popular there.”

Lewis: “No, sir.”

Obama: “Why do you think that is?”

Lewis: “Whole list or just the top 40, sir?”


Obama: “Hello, what is your name?”

Clifford: “…”

Obama: “I am Barack Obama.”

Clifford: “…”

Obama: [turns around]: “Get the secret service please.”


Mrs. Obama: “Hello…you are?”

Williams: “Justin Williams, ma’am.”

Mrs. Obama: “You’re quite handsome.”

Williams: “Yes I am.”


Richards: “So, what do you think of Michelle Obama?”

Toffoli: “What do you mean?”

Richards: “Of her…you know…”

Toffoli: “What do you mean?”

Carter: “So, what do you think of Michelle Obama?”

Toffoli: “I’d hit it.”

King: “Who is that guy?”

Penner: “No idea. Never seen him before.”

Nolan: “I heard him introduce himself as Surly.”

King: “Surly? Never heard of him.”

Penner: “Have any of you guys seen Jon Rosen? I thought he was on this trip.”

King: “Not since we were at the airport in LA and he stepped away to use the restroom.”


Obama: “Why does their coach keep making those weird faces at me?”

Secret Service: “He’s Canadian, sir.”

Obama: “Are they all like that?”

Secret Service: “Mostly the Sutter family, sir.”

Obama: “Really? Why is that?”

Secret Service: “I have no Mother Sutting idea, Mr. President.”


Kopitar: “No, Slovenia. Below Austria and to the west of Hungary.”

Obama: “Oh, I see. I don’t think I have been to Slo…”

Kopitar: “…venia”

Obama: “Slovenia, right…do we have troops there?”

Kopitar: “We don’t have oil, Mr. President.”

Obama: “Ah. That would be a ‘no’, then.”


Obama: “So, I hear you are dating Erin Andrews.”

Stoll: “Um…yeah, you heard about that, Mr. President?”

Obama: “I hear she is a wild one.”

Stoll: “Wow. Okay…who did you hear that from?”

Obama: “That guy, right there.”

Carter: “What’s up?”

Stoll: “How the fuck do you know what my girlfriend is like?”

Carter: “Richards told me.”

Obama: “Good times.”

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  1. Gotta read this :-) On Mar 26, 2013 9:35 PM, “Surly and Scribe’s Stanley Cup Champion L.A.

  2. Sharing like a family ….. oh they are like family aren’t they? Good times….. that was the best line yet.

  3. Excellent!!!!!
    You Rock!

  4. “What’s uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!”
    Oh god, I love your carter and richards version. Real bros. That’s what I call real friendship.


    Greetings from Germany where we have a lot of fucking snow. Hell is freezing here. That sucks.

  5. Hahaha love it! Carter&Richards <3

    • So the Kings and Galaxy visited the White House yesterday to celebrate
      their championships. Of course, now you can only get in with an
      invite because it’s not like its America’s home that every citizen
      should have a right to visit. But, what is really interesting is what
      President Obama said during the visit. He wants to take part of the
      trophies and rings that each team won and give them to the lowest
      finishing teams in their respective leagues. He got the idea from his
      healthcare plan. Then he wants to call all teams in both league
      “Champions.” He got that idea from his education plan. And finally
      he wants to disallow fans from going to see games in person even after
      they have paid for tickets and funded the operations of teams and all
      of their staff. He got that idea from the new White House visitation

  6. Hahaha love it! Carter&Richards <3

  7. Why do those soccer players look like figure skaters?
    Hockey = Punk rock/Metal
    Soccer = Disco :D

  8. haha. good stuff.

    On a side note: I know Doughty hasn’t been scoring this year, but I have been super impressed with his play. Usually every season I say at least once a game, “God dammit, DREW!!” because he gets beat on a play, makes a dumb pass, etc etc. But w/ Mitchell and Greene out, he’s jumped into the shut-down-defensemen role and he’s been phenomenal honestly. I even asked my wife after the Chicago game, “How many times have you heard me tell Doughty to fuck off this season?” …and she couldn’t think of a time…
    To me, this shows incredible growth and adaptation in his game and god damn we’re lucky to have him. Worth every dollar in my opinion.

  9. I would of added this ………

    Obama: And who are you by chance ?
    Brown: Dustin Brown sir, team captain.
    Obama: Oh, that’s right, I saw your hit on Rozsival, nice hit son
    Brown: Thank you sir, I like to take out the enemy
    Obama: You sound like a true blooded american
    Brown: Anything I can do to help my team and country sir, you can always count on me sir
    Obama: Give me a call tonight a midnight, keep it hush hush, I have a mission for you !

  10. . . . those words weren’t spoken, I watched the live stream. I’m a rebellious contrarian

  11. Nice…it looks like Toffoli is going to be back in the lineup again for tomorrow’s game.

  12. Looks like Iginla is headed to Boston.


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