Monarchs Marching Into April

Three games. Two wins. Four of six possible points.

That is the big picture of the Monarchs’ past three games; two over the weekend and one earlier this (Wednesday) evening. The first game was a hard fought 6-4 win against the Hershey Bears at home on Saturday night, a disappointing 4-3 loss at home on Sunday against the St. John’s IceCaps, and a 3-1 victory tonight against the Worcester Sharks down at the DCU Center in Worcester.

For me, Saturday night was probably the most surprising of the trio. I really thought for sure that Saturday night was going to end badly. They were down 2-0 at the end of the first period — to the Hershey Bears, no less — and it seemed like Jonesey’s head was everywhere but in the game. Both goals were softies, one was trash. They were both the kind of goals every goalie wants back.

After Hershey scored a third goal taking a 3-0 lead in the 2nd, I was about to grab my shit and leave. I always joke that there’s two teams I cheer for; the Monarchs, and whatever team beats the Bears.

It was then that the packed crowd’s prayers were answered and the boys came stormin’ back. Andy Andreoff kicked off the Monarchs’ scoring with a short-side snipe. Next up was the sickest goal I saw all night by Colton Yellow Horn (his first of two) set up by Brandon Kozun. The go-ahead goal was a testament to never giving up on a play by Jordan Weal.

Seriously, he banked the puck off the goalie from an impossible angle, almost perpendicular to the goal line. It was a thing of beauty.

After tonight’s win against the Sharks, the Monarchs find themselves sitting a mere two points out of the eighth spot — the final Calder Cup Playoff berth — with ten regular season games left to play. In a season of ups and downs, if there was ever a time to pull it together, now’s that time. When this team is on, they’re scary good. When they aren’t… Well, yeah. You get it.

While I expected the absence of the AHL’s leading goal scoring rookie Tyler Toffoli to hurt the Monarchs’ offense, my fears — so far — have been unfounded. With guys like Vey, Weal and Yellow Horn picking up the slack, I think it’s going to be okay.

I’ve been catching as many of the Kings games as I can — yay for GameCenter Live and NBC Sports Network — and it’s been pretty sweet watching Toffoli light the lamp. He was an explosive player in Manchester with more dimension to his game than he got credit for. I can still remember how green he was when he played a few games in Manchester a couple of seasons ago. He’s sure come a long way.

Here’s hoping he continues his journey and helps the Kings’ on theirs towards the playoffs!

Go Monarchs (and Kings)!

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  1. … I can’t vote these up enough, Dave. I read every single one of your articles, and I hope you keep writing them. I don’t see the Monarchs play, so I can’t really comment on anything, but believe me – they are greatly appreciated.

    • Yes, really appreciate these, even if we don’t have much discussion on them.

    • Thanks for the support. As long as you keep reading ’em, I’ll keep writing ’em. It’s my pleasure to try and deliver updates as much as I can!

      • how’s that kid pearson look? also deslaurier?

        • Pearson’s been doing pretty well, but has definitely been out-shined by guys like Vey and Toffoli. It’s not a matter of skill so much as minutes; he’s missed a bunch of games due to various minor injuries.

          Deslauriers has really developed over last season, and seems far more willing to establish a physical presence and really get under the other team’s D’s skin. He’s even gotten into a few pretty epic scraps.

          • Thanks for the info. That’s sweet to hear. Some more talent up front and hefty D in the pipe. I gotta figure out a way to watch some of these games.

  2. Yeah Dave….. well done.

  3. Yes, big Dave, keep it rolling. I too appreciate your knowledge and effort.


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