Wild Get Gift of Quick & Shitty Officiating for 4-3 Shootout Win

One part a scrambling, flopping, out of position Jonathan Quick and two parts of shitty typical NHL officiating and you get a 4-3 L.A. Kings shootout loss.

I want to give the Minnesota Wild credit but I really can’t. Quick was subpar 65 minutes and shades of Jason LaBarbera in the shootout…remember when Quickie ruled the shootout? Maybe I dreamed it. I am not even sure Jonathan Quick got any piece of goalie equipment on either of those three shootout attempts.

Is it the back surgery? Partly. It’s also a confidence issue. Goaltending is mostly between the ears. Johnny Be Quick has temporarily misplaced his swagger. He’ll get it back.

Hey I bet Zach Parise feels good about this victory. That’s nice. Go fuck yourself, Zach. I’ll take our Stanley Cup victory over your empty moral victory.

We gave Quick goal support, we played good enough defense to win this game, the officials gave them a two-man advantage and missed a clear high stick to Slava Voynov’s handsome face, the team nearly had an outstanding PK and the Wild came back to score. This happens.

Let’s take the point, put it in our pocket and go break some Dallas Stars skulls…and Jagr’s knees.

A very angry GO KINGS!

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  1. You didn’t mention anything about Nolan’s bump on Backstrom.. I don’t know if it was intentional or an accident but the shit cost us the game. I’m not sure if Sutter played him after that. Penner goes in next game.

    Boy does Quick look like his self esteem is really low.

  2. Sutter’s not real high on Nolan this year to begin with, after ssome costly miscues tonight, I think he’ll be spending some time in Sutter’s Chateau Bow Wow.
    Hopefully DL gets those 2 moves done (LW and Vet D) , Wens if not sooner.
    As pissed off as I am about the missed call and subpar reffring, 5 points out of 6 agasint 3 very tough teams is very good. The Kings were the better team tonight and the Wild got the W because of the shootout, which won’t help them in the playoffs. Parise said post game the Kings were the toughest team they faced all year. Oh I hope the Kings kick the snot out of them on Thursday.

    Kopi not happy with the missed call either-
    On whether an explanation was given on the non-call when Slava Voynov appeared to be high-sticked:
    “I don’t know if I’m supposed to say it or not, but apparently that’s a new rule – even if you fan on a shot, it’s not a penalty. They put it in place a week ago when it happened in Chicago against us.”

  3. Those were all good goals the Wild scored. Only one I thought Quick should have had was the Parise goal.

    And the Kings defense wasn’t very good in the third period dude. Wild were dancing through the middle of the ice regularly. When that happens repeatedly, you aren’t playing good defense. I give the Wild all the credit for tying it up.

    I the shootout, yes Quick was garbage. That was embarrassing, though I will say the Parise deke was ridiculous, almost as sweet as Richards spectacular SO goal.

    I’m getting a little sick of everyone harping on Quick for being scrambly. He was scrambly all of last year too, its his style and whether he’s on his game or off his game, he’s a scrambly goalie who overplays most everything, always has, always will. Say Quick is off the top of his game, he absolutely is not playing to the top of his game, in any way, but don’t blame it on him being scrambly, because that’s not the problem. His scrambliness is one the thing about Quick that is the same about him from last year to this year.

    • I thought Quick was ok. There were some gnarly shots right in the fucking slot that he saved. Those could have easily gone in. Shoot out I thought he could have been better. He knew it also. I think he broke his stick over he cross bar being so pissed off.

      Nolan penalty was weak imo. He could have stopped though but Backstrom fell. It didn’t look like Nolan shoved or tripped him. He was clearly out of his crease.

      I agree there were some breakdowns in the middle and minny just took advantage of it.

    • I think Quick should’ve had the Coyle goal as well. The guy was on his knees facing sideways… no way he would be able to get any elevation on a shot. Rather than just staying on the ice, Quick lunged to the right in some, Jimmy Sunka leap move and the puck slid under him.

      • Just for some perspective, I can clear the puck in the air to center from my knees in my goalie gear and I never played anything other than high level rec hockey.

        As for why he was out of position, I don’t know but I do know that Doughty should have been there as well.

    • Agreeing with Surly here.. That is Quicker’s style of play.. he had a couple of Outstanding saves last night..but he has not been 100% Quick.. we say that every game he starts in.
      The shoot Out Parise Dek was awesome.. you Have to acknowledge skill like that when you see it.. I did not even yell shit.. my mouth was dropped at how nice that was done.. would last year’s Quick have somehow stopped it .. maybe.. During the game when he has to react quickly without set up( and thinking) time he does seem to be more his old self.. The bottom line is that we really could have won this game and that is what sucks :(
      GO KINGS GO!!!

      • Quick flops when he is not tracking the puck movement and play. Those are not always related. Surly (and you to some extent) respectfully confuse his aggressive butterfly style (which is his hallmark) with the inconsistent crease work this season. Rather than do a long comment about it, I think it is better suited for an article. Then we can get others involved in the dialogue. Stay tuned. Maybe today or next week.

        • I would greatly appreciate a separate thread devoted to the goaltending of this season. Hopefully, people can get some perspective on Quick and Bernier.

        • I understand perfectly what you are saying, and I’m not confusing anything. What you are talking about is the difference between Quick being on his game and being a hair off. He’s an aggressive scrambly goalie. When he’s on he times things perfectly and moves his whole body in more of one piece, but he’s still all over the place. When he’s off, like he is now, he overshoots it by a smidge, and in a position where every inch of movement is exaggerated, that inch to far he goes because he’s not timing it perfectly means he has to move another inch back, giving the appearance of being more floppy. His style is exactly the same but his timing is off. Think of Quick like Jim Furyk’s swing. It’s a mess but it works because it all times out perfectly and he makes it work. If one little thing is off tho, that ball is going so far sliced that he’ll require extra insurance to pay for all the broken windows.

          Right now Quick is gettin by purely on talent. His fundamentals are off.

    • Those were all good goals the Wild scored.

      … I really don’t want to go back and forth on this, but I didn’t think Quick had a good game. He gave up three and was saved from a fourth by a teammate. I’m sure the general consensus would be that Cullen’s shot was “perfect”, so whatever. It got by Jonathan Quick so I guess it had to have been “perfect”. It was from above the circles and from the angle. It’d be nice to get a save on a shot from there.

      It’d be nice to have a number one goalie who could save 90% of the shots he faces. And, it’d be nice to win a game where the team scores three goals.

      And the Kings defense wasn’t very good in the third period dude.

      … Yes, it was. Defense wasn’t why the Kings ended up with a tie. A stupid penalty and a complete lack of offense in the third period and OT had more to do with it.

      I think one of the more annoying things is the narrative that the defense is poor without Mitchell and Greene. The Kings have terrific team defense; it’s arguably the best in the entire league. The Kings are giving up fewer shots, fewer shot attempts, and winning the possession battle more often than they did last season. Their PK is better than it was last season, as well. Doughty is better defensively than he was last season; I’ll put his defensive play up against anyone in the league. Muzzin’s been terrific. Voynov’s been terrific. As always, the defense is the last element of the team to get any credit from most people, and it’s the first element of the team to be blamed if anything goes wrong. And, it’s fucking annoying. Watch the games, and I mean really WATCH the games; pay attention, track the chances yourself, look at the game as a whole rather than cherrypicking two or three moments out of it and using that to represent the entire game – and you’ll see what I mean.

      Wild were dancing through the middle of the ice regularly.

      … No, they weren’t, unless you’re meaning the middle of the ice to be the neutral zone?

      • “look at the game as a whole rather than cherrypicking two or three moments out of it and using that to represent the entire game”

        Dutch, I agree but that is always the way it goes when people want to be critical of something. Same thing applies to goalies…. A goalie can have a solid game and no one takes notice of all the saves that don’t seem difficult, but everyone notices the few mistakes that end up in the net.

      • I didn’t say Quick had a good game. I said the Wild’s goals were good goals. The second one was frustrating and Parise’s goal seemed like a bummer because it wasn’t a one timer. Quick did get a piece of that one which is why I wanted him to make that save.

        Cullen’s shot was perfect. It happens. There was also two players drifting right in front of Quick during the shot I believe.

        Quick wasn’t great. He made a few big saves, got bailed out by Brown once and we needed one more big save. But those goals all required big saves, which is why they were good goals, as oppose to soft goals, which only require Ho-hum saves.

        You’d like to win a game only needing three goals? Then you must have loved the St Louis game. Or those two games where Quick only gave up 1 and 2 goals respectively, 3 goals would have won those had the Kings not been shutout. Or the win before that against Phoenix. In fact the only game in the last two weeks that the Kings needed more than 3 goals to win was the Chicago game. But what was that comment about cherry picking things?

        As for the defense, it wasn’t why we lost, I was just pointing out that it wasn’t as good in the third as it was in the first. That is mostly due to the play of the Wild, who really turned it on and played a great third period. And yes, they did have several opportunities up the middle, mostly the result of a blue line lead pass to a player with speed that broke through both the back check and defensemen to get a good shot on Quick. Seto had one, Cullen had one and someone else I believe. It’s the kind of thing that shouldn’t really happen once in a game, let alone two or three times in a period. Again, not the direct reason why we lost, but a big part of what helped give the Wild their momentum and maintain it and the hockey gods favor those who have it. It goes along with the make your own luck thing. While we got hosed by the officials and Nolan’s stupidity, the Wild made their own luck and deserved what they got.

        Now for Mitchell and Greene, I never said the Kings defense was poor at all. Nor have I really ever blamed it for losses. Our team defense is fantastic. I just worry about Ellerby come playoffs when everything kicks up three gears. I don’t know if he has it in him to keep up. And Martinez has bothered me this year more because of his lack of offense than his defense. He’s not moving the puck as well as he was last year.

  4. Quick aside, no way we can take Boston in the finals with Ellerby, Martinez and Muzzin in the top 6 at the same time. Scuds hasn’t exactly been steady either.

    • Quick aside, no way we can take Boston in the finals with Ellerby, Martinez and Muzzin in the top 6 at the same time.

      … Sure they can. I’d replace Ellerby with Drewiske, myself, but they can take any team in the NHL with the lineup they have – provided they get some goaltending.

  5. That high stick on voynov was caused by a follow through. Wasn’t a penalty. Richards got called for it in st. Louis. Inconsistent.

  6. I don’t know if it’s just me, but if you pay attention to Quick’s lateral movements from one post to the other, he’s not the same as last year. Last year he would teleport from one post to the other with barely any recovery time needed. This year when he gets from post to the other, he needs to take 2-3 pumps to get back to his original position and takes him about 1-2 seconds to recover. I don’t think this is purely a confidence issue (although it does play a part), I think the fact that he was out for 9 months recovering from the surgery has weakened his back and lower body and physically he ins’t the same as last year, and he knows that (hence the confidence issue). This offseason he really needs to work out his back, core and lower body to get it back to what it was last year, when people would compare him to having a NFL running back build.

  7. Bad game, bad officiating, bad drop pass. Looks like Penner will be back.

    The interesting thing, in spite of 3 in 5 the Wild paced themselves, never ran out of steam and were quick on the counter attack. The officials gave them the break they needed. Quick made some great saves as the back check broke down again and again. In the shoot out he looked like a plywood practice goalie.

    Ellerby may be playing better, making “the safe plays” but he lacks an ability to see the ice and consequently is not up to NHL speed resulting in too many blind passes trying to get out of trouble. His positive side…he keeps those passes along the board.

  8. My two cents…I thought quick played good he had some great saves. The third goal was horseshit. Doughty was tripped and quick has got to make that one. He gets a mulligan on that. The kings played good on all three sides of the ice. Sure there were a couple breakdowns. That has to be fixed. 60 minutes of hockey. Usually the kings rule the third. It was disapointing to see them blow it. Also the only thing that worries me about quick is sometimes when he slides across he goes to far and ends up out of position leaving the net open on rebounds. That drop pass by fraser better never happen again. Get it deep and cycle it 4th line. That’s your game and u r damn good at it. Leave the cute shit at home. On to the next. Fuck dallas. They better be back checking all over jagr today. GKG!


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