One part a scrambling, flopping, out of position Jonathan Quick and two parts of shitty typical NHL officiating and you get a 4-3 L.A. Kings shootout loss.

I want to give the Minnesota Wild credit but I really can’t. Quick was subpar 65 minutes and shades of Jason LaBarbera in the shootout…remember when Quickie ruled the shootout? Maybe I dreamed it. I am not even sure Jonathan Quick got any piece of goalie equipment on either of those three shootout attempts.

Is it the back surgery? Partly. It’s also a confidence issue. Goaltending is mostly between the ears. Johnny Be Quick has temporarily misplaced his swagger. He’ll get it back.

Hey I bet Zach Parise feels good about this victory. That’s nice. Go fuck yourself, Zach. I’ll take our Stanley Cup victory over your empty moral victory.

We gave Quick goal support, we played good enough defense to win this game, the officials gave them a two-man advantage and missed a clear high stick to Slava Voynov’s handsome face, the team nearly had an outstanding PK and the Wild came back to score. This happens.

Let’s take the point, put it in our pocket and go break some Dallas Stars skulls…and Jagr’s knees.

A very angry GO KINGS!