An L.A. Kings Easter Prayer

In the name of the Forwards, Defense and Holy Goalie, Go Kings.

Thank you for bringing the die-hards here today to gather and give thanks for all that we have and are, Go Kings

Give us unending passion to cheer and chant our love for our Stanley Cup Champions, Go Kings

Give our forwards the deft touch of goals and assists and bless them with all that is Selke, Go Kings

The Hockey Gods watch over our defense and help them in their youth to defend the blue line and crease through skill and strength, Go Kings

Bless our goalies, Quick and Bernier, we give humble thanks for their world class talent, keep them fast and smart, nimble and agile, confident and competent to keep pucks out of our net, Go Kings

We are thankful for all that is Sutter, help him to plow the way through the season and playoffs, to bring wisdom and motivation, to always have our players’ ears, in tune, Go Kings

Champions we are and champions we ask that you help our boys remain, for the power and glory, forever and ever, Go Kings.

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  1. Bwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa Sidney Crosby has a broken jaw and is out indefinitely after being hit in the mouth with a puck during a win against the New York Islanders on Saturday. The Pittsburgh Penguins said on the team website Sunday that Crosby had surgery Saturday night, and there will be an update on his status later in the week.
    Paul Martin out 6 weeks, Letang broken toe, Fleury neck strain.
    Schero dealt away a bunch of prospects and 1st and 2nd round picks along with some conditional picks in this years draft to get Iginla, Morrow and Murray.
    Rentals! NBC wouldn’t stop talking about Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, well now we are going to hear Crosby, Crosby, Crosby!
    I hope Pissburgh gets bounced in the 1st round again!
    Show some respect NBC/NHL its not about the Eastern Conference.
    My prayers have been answered somewhat, but the last prayer I have is for the Kings to repeat, and shut up all of the NHL propaganda about Pittsburgh!
    Go Kings Go WWTH!

  2. Is Jim Fix ok? Reason for the haircut?

  3. Nice…
    Hope you had a Nice Easter.. your daughter had a fun day and for You
    A W..what else better could you ask for :-D
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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