Kari Lehtonen Isn’t Jesus…Kings Beat Stars 3-2


“Breathe”, I reminded myself.

With 5 minutes left, I stopped listening. I am writing this post game on my way to heaven…

I don’t use the word dominate too often but that is exactly what we did to the Stars for the first 30 minutes. Give the Dallas Stars credit though. After Justin William’s goal, they could have packed it in but they forechecked with three forwards and activated their defensemen on nearly every shift. I don’t think the L.A. Kings were ready for it.

And that brings me to why I loved this victory. Adversity can be a kick in the nuts. The L.A. Kings were under intense pressure in the final 5-10 minutes but, as a five man unit, they played excellent positional hockey and didn’t let the Stars have many second and third chances in or around the crease. For the most part, Dallas was kept to the boards and the Kings clogged up shooting lanes even during relentless attacks. When the Stars got a shot through, Jonathan Bernier (11 games played, 8 wins and a 1.95 GAA) was excellent.

It’s hard to single out one player because the Kings played a nice team game. I did enjoy watching the 4th line. Brad Richardson brought the little train that could to every shift. I hope the smile from that goal stays on his face for days until it is replaced with a bigger one against the Dogs on Tuesday. I also want to see him stay. He and Clifford have chemistry (it was the two of them with Wayne Simmonds that showed an offensive knack a couple of seasons ago, in the playoffs right?) but it may require the same type of physical and defensively sound effort to keep him in the lineup. It’s nice to have depth.

I just looked up and saw that the Blue Jackets beat the Ducks in OT. Jerk-offs couldn’t have done it in regulation?

Slava Voynov is the bee’s knees. Drew Doughty is a hockey god. I think Cory Sarich can add some defensive depth to this team and I still wonder if Dustin Penner will be traded before the deadline. On the latter issue, I have heard some things that lead me to believe he may be going east. I liked Penner’s game in the 1st period. But it is frustrating as hell seeing him hustle and get to the net for 3-4 shifts and then…not. Still, a better first game back.

Speaking of the after-life, I am unsure why I am traveling downward. Must be a glitch. Man, it’s getting warmer…hey look, it’s Jim Morrison.

Happy Easter, wherever you may be or headed.

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  1. Richardson has better hands than Lewis, but Sutter doesn’t like him or trust him, can’t figure out which one it is.
    Penner enough with him. He’s been nothing but a disappointment, He is a waste of a roster space at this time.
    Carter, Richards and Penner have not been as good as Toffoli, Richards and Carter.
    I don’t care if Penner draws 2 players to defend against him, what difference does it make if the guy is pretty much out there, occasionally gets to a puck, and has not produced anything significant points wise. (He come the DP stat army)
    Nolan does more for this team, even if he isn’t scoring goals in buckets, its not what he is here for. King well he’s a 3rd or 4th line guy now, don’t expect him to do more than make things tough on the other team.
    Need a physical defenseman to clear out the guys with their tents standing just outside of the crease to help the goalie see the shot.
    It was pretty clear this was missing on the Whitney goal. I know it was a PK, but if Greene or Mitchell were there, no way that guy is roasting marshmallows with Flo from Progressive.
    Question is Dean and if he is going to move someone, or acquire someone, but it would be nice to see Richardson in the lineup over a Penner.
    Too bad we can’t free Wayne Simmonds!

    • “(Richardson provided) some energy and some speed,” Kings coach Darryl Sutter said. “Him and I have a good relationship and I feel bad not playing him. He’s a guy that can play anywhere in your lineup. It’s been hard for him.”

  2. Bernier is still undefeated in all starts, any doubt he gets an offer as a RFA that nets us a 1st & 3rd?

  3. Surly did you get my song ?

  4. How long until Sutter says fuck it, and just names Bernier the #1 goalie? What’s the worst that can happen?

    • Well, he could have an .867 Save percentage, that would be pretty shitty. Seriously, why all the love for Bernier when he only stops 13 of 15, but when Quick goes 25 of 28 the night before everyone acts like he’s shit. It’s just stupid! We have two goalies capable of being #1s, and a team in front of them that give up way to many quality opportunities to opponents. Bernier has not outplayed Quick enough to justify calling him better.

      • Thank you for making that point. Not to take anything away from Bernier, because he has played great this season, but quick has also given this team a chance to win in most of the games he’s played. People tend to forget that Broduer, Roy, Lunquivst, and many other great goalies have had inconsistent seasons and playoffs. Quick is working through this period and deserves the position as number 1. He didn’t earn that just with last years playoffs. He’s paid his dues.

        • Remember after his stellar performance last year he got a 10 year, $58 million contract, so in my eyes we owe Quick nothing. We have given him 35 games to try and figure it out and play good, consistent hockey for us, which he has failed to do. If this was a regular year with 82 games I would not be so harsh on him, but it is not it’s only 48 games and we are in a dog fight just to make the playoffs. Not too mention the fact that it may take us another decade or two to have a core that is this skilled, so we need to take advantage of this line up while we have it intact.

      • Well I disagree with you. What makes it EASY to call Bernier the better goalie this year is the fact he hasn’t lost yet when starting a game (8-0), his only losses have come in relief for Quick after he has stunk it up yet again. If thats not enough for you then its their numbers
        JB: 8-2-0, 1.95gaa, .919sv%
        JQ: 12-10-3, 2.52, .895

        Also take a look at the goals against, most of Quicks goals have been soft while most of Berniers have been either deflected, screened or power plays. You guys need to stop seeing Quick as the goalie he was last year, he is NOT that guy this year. Listen I love both our goalies, but it is unfair to see JB sitting on the bench while we are fighting for a playoff spot and home ice advantage while Quick stinks it up night in and night out. I would love to see the same Quick as we did last year but he has had plenty of time to regain his form and it is obvious he isn’t going to get to that level again, this year anyways.

        Whats the harm in riding the hot goalie?

        Oh and btw, a first and a third for Bernier is not nearly enough. I would rather see the Kings match the offer sheet and either keep both for a year or trade Quick before letting Bernier go for that.

  5. Regehr is now a King, nice work Lombardi. Going to look great paired with DD.


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