Robyn Regehr is an LA King, or so the twitterverse would have us believe. The trade has yet to be made official Jon Rosen confirms, its official, but word is the Kings are sending two 2nd round picks to the Buffalo Sabres for the war torn defensemen.

If you don’t know much about Regehr, well then you’re a bandwagon fan and need to do some homework. We don’t believe in homework, nor are we Wikipedia so do a damn google search if you need to know stats. Wikipedia even has the trade I’m not finished writing about listed already. Fucking Wikipedia.

Regehr is the tough as nails bruiser the Kings lost when Matt Greene had surgery. He’s as much of a veteran as they come, and at 32 has plenty left in the tank. He doesn’t have a mess of playoff experience, but that would be because he spent the majority of his career with Flames, which also means Darryl Sutter is familiar with him.

This is exactly the type of move the Kings needed to make. It means we have options now that don’t necessitate Doughty always having to be the defensive defenseman on his pairing. It means we have a mean motherfucker who will be happy to crosscheck the gumption out of opposing forwards who feel entitled to stand in our crease. It means there is one guy on the team who has what the rest of our players had last season, a burning desire to win their first Cup.

I like the move and hope to see Robyn in the lineup tomorrow night against Phoenix, a perfect, hostile game to bring in someone with some snarl. Very curious to see where he will play. He can eat up minutes, so it won’t shock me to see him take Muzzin’s spot with Doughty, letting Jake drop down with Ellerby. My guess is Martinez is the odd man out here now that we once again have 3 stay at home D to go with 3 offensive blueliners. Then again, Sutter may toss Regehr with Martinez. It depends on whether he wants Doughty’s focus to stay the same or change.

What say you fandom? Two second round picks is by no means cheap. But this is a pretty big boon to the overall talent level and versatility of our back end. Is Jonathan Quick the happiest man on the team? Is Lombardi nuts? Does this mean we can kiss the idea of getting Matt Greene back for the playoffs goodbye? Well??? Speak up!