Buffalo Has Too Many Girly Names on Team, Trades Robyn Regehr to Kings

Robyn Regehr is an LA King, or so the twitterverse would have us believe. The trade has yet to be made official Jon Rosen confirms, its official, but word is the Kings are sending two 2nd round picks to the Buffalo Sabres for the war torn defensemen.

If you don’t know much about Regehr, well then you’re a bandwagon fan and need to do some homework. We don’t believe in homework, nor are we Wikipedia so do a damn google search if you need to know stats. Wikipedia even has the trade I’m not finished writing about listed already. Fucking Wikipedia.

Regehr is the tough as nails bruiser the Kings lost when Matt Greene had surgery. He’s as much of a veteran as they come, and at 32 has plenty left in the tank. He doesn’t have a mess of playoff experience, but that would be because he spent the majority of his career with Flames, which also means Darryl Sutter is familiar with him.

This is exactly the type of move the Kings needed to make. It means we have options now that don’t necessitate Doughty always having to be the defensive defenseman on his pairing. It means we have a mean motherfucker who will be happy to crosscheck the gumption out of opposing forwards who feel entitled to stand in our crease. It means there is one guy on the team who has what the rest of our players had last season, a burning desire to win their first Cup.

I like the move and hope to see Robyn in the lineup tomorrow night against Phoenix, a perfect, hostile game to bring in someone with some snarl. Very curious to see where he will play. He can eat up minutes, so it won’t shock me to see him take Muzzin’s spot with Doughty, letting Jake drop down with Ellerby. My guess is Martinez is the odd man out here now that we once again have 3 stay at home D to go with 3 offensive blueliners. Then again, Sutter may toss Regehr with Martinez. It depends on whether he wants Doughty’s focus to stay the same or change.

What say you fandom? Two second round picks is by no means cheap. But this is a pretty big boon to the overall talent level and versatility of our back end. Is Jonathan Quick the happiest man on the team? Is Lombardi nuts? Does this mean we can kiss the idea of getting Matt Greene back for the playoffs goodbye? Well??? Speak up!

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  1. They just announced it on NHL Live. Pretty sure this is a done deal.

  2. I like this move. Just what we needed on the backend. One problem, now we need to free up a roster spot. Who goes? I hope it’s not Toffoli!

  3. He is perfect because not having Greene or Mitchell has really been a factor in both Quick’ overall numbers.
    Sure part of this is Quick still not quite back to his form from last year, but he isn’t the same slinky anymore, which is fine.
    Regehr will remove the guy who camps out in front of our goaltender while on the PK and he will also light a mutherfucker up if he needs to nail someone legally.
    People say oh he old, he’s slow ehhh. We didn’t need a offensive defenseman, we needed a guy who is a veteran of the trenches, to stay home and guard the house.
    As for pairings, I’d like to see him paired with Voynov, just like Mitchell was last season. Scuderi can be paired with Muzzin, and then its Ellerby with Doughty, or Doughty with A-Mart, regardless we now have something that has been missing this whole season, a veteran stay at home, defender who has played for Sutter in Calgary already.
    Question now is what to do with Richardson/Penner/Toffoli.
    I don’t know what the issue with Richardson and Sutter is, but if Lewis had Richardson’ hands, maybe he could be so effective.
    Toffoli at the point in his career, is it prudent to burn a year off his contract, or would it be better to send him down to Manchester, have him put up those numbers and work on his defensive game. I don’t think there is much doubt this kid is going to do well in the NHL, but right now might not be the best time to push him or damage his confidence.
    Penner well its been nice, thanks for the goal against PHX that put the dogs down, but dude for 3.5 million you ain’t worth it. You are a big guy, not sure what happened between here and Edmonton, but it appears someone lost your scoring luggage, and you are still looking for it.
    Nolan, needs to be here, he’s got experience now, and he takes some of the fighting off the shoulders with Clifford who has been a beast this whole season! I can only imagine what it would have been with Simmonds still here.
    Scuderi please extend here, do you really miss the East Coast winters?
    The Kings have a lot of UFA’ coming up, and I’m sure after the season, something will be final with Bernier, be it a trade or him staying here for a few years.
    Go Kings Go

  4. I’m okay with the deal. Gotta think we won’t be seeing Mitchell again this year. I also have a feeling Dean’s not done tonight.

  5. its not a steep price. Im sure we can get a pair of high draft picks for the guy who just cannot finish to save his live, Mr. Lewis. My 2nd most hated player besides Penner. How can you tell me we are better off having Lewis or Penner in the lineup and not Richardson. Lastly, I think Toffoli at this very moment is a bit overrated. I havent seen anything that really wow’s me from the next guy.

    • Toffoli isn’t overrated at all, he is performing as advertised. A guy with a great shot, a nose for the net and the ability to get open that may need to work on his skating and bulk up. Although he seems to be able to keep up in the games I’ve seen him play.

    • Lewis is one of our best penalty killers, and has earned a regular spot on the third line. Which is where he belongs. TMs problem was that he expected him to make it on to the 1st or 2nd line cause of how he was drafted. Sutter’s true genius is getting the most of the players he has, not what he wants them to be. Stoll’s game winner that sent the Canucks packing in the 1st round doesn’t happen without Lewis. You probably don’t like Stoll either. This team is built to win. If we had WM and MG in the lineup this year, we wouldn’t have needed to do shit. I like this trade. As much as I like BR, he’s getting traded. So is AMart. Just the facts. DL is gonna get the picks back at the draft, when he sends Bernier to Tampa Bay, or Toronto. Though Toronto will probably get Luongo or Kipper, falsely thinking that they have a chance to do anything this season. Regehr-DD, Scuds-VV, Muzzin-Ellerby, could have gone either way talentwise but Ellerby shoots right. Marty and BR got the cup on their résumé so we may get a little more, but if Loktionov goes for a 5th, I wouldn’t expect a lot. GKG \X/

      • Thank you!!! I am so annoyed by these people who think every player should be a 20 goal scorer, or they are worthless. I do have to ask though, are you watching all your Kings games in the mirror? Keaton is a LH shot.

        • No, just poor attention to detail. Lose Ellerby keep AMart. Done. Not a tough choice. Regehr will be resigned if he plays well. Like Double Penner.

    • Toffoli is 20, don’t expect him to just blow away the competition.

  6. LOVE this pick up. Personally I hope he is paired with DD, the opposition would go nuts having to avoid big hoits from Regehr and Doughty all night. Not to mention being able to unleash Doughty’s inner Bobby Orrness knowing that RR is backing him up. As for the two 2nd rounders it is on par with what guys like Murray, Leopold and Bouwmeester got. Goodwork DL!

  7. Well, what do you know. I’m not in agreement with anybody above. TWO second round picks. You all remember that we also don’t have a first this year either, and we didn’t have a first two years ago. Sooner or later you start to pay for giving up all those picks. On top of all that, as we know, he’s UFA, so they’d best hope they win the Cup, otherwise it’s a heavy price to pay. A team like the Pens is so deep in talent that I suppose they can afford to do what they’ve done. The Kings don’t have (seems to me) nearly that same sort of depth up front. And the more picks you trade away, the harder it is to integrate those types of players into your system via the draft.

    • Depth up front? We’ve got some good depth marinating in the minors. Pearson, Vey, Andreoff, that Russian guy prohorprickin or whatever, Kitsyn is still somewhere our property I think and Toffoli still counts as prospect depth. Kings will also likely target a UFA winger this offseason to replace Penner. Can always add so,e more picks to replenish the prospect pool.

      • Besides defense wins championships. We’re deep all over the place. Not to mention the 2nd youngest team in the league. So why worry.

  8. The two picks are in 2014 and 2015. We keep our second this year.

  9. Bruce Garrioch‏@SunGarrioch20m
    Dustin Penner placed on IR because of lower body injury. #NHL

    What happened to Penner????

  10. I know a guy who knows the scoop — Greene’s return by end of April is a very real possibility. He and another guy I know say that Mitchell is as good as done.

    So, I’m pretty happy as it means we’ll be reasonably stocked with slow, gritty, defensive stalwarts when we really need them.

    Are you happier than if we had picked up Hainsey? (Or, T. Gleason of CAR, or Bouwmeester?)

    • Hainsey? Fuck that guy. Bouwmeester? Fuck him with Hainsey’s dick. Gleason? Well Gleason I’d take in a heartbeat… Nt sure if I like Gleason more than Regehr… I probably do.

      And yeah I dispelled myself of the notion that Mitchell will ever play hockey again a while ago.

  11. Scuderi-Doughty
    Martinez-Muzzin-(ellerby) ?
    Martinez over Ellerby due to playoff experience?
    Tough decision

  12. This is exactly what we needed. Good move by DL in my opinion.

  13. This means that when Greene is back Ellerby is the 7th blueliner and we go OD/DD and LH/RH on all three lines.

  14. Now since Lombardi has no second round pick on this years and next years draft I’m sure he can get them back at the draft by trading bernier,however, does Lombardi pull the trigger and trade quick for picks,players, etc. reason I bring this up is cuz the once lubo and jj signed long term deals they were traded thoughts?

    • We have a 2nd round pick this year. DL gave up next year’s and 2015’s 2nd round picks. I could see DL trying to get a 1st round pick at the draft.

  15. Regehr up to the first pair. Scratch Ellerby. The only problem is what do we do when Greene returns? Muzzin – Greene or Martinez – Greene? I’d say Muzzin – Greene only because Jake is bigger than Marty and brings an excellent offensive game. Being a rookie though he could hurt us in the POs.


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