New L.A. Kings Defensive Pairings?

Jake Muzzin – Drew Doughty
Rob Scuderi – Slava Voynov
Keaton Ellerby – Alec Martinez

Scratches are Drewiske, Regehr.


Oh and congratulations to Jake Muzzin, the NHL’s rookie of the month for March. 4 goals, 11 points and a + 10 in 17 games.

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  1. Hahahahaha someone is mad. Why don’t we wait and see? I bet he cracks the starters for Martinez.

  2. So you couldn’t fit this thought into 140 characters so decided to write an article instead?

  3. LOL grumpy cat Scribe.
    Martinez over ellerby

  4. I’m more upset that Bailey got traded to CBJ.

  5. Cmon man Ellerby and Regehr. I like Martinez also but Ellerby can already move the puck fairly well And the dude’s a hitter. With fucking Regehr paired with Ellerby I say some heads are gonna roll if they don’t skate with their heads up.

    • I am less concerned about that and more concerned about the opposing forwards blowing by (or between them) and toward our goalie in full stride. Look, I am okay with Regehr if we gave up a 3rd for him or something and I knew we were getting a number 6 guy. Perhaps my assessment of him (or really his worth) is off. Hope so. We will see.

      • I think he’s gonna be ok. I’d say this guy is willing to do just about anything to win a cup at this point. Losing the 7th game of the Cup finals has gotta be a pretty rough day.

        “A member of the Calgary Flames from 1999 to 2011, Regehr played under Darryl Sutter and was a member of the 2003-04 Flames team that took the Tampa Bay Lightning to seven games in the Stanley Cup Final.” -LA Insider.

        Sounds to me that Sutter’s been eyeing this guy for a while now.

  6. Happy 4/1 to you too.

  7. I like the regher pickup. The dude is a badass mofo. he used to hammer us when he was on the flames. Seems like dl will try to sign him or he wouldn’t have given up the picks. How the hell do we pull that off? I think we’ve got to resign scuds and voynov priority #1 and hold onto Mitchell. After signing those 2 and the other rfas we’ve got zero clams.

    As far as pairings not sure about who’s righty and who’s lefty (I’m a lefty). But I’d have doughty and scuds on pair 1 and voynov and regehr on pair 2 (if that works right left) then the other kids on 3.

    • Mitchell is done, my friend. I don’t know this for sure, but I have a strong feeling lifting the Cup was the last time anyone will see Mitchell skate on NHL ice.

      • Dude I fear that too. Something isn’t right there. This move hints dean thinks he may be done. Fucking sucks! He’s one of the best d in league. His positioning and stick work are tops and up there with chara and weber IMO. If he retires hopefully he can stick around as a d consultant and work with the kids. Wish he could do a mind meld on muzzin and ellerby.

    • I would like him too at the price we paid if we were getting a 28 year old Regehr.

      • He’s 3+ years younger than Mitchell. Chillax! You’ll be plenty happy come game time. Our defensive defense just got way better. Watch some You Tube videos, he throws some wicked hits around, takes other teams off their game pretty well. Not a great fighter, but he will. Players go after him to fight after he lays clean checks. Perfect fit if you ask me. Since when do we get exactly what DL is looking for, 2 2nds is cheap. Blowmister went for a first and a prospect, and costs more. Reminds me of MG the way he plays, 2 Matt Greenes are better than one.

  8. Make no mistake… Regehr has been horrible this year… just ask any Buffalo fan.

    That sair, a chang of scenery with a coach he knows with a system he is fairly familiar with may do him well.

    I haven’t even seen what we got him for, but if it’s more than a third, we got robbed.

  9. Hey Bobby, didn’t you hate the Kings bringing in Sutter? All I am saying is let’s give him a shot. Matt Greene wasn’t exactly Eric Heiden out there, and a few bone crunching hits will make some guys twice about going in after the puck.

  10. We need his toughness. The kings give up way too many shots in the slot between the circles. This guy will help and he will drop the gloves. If we get greene back…(and we will)
    Amart and ellerby sit till next year
    Sorry drewiski

    • Those are solid pairings. Especially if Green plays this year. It’s a good balance of offensive Ds and bone crushing D. Is voynov a righty? Ellerby can be 7. Ellerby looks to be improving. Fucking stevens is awesome with these guys. I think Amart might get moved. Don’t think Sutter is big on Alec and muzzin looks to have passed him on depth. It’s too bad. Amart has been pretty solid for us since he came up from manch. Excuse my horrible sentence structure of random thoughts, I am wasted on jack and coke.

    • This is exactly right. Doughty completes his half-season experiment as a stay at home D. Muzzin becomes the offensive side of a solid D pairing with Ellerby/Greene, and Voynov/Regehr are also a solid pair.

      If we can’t have Willie Mitchell, Regehr is a good second choice. Muzzin > AMart. Assuming Greene comes back healthy and no further injuries, I say we have a better defense for this cup run than we did last year.

  11. New article on regarding Mitchell not returing this season.

  12. Drewiski to Montreal for 5th rounder


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