“Warrior”. We have used it in the past and I openly affixed it to Willie Mitchell before we first signed him and demanded we do so.

Robyn Regehr…yeah, it’s not coming to me. Look, I didn’t start following hockey 4 years ago. It’s been 3 decades. So go fuck yourself with the “but he’s exactly what we need”, “he’s a defensive defenseman”, “Greene and Mitchell are out”, “my pussy hurts”, I know why you want him here but this isn’t 2004. This isn’t the Robyn Regehr I remember so well from Calgary who proudly wore the A, punished opposing forwards, defended the crease with the vigilance of Willie Mitchell and the strength of Matt Greene. This is a 32 year old defenseman who is on the decline and is a stop-gap to add a veteran presence and stability for this season…and that may be about it because he’s also a free agent after this season and you know some asshole GM is going to pay him $4 million per season for 4 more years.

So unless Willie Mitchell’s career is over and is retiring, we may have just acquired a rental at the mother sutting price of two 2nd round draft picks in 2014 and 2015. Yeah, yeah, we got something like 9 picks this season and none of them are a 1st rounder. Two 2nd rounders are a hell of a lot to pay for Regehr, even if the D crop is low and even lower come UFA time, which brings me back to my point that someone will overpay this guy and then you will all come back to this article and write, “Oh Scribe, you are so smart, can I buy you a beer” and I will say NO…actually, I’ll say yes but I will do so with a scowl.

Hey, maybe we can trade Penner to get some of those picks…what, what, what, Dustin Penner is on IR! Right before the trade deadline!! With a fucking lower body injury!!! I am sure THAT is just a coincidence but of course I am reminded there ARE NO COINCIDENCES, said Freud who was so coked out that he had to be right, right? RIGHT?

After much consideration, I don’t want to burn a year of Tyler Toffoli’s contract. Send him back down to Manchester. He got a cup of coffee, I love the kid and I want him to tear up the AHL. (Update: one of our readers claims it won’t burn a year. If he is right, then Toffoli is a keeper and we still overpaid for Regehr)

Back to Regehr, the one good thing about the motor scooter is he can hit and holy shit is Ales Hemsky fucked when we play the Oilers this Saturday. If you don’t know, Regehr has a serious hard-on for the soft Czech. You would think Hemsky made slow, sweet love to Regehr’s wife but it’s all over a hit from years ago where the pussy Hemsky lifted his stick into Regehr’s throat when Robyn was going in for a hit…you know, normally if you heard two guys named Robyn and Ales didn’t like each other, you would think there would be some slap fighting and name calling but, this one is for real. Take a look.

So he can beat up a pussy from the Oilers. That isn’t worth two 2nd round picks.

We expect Matt Greene back in a month or so. Has anyone asked why the hell Greene didn’t have the surgery in the offseason? Was the 6 months not enough time? Was it suffered during the first game of this season?

Two second rounders…awesome. If we win the Cup again this season, it will have been worth it. Hope Regehr at least stays healthy…before we lose him in the offseason.