Embracing Robyn Regehr, Dean Lombardi’s “Culture” and the Trade Deadline

1. “The future is bright.”

I read those words…a lot. Back when the Kings sucked, that was our calling card.

“We’re the fucking Stanley Cup Champions.”

That’s our call now but it isn’t enough and the main (if not sole) reason I was pissed off about the Robyn Regehr trade was the loss of two 2nd round draft picks. I want the future to always be bright. I know what Regehr is and what he brings, or at least what he brought. I don’t doubt he will fit and play good enough, even if not great. He may not be Willie Mitchell but even if he’s close (80% Willie), he’s necessary and can help the Kings win more Cups.

2. Culture. Club?

Dean Lombardi is still talking culture. That is a culture of winning. For this club. Culture Club of Winning. He stated he really wants to keep this group together. But he is going to do that with a dropping cap and Voynov, Muzzin, Martinez, Bernier, Nolan, Lewis and Clifford as RFAs and Scuderi and Regehr as UFAs. Notice I did not mention Ellerby (gone), Penner (definitely gone) and Richardson (sad, but gone). Will be interested to see how Dean pulls that off.

3. Winners, losers, hosers

Surly doesn’t give a damn about the trade deadline. I do. I like to see what players are worth and which GMs are smart, dumb and desperate. It helps me gauge our competitor’s pulse.

Minnesota wants to win a Cup now and is willing to give up prospects to do it. Hope they fall on their face. Craig Leipold should never win a Cup.

Chicago likes its team a lot and just wants to get a little bit better in the faceoff circle with our old friend, Zeus.

Anaheim desires offensive depth in Lombardi but otherwise likes its team and thinks it has a contender…they’re wrong.

Columbus wants to sell tickets.

San Jose is trying to cut out cancers and malcontents and apparently there is an asshole shortage with the departure of Clowe so they signed the other idiot from Phoenix whose name escapes me at the moment. Torres.

Phoenix is fucked. They are trying to pack light for their move to Seattle.

Rubber-Toe Luongo’s contract sucks. I love that he was that candid. He moves up one notch in my book…which moves him to notch number 1.

No veteran free agent should sign in Dallas again. Not sure if Joe Nieuwendyk knows what the hell he is doing.

Don’t care too much about the East at the moment although Philadelphia may be the most mismanaged team in the league. It’s an insult to us to call us Flyers West. Strike that. I shouldn’t say mismanaged. Ed Snider needs to fuck off. Those poor Flyers fan are going through a tough time. My heart goes out to them.

Robyn Regehr plays Thursday, right? Should be interesting. Pray to the Hockey Gods he channels his 2004 self for the duration of the season and playoffs. Let’s win more Stanley Cups.

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  1. I’m trying to remember when I said I don’t care about the trade deadline, but its hard to recall things that never happened.

    Also, no need to worry about Martinez. Richardson has a better chance of being on the team next year.

    • I must have misunderstood the tweet: @surlierthanthou: I can’t sift through all this trade nonsense. Is Regehr practicing with the #LAKings today?

      • It was nonsense, people spouting off about Steve Mason. Everything that isn’t immediately gratifying is nonsense. Obviously.

        A boring morning of trades no one cares about (before all the trades that people cared about happened), is meaningless to my overall interest in the trade deadline.

        While a few interesting things happened towards the end – Erat, Pomminville, Gaborik, Phoenix selling off, etc, 30 minutes of activity does not make for an overall exciting trade deadline day.

  2. But let’s talk more about Martinez. You are worried about his RFA status.

    1) His play this season doesn’t warrant much of a raise. He’ll be lucky to get 1.2-1.5 mill per.

    2) Muzzin makes him irrelevant once Greene is healthy and Regehr is resigned/replaced. If we have an extra spot next year, Deslaurier/Campbell/someone else fills it. Martinez asks for a big paycheck and he’s gone for draft picks. Hell, he’s gone at the draft table either way, barring a stupendous playoffs (that he won’t be playing in).

    • Solid d man with a good regular season and playoffs with unexpected injury issues and struggling as a result sure fell from grace with you.

      • I’m still vaguely pro Martinez. The injury definitely set him back big time and he hasn’t really been the same since. His D has been borderline solid and his offense has disappeared. I think Martinez will have a fine career, and it’s not really an indictment of him specifically, but I think he is the odd man out. He only stays if he signs for cheap. If he is looking for his first nice pay day, Dean will be happy to let him get it elsewhere.

        Now this business is always touch and go. Voynov comes in and makes Johnson replaceable, Johnson gets traded. Muzzin comes in and makes Martinez tradeable. It somewhat of a gamble that Voynov would maintain his level of play since he hadn’t done it for very long. That paid off big time. Would the same happen with Muzzin? It’s a relatively small sample size and just like Martinez is struggling now after being far above good last year, Muzzin may face similars problems down the road, so again, it all comes down to what Martinez wants $$$-wise.

        • Martinez is a good player who is having a down year.. But just like Quick, everyone is taking a shit on him. Muzzin does make him expendable, but again, Muzzin has no playoff experience, and I’m sure he will experience growing pains down the road.
          I love Marty. I feel he will be resigned

          • ^ my response btw

          • Everyone is taking a shit on Jonathan Quick because it is warranted. I am NOT saying that if Jonathan Bernier started in place of Quick for a few more games he would have won them, that is sheer conjecture. I am saying that Quick has cost the team a minimum of eight points. I blame Quick’s troubles on a lack of adequate practice time, back surgery, a schedule that produces three games in for night, but this is a short season, and Jonathan Bernier a needs to play more.

          • You say Quick has cost the team eight points, versus who? Who else would have assure we won those games and not instead failed to make other saves? This is counterfactual thinking. I will agree that I would like to see more of a balance between him and Bernier, but to say he has cost us eight points is specious reasoning.

          • I am at work, but I will check and have my eight points for you.

        • I trust Alec. He proved his playoff worth.

          Muzzin hasn’t done so. Neither has Ellerby.

          If I choose based on today’s value, I take Alec. Muzzin may pass him if he can get consistent which he has not and show playoff worth. Muzzin has a higher ceiling, I will give you that.

          Ellerby still sucks ass

          • Well at the moment, Ellerby is playing better D than Marty. Martinez is going to have to step it up, but again, unless there is an injury, when Greene comes back, neither Marty or Ellerby are playing in the playoffs.

          • Marty will get his shit together. He is our 3rd pairing D. Kid has heart and skill.

          • So when Greene comes back you bench Muzzin?

            Doughty ain’t riding pine. Neither is Scuds, Voynov, Greene and most likely not Regehr. You’ve got one spot left, who gets it, Muzz or Marty?

          • … If Regehr and Ellerby aren’t benched when Greene returns, the Kings are being stupid.

            They’re being stupid anyway for acquiring Regehr and Ellerby in the first place. They tricked themselves into thinking they needed these bad players because they didn’t know what they had to begin the season with in the first place.

            The starting Kings’ D should be Doughty, Voynov, Muzzin, Martinez, Greene, and Scuderi. Those are their best six defensemen. This isn’t complicated.

          • Martinez is NOT better than Regehr, smarten up.

          • Martinez is NOT better than Regehr, smarten up.

            … There’s some good evidence, right there! Who cares about their actual performance or anything?

            It’s OK, though. I can’t wait to see Regehr on the ice for the Kings as much as possible. Those of you who think Regehr’s good because you saw part the ’04 Stanley Cup Finals or whatever are in for a rude awakening. You’re gonna learn soon enough.

          • Canadian King: That made me laugh. Like getting scolded by my Dad.

          • I love this notion that people like Regehr because they saw him only in the Cup finals in ’04, as if we were asleep his other 10 seasons in Calgary where we saw him frequently.

          • I love this notion that people like Regehr because they saw him only in the Cup finals in ’04

            … I do, too. Because that’s pretty much what it is! But, I also said “or whatever”, which covers those oh-so-memorable clashes from ’05 to ’09 where both teams were headed for the golf course after the regular season (L.A.) or a first-round bounce-out (Calgary), or even a couple years after that, when Regehr was dealt to Buffalo for noted superstars Chris Butler and Paul Byron, and has been shit ever since.

            It’s OK, though. People will learn. Even Darryl Sutter’s hopefully going to learn. I remember when Marc Crawford wanted Dean to sign a guy he knew from the past, Dan Cloutier. And, he learned – or at least I hope he learned. That’s what this is all about. Learning.

        • Voynov, makes Doughty expendable. Remember how good he was doing during the contract dispute. Too bad Dean caved at the last minute. I’m sure if the kings held out they could’ve had Drew at a more reasonable contract a la PK Subban, Tyler Myers or Luke Schenn.

  3. I got my renewal package in the mail today. The packaging was pretty cool! Is there a reason why you guys like seats in the 315 section? Mine are in 330..

  4. I agree with the needs for the Kings to continue retooling to become perennial contenders. While I don’t comment a lot, (I prefer to read what others have to say) I did criticize the lack of movement/improvement by DL this past summer. All DL did was bring everyone back from the Stanley cup run. Did all forget that LA made the playoffs last year a an 8th seed while losing 3 of their last 4 games. The Kings went on an incredible run that I as a fan will never forget. But as a long time Kings fan I was looking forward to all the player improvements/signings that come with the pedigree of being a Stanley cup champion. Instead we resign Penner, good for one goal, and Stoll who’s 21 points last year could have been replaced by Loktionov, or Lewis as the glorified 3rd line center. We didn’t get a sniff from Parise, or Suter (which I didn’t expect), or Jiri Hudler, Alex Semin, and even PA Parenteau. Even if you don’t bring in players, I expect some promotions from Manchester of all these young “untouchable” kids. What is the point of getting and/or keeping these prospects or draft picks if there’s no chance of them ever making the club?

    • The cap didn’t let us sign big free agents and Nolan, King, Toffoli and Muzzin are all from the Monarchs, even if King and Nolan played last season, in part. Penner, I am with you but much of that is hindsight now. Stoll v Lokti, I see both sides

      • I don’t think Lokti would be an effective center with DK and Trevor as his wings.. And we’d be criticizing him for not “putting” up points. Stoll isn’t a point machine either, however, he’s good at face offs. There really is no pressure on Jarret to put up points, but I feel if Lokti was our 3rd line center there would be because of his “potential”. The kid doesn’t belong on a third line. He needs to be surrounded by talent that can bury the puck, and that’s found on Lines 1 & 2.

        • ^ my response
          I do feel it was kinda fucked up not petitioning to put his name on the cup.

          • We petitioned for as many as we could, and I think we chose the other guys because we felt they had a better chance. But very good points, Stoll & Lokti are very different players. Stoll is a PK/FO guy and that is what we need and want from the 3rd line center.

      • I’m primarily referring to this past summer as I knew Nolan and King would be back with the team. Toffoli was called up recently because Penner has not been consistent. Muzzin was brought up as an injury replacement. If Green or Mitchell were healthy, he wouldn’t even be with the team. And I do agree that Doughty has great skill, but I don’t think he’s matched that 7MM/yr contract with his play over the last two years.

    • ……… all he did was bring back the entire Stanley Cup winning team……….
      …….. was able to fill roster spots from within the organization………………

      • Your missing my point. Look at the cap numbers for the guys he brought back. Even if you don’t bring in free agents, you could have basically replaced Penner and Stoll with Loktionov and Toffoli and only spent $1.6M against the cap instead $6.5M. Voynov is going to get a raise whether it’s through arbitration or a contract extension. There’s only 12MM coming off the books/cap after this season with 6 RFA and Clifford, Regher, Scuderi as UFA. How are you going to handout contracts when the cap is expected to fall for next year?

    • and Stoll who’s 21 points last year could have been replaced by Loktionov

      … I like the part where you consider points to be points without giving any thought to the particular role being filled.

      Loktionov wasn’t ready to be a third line center going into this season. Stoll was. In time, if the Kings had held onto him, Loktionov could have grown into that role.

      How are you going to handout contracts when the cap is expected to fall for next year?

      … Until it’s known exactly how much it will fall, this statement is meaningless. It all depends on the actual number.

      • The new CBA has already set the salary cap at $64.3 million for next season (down from $70.2 million this season).

      • My concern isn’t primarily points with Stoll, as I recognize his contributions. His cap number is higher than Brown’s. Is he a better player than Brown? Or should I ask, is he more important than Brown? I think all would agree that he isn’t. Please keep in mind that my criticism stems from contracts given out by DL when he had players that could fill in the same roles for a lot less.

        • My concern isn’t primarily points with Stoll, as I recognize his contributions. His cap number is higher than Brown’s. Is he a better player than Brown? Or should I ask, is he more important than Brown?

          … That’s misleading. Brown signed his deal in October of ’07, after a season in which he scored 17 goals & 46 points in 81 games, to go along with a -21 rating – not to mention Brown was signing an absolute sweetheart deal for the Kings. Dustin wanted the security of a long deal, and gave up a certain amount of money per season to have that security.

          There’s also a case to be made that after the ’06-’07 season, Stoll was indeed a better and more valuable player than Brown.

    • A team that wins the cup should stay together. Makes sense right? At the very least they’ll only be the best team the next season anyways right?

  5. Ending my night with a smile and chuckle..thanks for entertaining me Bobby.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

    • “No veteran free agent should sign in Dallas again. Not sure if Joe Nieuwendyk knows what the hell he is doing.”

      I disagree, it’s not like he signed guys to 5 year contracts then moved them (like the Miami Marlins). He traded guys to Cup Contenders. Hell, it would be a great place to sign as a vet, be the best player and star for 2/3 of a season; then go to a team that has a very good chance to win ang et your name on the Cup. All the while you get the biggest contract the market would have given, because a contender only has to fit your prorated cap hit in their budget.

  6. I’m just hoping Regdhr channrls enough of himself to take enough pressure of Scuderi so Scuderi can be Scuderi again, freeing up Doughty to be Doughty again.
    Whatever Lombardi decides to do, I am confident enough due dilligence has been done to be plrased with ghe outcome. He has what ifs planned for what ifs, capwise. After the Great Depression era of McMaster, Rogie, and Beverly…..I’m pretty much stress free with Lombardi.

  7. Looking forward to see what Reggie brings tonight, hopefully some snarl and fangs to the crease and keep the crud out.
    And thanks Bobby, my cracked (and many times repaired) Flyers heart appreciates your aptitude and As long as Ed ‘the mad butcher of broad st’ is alive, there is no hope to build a contender. Not exactly standing room only at the Flyers Fan shop for Mason jerseys. I read that trade and just laughed. We threw away Bob, who John Davidson and Co were glad to collect and we get their castoff…at 3 mill to be Brzy backup. And if you didn’t see the 3rd goal in last nights game vs the Canadians (I’m sure it’s on puck daddy) brave old Bryz ducked when the puck came at him and it went over his head. Can’t wait for his cosmonaut carcasss to take the Siberian express back to the KHL
    Thank God for my Kings…a real team…a champion

  8. I’m liking the Regehr pickup more now that Mitchell is definitely out and Greene is questionable for the remainder. Maybe playoffs?

    Minny picked up Pomminville. That’s a shit load of fire power. We need someone in the back that will beat the shit out of Parise, Pomminville and any other ones that cross his path.

    Time to bring the pain and rock these assholes back to Minny! :D

  9. Well I was gonna write a quick pregame, but this thread is going strong so I’ll leave it at that.


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