The State of Hockey, eh? That is a catchy line if I actually gave a damn but on this night, I did not.

We owed these bastards this shutout. They had no business beating us in a shootout the last time we played them and, as the expression goes, revenge is a dish best served cold. Guess what kids. It’s pretty damn cold on the ice.

Team defense was very different than that sloppy, messy, whatever the last game against Phoenix was. To a man, the Kings played great. The forwards backchecked, the defensemen guarded home plate (simple and efficient first game by Regehr) and the Kings at all times were under control.

Whatever firepower the Wild think they have was shooting blanks because Bernier saw everything and the few quality scoring chances the Wild did have were smothered by Jonathan’s Velcro-like nature.

Speaking of Bernier, the kid is playing with a swagger and it’s fun to see. He has always had the skill set to be a number 1 goalie (hell, we’ve been preaching that for years) but what has impressed me most is his consistency. Every goalie will have the occasional bad game but Jonathan has reserved those for the category of few and far between.

On offense, Mike Richards’ pass to Carter brought me to my feet. The chemistry between those two has not been at a consistent (that word again) level but when you see passes like that nearly in the blind and perfectly on Carter’s stick while he is in full stride, you gotta wonder what these two can do when they are in full dick-glass mode.

Justin Williams is on fire. And it’s because he’s shooting. You hear that Kopi? Shooting. Hockey Gods bless Anze, if he was more selfish and shot more, we may have a consistent (fucking word won’t go away) 40 goal scorer.

I don’t have much to offer on Regehr. He reminded me of Matt Greene but a little less mean. Think he is still finding his place.

Surly said something very smart about Regehr which I reminded him about today but I will let him tell you.

Scribe’s Three L.A. Kings Stars

3. Doughty

2. Bernier

1. Williams

Go Kings!