The State of Ha Ha. Kings Shut the Wild Up 3-0

The State of Hockey, eh? That is a catchy line if I actually gave a damn but on this night, I did not.

We owed these bastards this shutout. They had no business beating us in a shootout the last time we played them and, as the expression goes, revenge is a dish best served cold. Guess what kids. It’s pretty damn cold on the ice.

Team defense was very different than that sloppy, messy, whatever the last game against Phoenix was. To a man, the Kings played great. The forwards backchecked, the defensemen guarded home plate (simple and efficient first game by Regehr) and the Kings at all times were under control.

Whatever firepower the Wild think they have was shooting blanks because Bernier saw everything and the few quality scoring chances the Wild did have were smothered by Jonathan’s Velcro-like nature.

Speaking of Bernier, the kid is playing with a swagger and it’s fun to see. He has always had the skill set to be a number 1 goalie (hell, we’ve been preaching that for years) but what has impressed me most is his consistency. Every goalie will have the occasional bad game but Jonathan has reserved those for the category of few and far between.

On offense, Mike Richards’ pass to Carter brought me to my feet. The chemistry between those two has not been at a consistent (that word again) level but when you see passes like that nearly in the blind and perfectly on Carter’s stick while he is in full stride, you gotta wonder what these two can do when they are in full dick-glass mode.

Justin Williams is on fire. And it’s because he’s shooting. You hear that Kopi? Shooting. Hockey Gods bless Anze, if he was more selfish and shot more, we may have a consistent (fucking word won’t go away) 40 goal scorer.

I don’t have much to offer on Regehr. He reminded me of Matt Greene but a little less mean. Think he is still finding his place.

Surly said something very smart about Regehr which I reminded him about today but I will let him tell you.

Scribe’s Three L.A. Kings Stars

3. Doughty

2. Bernier

1. Williams

Go Kings!

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  1. Just read Justin Williams comments…”we owned them…” classic. Fucking solid ass game.

    Regehr looked pretty solid to me. There was a play down low and someone kept trying to go to the front and he was right there blocking him the whole time like a wall. Another play of really tying up the guys stick from underneath. Little shit like that. He clears the crease no problem. Good hit on former teammate pomminville.

    I guess maybe no hard feelings from Williams? Not like Williams is gonna fight him anyways. They’re teammates now and that shit was a while ago.

    Gotta say Bernie’s looking really good.

  2. I really liked the way we took it to them for a solid 60 minutes, at no time did I feel that the Wild were going to get back in the game or even get quality chances of Berniers 23 saves how many were great chances to score maybe 2-3 all game. Love Berniers positioning and how in control he is. Poised and ready and does not overplay the puck, live his game right now, but does he get the nod on Saturday?

  3. I think one reason why the team played so well for 60 was because of Reggie being back there. The team played a bit more confident because they had a vet D back there keeping it honest. That’s been missing on most nights this year due to MG and WM being out. For his first game with a new team and w/o knowing their system yet, he played fine and collected 6 hits, which is good. And his comment about the oilers game Sat :”I look forward to making it miserable out there.’ is just what it required. He’ll fit right in.

  4. That pass from Richards to Carter had me fucking the crease in my couch for hours.

  5. Regehr was solid. I think having him balances the 3 lines. Also it puts guys that were in the 2nd line down to the third. Cutting their minutes a little and the 3rd line generally doesn’t face the top lines on the other team. Young guys like muzzin ellerby amart can be comfortable and in a better role suited to their skill set. All we need now is a healthy greene…

  6. Bobby, I read your tweet about how seeing a game in Minnesota is on your bucket list. I always thought it would be awesome, too. But, after going to three games at Xcel, in the good ol’ State of Hockey, I can tell you, it’s really not that fantastic. Each time I go, I expect the fans to be… I don’t know, real fans? I am consistently the loudest fan in my section (by a long shot) and the fans really have no clue about their team or hockey itself. I am far from a hockey expert but I was at the game on Saturday and I had to explain how a shootout works to the “fans” next to me. Anyway, all I have to say is when you get to cross that one off the bucket list, I hope to witness it.

    • The “State of Hockey” thing really stems from Northern MN and amateur hockey. See Herb Brooks, Miracle on Ice, U of M. That’s not to say that there aren’t knowledgeable and rabid MN Wild fans. It’s just that, as you can probably imagine, the Wild have rather recently attracted a lot of casual fans. See Anahiem Mighty Sux and SC 2007.

      • Oh, I’m sure there are die hard fans somewhere in the building. It’s just interesting that the fans around me were talking shit about how LA fans suck and are bandwagoners and they don’t even know about the game of hockey. I guess you find that in any fan base though. I started as a season ticket holder and I had gone to 5 hockey games in my lifetime so I will be the last one to talk shit about fans that don’t know a thing about the game. It is just surprising that, for a fan base, that sings this anthem boasting how they’re the State of Hockey and me, being one person, is louder than the whole section of Wild fans. It’s almost like going to a Ducks game…. not quite bad, though. I was just trying to say that games in Minnesota aren’t as great as they sound.

        • Sounds to me like they were fucking with you being a Kings fan. They probably think all Kings fans are bandwagoners and don’t know shit about hockey. They were probably wanting to see if you even knew what a shootout was, icing, hockey in general.

          I’ve never been to a game out there but I wouldn’t doubt that the majority of the fans there liken LA and Kings fans in general to the Jamaican bobsled team.

          After the game you shoulda said something like “Fuck it sure was nice winning that cup last year! Hey, when did you guys change your name to the Wild???”

          • You could be totally right! I did have to explain icing and one guy said that I really know my team. So, they were nice enough. The worst anything that was said to us was, “The Kings? Ew.” Kinda lame. The guys sitting next to us did ask me about what a home game is like and I was describing it to them and they asked me what non-playoff games looked like. I told them I was telling them about non-playoff games. It’s weird because I expected the atmosphere at the game to be like Staples… all three times I’ve been at Xcel. Now, I know not to expect it. :)

          • I’m sure if you woulda brought up the North Stars that has to sting. At least the Kings havent gone anywhere for the last 45 years other than to a new building in downtown. :D

    • Next season. You can buy me a beer

      • You can count on that!!! There’s a cool hockey bar just down the road from Xcel too. Just a suggestion. :)

  7. Opening tomorrow at a theater in Downtown LA…The Beating of Hemsky Part II and other newer Specimen.

    Looking forward to the date with the grease monkeys cuz we’ve got something new for their ass. :D

    • HT, yes I am looking forward to tomorrow’s matinee premier! LOL!!! I really love the fact that Robyn clearly indicates that he _does_ have a vendetta against Hemsky, rather than saying some BS like he basically plays him like any other player and that the repeated beatings are mere coincidence.


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