Pirates @ Monarchs – A Friday Final


As I wait for the Monarchs matchup with the Pirates to get underway, two things are clear to me. First, Bruce Springsteen is still the boss (possibly biased by pregame music over the PA) and second, the Monarchs need to bring their A-game tonight.

Tonight’s game against the Pirates is the 12th and final game in the inaugural VIP Cup Series. The series stands 6-5 with the Pirates holding a one game lead. Now how a clear “winner” can be declared should the Monarchs tie it is beyond me — perhaps a GFA measure — but either way, they’re at home.

Do it, guys. Pillage the Pirates. Sink their battleship. Shiver their timbers. Swab their poopde…

Scratch that last one.

Right now the Monarchs sit just out of the eighth and final Calder Cup Playoffs spot by four points. On the upside, that’s only two wins. On the downside, they’re behind three teams…

In eighth, the Hershey Bears, who by most counts, are punks without Holtby in net (now with the Caps).

In ninth we have the Norfolk Admirals, the winners of the Calder Cup last season. Also the team who eliminated the Monarchs in the first round along the way.

And in tenth, the Albany Devils… I’d try to whip up something snarky to say about them, but it sucks enough just being who they are.

So here we are. Every point counts. Nobody wants to be a pirate. This is our pond…

Go Monarchs (and Kings)!

…and shameless shout-outs to Jake Muzzin aka Muzzey for being named rookie of the month and to Bernie for blanking the wild, 3-0 last night!

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  1. YOu’re gonna have to explain this whole VIP cup thing buddy.

    • Yeah… To be honest, I think it’s more of a shameless marketing and promotional tool, but it’s basically just a sponsored series of games between the Monarchs and the Portland Pirates. All the info about the history and so on is on the official site…


      Speaking of which, the Monarchs lost tonight. God, what a shit game… Non-calls, terrible passes, missed opportunities. Just. Yikes.

  2. Gotta make the playoffs. That would be a step back for the boys if they don’t although our big club has raped them of their size and some core players. I want Vey to get the big game experience. Is Pearson still injured?

    • Agreed! The Monarchs have made it to the post-season for most of their existence. It’d be a shame to see such a talented bunch not make the cut. I mean in their defense, the roster is largely new guys; there’s maybe only two or three “veterans” on the roster.

      Pearsey came back a few games ago and played tonight, though not with much of an impact. *sigh*


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