Kings vs. Oilers Open Forum. Prediction…”Pain”

Robyn Regehr doesn’t care for Ales Hemsky.

I don’t care for Ales Hemsky.

You don’t like him either.

Know what all of that means?


Because this isn’t about Regehr’s grudge against Hemsky. It’s about 2 points and a W for our L.A. Kings.

I want the Oilers battered, bruised, and beaten. I want them screaming no mas in Canadian. I want them begging us to not run up the score. I want them to consider a forfeit by the 10 minute mark of the 1st and I want them in pain. So much pain that they can’t even breathe Alberta.

I hate afternoon games, everything about them but when I leave Staples Center today, I want to love 1pm hockey again.

Let’s kick the crap out of the Oilers.


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  1. Afternoon. Please deduct 36 minutes from LA’s game.

  2. I’ve hated afternoon games for a while now. Mainly cause we play like shit, and it leaves too much of the day left to deal with it. Today I got a different feeling though. Not sure if its enough to make any kind of predictions off of, but we sure had a great game from Bernier and the Kings were flying last game. I’d actually like to see Quick steal one today. As hard as that kind of game is to live through, I’d feel better going forward knowing JQ still has it in him, and can step it up when he has to. GKG \X/

  3. I imagine with a veteran stay at home D having your back increases the confidence of everyone on the team. I had to use my phone for an internet connection to watch the Wild game on Thurs so I couldnt really get a feel for the game, but if the score was any indication, RR is have this affect.

    Hope I’m right!

  4. With the 50% sale for the teamlastore, what is everyone’s thoughts on the Championship DVD & book? As far as I know the book is the only way to get Bob & Jim’s Game 6 call; and the DVD includes the whole playoffs. Am I correct on both? Thanks for the help.

  5. Ryan smyths gotta be bummed he left the team that won the cup to one with a bunch of youngsters fresh outta high school almost.

    They had some decent flurries but its like the mouse trying to get away from the cat. Did they ever really stand a chance? Hellz no!


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