L.A. Kings Dominate, Lose 4-3 in Shootout…Plus Bonus Shootout Options for Other Sports

In baseball, they should have a home run contest after the 9th inning.

In golf, if the players are tied at the end of the match…long drive or closest to the pin!

In basketball, free-throws of course.

In football…shit, I don’t know, they stand around for 2 hours and 45 minutes of a 3 hour game so a staring contest?

In soccer, penalty kick (the European version would be a gun fight between opposing fans, except the Italians can only bring knives to the gun fight)

The point is no other sport has done what hockey has done, which is to take a great game and infuse a one-on-one skills competition to decide the winner. And before one of you says, “would you rather have ties?” YES, I would, I was perfectly content with ties with no loser point. Winner gets two, loser gets nothing, and a tie, you split the two, it is logical and perfectly acceptable to any sane mind.

“WHY DO WE SUCK SO BADLY AT THE SHOOTOUT?” That one is actually easy. Jonathan Quick has little confidence and Bernier has always sucked at shootouts. A positional goalie who doesn’t rely on his reflexes doesn’t do well in these. Quick used to but this season’s Quick isn’t last season’s quick, not yet anyway.

As for the game, I think we dominated Anaheim. Their first goal was a lucky bounce off the idiot’s skate, the second goal was a cherry picking bullshit by the other idiot and the third goal was dumb bad luck by Bernier dropping it at the idiot’s stick. Contrary to those, we earned our three goals and we sustained the forecheck for half of the first and nearly the entire second and third.

To a man, the L.A. Kings played well (except for Keaton Ellerby, man he sucks donkey dick) and Doughty’s rocket that went off the post in the third (or was it OT?) could have and should have ended it but hockey, like life, is also dependent on luck and the Ducks were luckier than we were tonight so the undeserving imps walked away with the extra point.

Let’s make Dallas cry.


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  1. I understand why the NHL wants to keep shoot outs but fuck man, if your a fan of a team who sucks at them it completely blows! I’d rather have overtime until someone scores…
    What did you think of Robyn’s game? Those shots on net were pretty weak

  2. Fuck sounded like a good game. Saw 10 minutes only. Ellerby sucking ass? What happened guys blew by him? Coverage issues?

    • His hockey sense is that of a rookie in the NHL and he isn’t fast or physical enough to make up for it. If he wasn’t big, he may be a beer leaguer.

      • Got it…really shitty game. Thanks for the update.

        • It was a great game actually. Enjoyed every second of it. But I don’t count the shootout.

          Edit: you meant Ellerby. Nevermind

          • I thought the Kings started the game really slow, until I looked it up I thought we were outshot in the 1st. However the second and third we did dominate, I love how we answered their goals so quickly. I completely agree about the SO, btw don’t forget Stoll was the man on shootouts just a couple years ago, maybe we should have traded for Jussi Jokinen just for shootouts.

  3. Ellerby’s only keeping the ice cold until Greener returns. Oh yeah, fuck the NHL and their shootouts.

  4. Hey Bobby you wear Stetsons?

  5. I wonder what happened to Toffoli. He must be in the doghouse? His defense and transition game has been a bit weak, but adding him to the shootout could slant the table more in Kings favor.
    Richardson, however, has been excellent. Maybe that’s the reason.

  6. You wearing that ridiculous cowboy hat reminds me that just because someone LOOKS like they belong on the short bus, doesn’t necessarily mean they do. Your photo looks like someone photoshopped your head onto a smaller, childlike picture.

  7. And before one of you says, “would you rather have ties?” YES, I would, I was perfectly content with ties with no loser point. Winner gets two, loser gets nothing, and a tie, you split the two, it is logical and perfectly acceptable to any sane mind.

    … The thing is, and I’ve said this time and time again, a great game is a great game – no matter the result. If the team played really well, they played really well. It’s not so much about the tie itself. It’s about no one being able to win the game after 65 minutes. OK, so no one was able to win. Does that make a great game, where the team played really well, suddenly a bad game? No. So, why mess with it?

    I don’t see where doing this extra coin-flip thing to gain a manufactured win or loss, instead of walking away with a tie, makes the game itself any better.

    • I agree, but the trouble is the shootout itself is exciting. Its a stupid fucking way to decide a hockey game, but the buzz it generates in undeniable. Sadly you’ll never get the NHL to stop doing something exciting in the interest of fairness.

      • Its kinda like having the All Star Game decide home field advantage in baseball, instead of giving out something that directly impacts the Championship of the sport based on merit, let’s utilize it to create a general buzz and try and get people who aren’t actually fans of the sport interested because it is a talking point.

      • Its a stupid fucking way to decide a hockey game, but the buzz it generates in undeniable.

        … It’s a gimmick; of course there’s going to be a buzz about it. Doesn’t justify it.

        Adding a second puck in play would create buzz as well, wouldn’t it?

        Using a taser on the losing goalie after the shootout would create a buzz, too – literally and figuratively.

        I’m sure that using a shotgun on the morons who yell “shooooooooooot” every five seconds would also create a buzz.

      • I don’t like the SO either but it is better than a tie. Maybe the Kings should just get better at it since it isn’t going away. I loved it when Quick was a dominate mother fucker at it and we won every time we went to SO.

        • I really have no problems with a tie as a way for a game to end. The shootout was the wrong solution to a real problem. The old problem was that when you lost in OT you didn’t get a point, so teams played overly cautious because they opted to play for the one point instead of go for the two and risk getting nothing. the result was that most OTs were boring and lame, exactly the opposite of what sudden death OT should be.

          So I am in favor of the “loser point” as it gives teams the incentive to go for two points instead of playing for the tie.

          What I think should happen is regulation wins are worth 3 points, Ot wins are worth two, Ot loss is one and a tie is each team gets one point and the third point goes away.

  8. Watching Bernier and Quick in the shootout reminds of the time my girlfriend (now wife) made me watch The Notebook with her. It’s supposed to make you feel sad, but all you’re left with afterwards is anger, a blood stain on the backside of your boxers, and a head full of broken dreams.

  9. Not sure where else to put this, but is it actually a rule that this would have been an “automatic goal”? Are they trying to say it would have been a penalty shot? That never came up in conversation when Clowe did that to us. http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=35&id=236993&lang=en

    • They’re saying its an automatic goal because he’s shooting into an open net, not because they touched the puck from the bench…if the lightning player would have touched the puck (on ice) it would give Washington a PP

      • WHAT?!?! Are you saying that with a pulled goalie, players on the ice can not block the puck? Because that is completely false!

        Also, Nick Lamb, as I understand the rule it would have been a penalty shot if there was a goalie because it was a breakaway ; if it had not been a breakaway it would have been treated as too many men on the ice. I could be wrong on this part, again just as I understand the rule.

  10. An interesting article on predicting wether a team is playing well or not (hint: the Kings are playing quite well and will be for some time). Puck possession used to be Detroit’s MO but now the Kings are Boss. It only stands that occasionally we’ll loose games like this that we dominate, but in the end it would seem the Kings have the makings of a dynasty…

  11. Just one of those games…Good thing the Voice in on tonight to brighten up my evening.


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