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  1. Yeah, seriously. Good call.

  2. ………………..

  3. Agreed. Let’s hope they wake up for Thurs. I think some drills like that of Herb Brooks in Miracle are in order.

  4. Haha no shit.

    One of the few, maybe only times this year there has been 0 fucking effort by the entire roster, all the way down to the skate sharpener.

    That’s what it looks like when a team of professionals want it, and play a team of professionals that don’t.

  5. I’m blaming it on the French Canadians or the Texas BBQ they ate last night and someone slipped some funky cold medina into their ribs and steaks.

  6. LMFAO – best article to date boys!!!!

  7. Could have been 8-1. Worst game of yr at wrong time, let’s move on boys and don’t let it happen again.

  8. Did not even watch yet..too upset/frustrated/pissed.They played like they allwent thru field of Poppies in Wizard of Oz.
    Did the suck ducks take that much out of them?
    If so We are in Big Trouble :(

  9. That game was a pure cluster fuck! Though I must say it’s the first loss in quite a while where I didn’t walk away thinking it was on Quick. Positives… positives.

  10. Schizophrenic team this year. Scary. Don’t know who is going to show up. Bring in the team shrink ASAP and lets get the right treatment started.

  11. First time I changed the channel in a looooooong time….

  12. I was at the game… Worst 20 bucks spent ever.

  13. Why are their weirdest games always against Dallas? Outstanding efforts or ones like last night, crazy comebacks are always against this team. Wow Keaton Ellerby is bad. He looks like I did when my beer league team moved up a division–confused and two steps too slow. The passing was Anaheim Ice rookie league-ish too.

  14. Im convinced, they didn’t want to win this game. I suspect seeding is the culprit.

    • Everybody else that could have overtaken us lost too.

      • True, sounds crazy but I couldnt help but think that maybe theres a team or two they’d rather not play in the first or second round? Wouldnt want to see them get eliminated that early…they have another cup to win!

  15. that was too much!

  16. What is it about those stinkin roaches from Dallas? I know that Lehtonen’s a beast against us but daaamn! My take is that we’ll reel off at LEAST 4 out of the next 5 (including the roaches again but this time at Staples). And we CANNOT…CANNOT!!..lose this Saturday night’s game!!!! The last 3 games of the season will be INTENSE. That 4th spot will be EARNED.

  17. Quickie in net tonight, I like it!

  18. No write up after last night’s game????


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